Windows Environment installation ORACLE11G DB or RAC firewall must be through the process, port

1.Firewall Exceptions for Oracle DatabaseFor basic database operation and connectivity from remote clients, such as Sql*plus, Oracle call Interface (OCI), Open Dat Abase Connectivity (ODBC), Object Linking and Embedding database (OLE DB)

Windows Server R2 DNS Server Migration

Recently deployed vsphere Virtualization data Center for customers, after all deployment, migration operations completed, the customer put forward a new small requirements: the original production environment has a DNS server, the deployment of some

Zabbix monitoring (eight): Automatic monitoring of Windows ports

Description: Zabbix itself comes with two autodiscover templates, disk discovery mounted filesystem discovery and network card Discovery network Interface discovery I made the automatic Port Discovery template and the automatic Service discovery

Making Windows system USB boot disk in MAC environment

Making Windows system USB boot disk in MAC environment Download system files Ylmf.iso Convert to img fileHdiutil Convert/users/os/downloads/ylmf.iso-format Udrw-o/users/os/downloads/ylmf.img 3. Uninstalling the USB flash

Ubuntu unzip windows generated zip file garbled problem

Files that are compressed on windows are compressed with the system default encoding Chinese. Because the zip file does not declare its encoding, unzip on Linux is generally extracted by default encoding, the Chinese file name will appear

Installation configuration for memcached under Windows

Download Windows 64-bit MEMCACHED:HTTP://PAN.BAIDU.COM/S/1NTDRJA51, unpack the first package under a disk, for example, in c:\memcached.2. Enter the ' c:\memcached\memcached.exe-d install ' installation in the terminal (also known as CMD Command

Registry modification method to improve Windows security

Now the computer gives people a sense of the weak, not today by the virus raid, is tomorrow by the hacker attack, error, the crash became like a routine. In order to make the computer "strong" up, many people find anti-virus software, firewalls,

Windows Remote Desktop IP address Control access rights

Windows Remote Desktop IP Address Control access rights1. Workgroup EnvironmentIn a workgroup environment, because there is no Group Policy service, you only have to open the console and add the Group Policy Object Editor for Group Policy settings.

Install Ubuntu under VMware, you must install Vmware-tools for a better experience, including screen resolution, sound, and Windows shared Clipboard, and more

To install Ubuntu under VMware, you must install Vmware-tools for a better experience, including screen resolution, sound, and Windows shared Clipboard, and more.Personal feel the installation of Vmware-tools is very important points:1, switch no

Learn the datasanp of Yong Nan blog download files while recording Windows system logs

Server-side: function Tservermethods1.getfile (filename:string): TStream;Varfilepath,downfile:string;Fs:tfilestream;Log:teventlogger;//need to add vcl.svcmgr in uses to refer to TeventloggerBeginfilepath:= ' d:\xe\ ';Downfile:=filepath+filename;Log:=

Three core services offered by Microsoft: Windows+office 365+azure

Three core services offered by Microsoft: Windows+office 365+azureEnglish news Source: news

How to install the DIG DNS tool on Windows 7

This guide explain the Install Dig DNS tool on the Windows 7 in few steps:1. First go to and look for BIND, underneath select right version, for Windows we ha ve to choose the "(Zip)" option of the latest release of BIND

Windows Server 2008 File synchronization


Configure Windows Server 2008 file synchronizationSummary: It is well known that Linux systems can use rsync to synchronize files or directories, as well as Windows systems. We now use Cwrsync to implement file synchronization under the Windows

Load Balancer Configuration under Nginx + Tomcat windows

Why do I need to load balance the tomcat server?The Tomcat server acts as a Web server with a number of concurrent numbers between 300-500, and if more than 500 concurrency occurs, Tomcat does not respond to new requests and severely affects the

Git Operations Guide (2)--git Gui for Windows Build Library, clone, upload

This tutorial will cover some common features and how to use GITK's Git GUI, including: Build, clone, upload (push), download (pull-fetch), merge (Pull-merge).——————————————————————————————————————————————1. Download and

Install Windows 2008 System method without CD-ROM direct hard disk

Hard disk installation Windows 2008 System methods1, first to download the ISO image file. Load the Win2008 image file and copy all of the files to the hard disk, such as D:\win2008.2, the win2008 inside the "bootmgr" and "boot" folder are copied to

OPENCV Library under Windows QT compilation and use

Prepare the required software Mingw-gcc440_1Qt-creator-win-opensource-2.5.0.exeQt-win-opensource-4.8.4-mingw.exeCmake- Software Installation 2.1 Install QT and configure the

How to create a Fedora Live USB under Windows 8

The beta version of Fedora 21 is already available for download, and Fedora Beta also brings some new features, so how do I create a Fedora Live USB? There are a number of ways to do this today.The tools you need PCs with Windows 7 or

GitHub Windows Could not open a connection to your authentication agent.

It's been a long time, and finally on Git bash, enter the Git GUI to start the GUIOpen git GUI, help->show SSH key, click Generate keyAfter the build is joined, success.Before that:someone said to use it like thisssh-agentSsh-add ~/.ssh/Id_keyI'm

Windows common performance counters for performance testing

Performance counters (counter) are some data metrics that describe the performance of a server or operating system. Counter plays a key role in performance testing, especially in analyzing the scalability of the system and locating the performance

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