Output the contents of bmpstring in the console interface of Windows

When parsing a digital certificate in the form of a/d, sometimes the value types of commonname, countryname, and so forth from the certificate are bmpstring, especially if the values are in Chinese. If you use wprintf () to output these values under

[Disk Cleanup] Windows Server 2003 System Disk Cleanup

PrefaceThe system has been used for a long time, and the space of the system disk has become smaller. At a certain limit, it will appear.Such a hint.This is the time to clean up the system disk, or the system will slow down, and completely exhausted,

A few questions about debugging ODOO8.0 on Windows

After setting up a 8.0 debug environment on Ubuntu, try to build a development environment on Windows.The final debugging and development will return to the Linux environment, because the previous period of time the hands of the cheap, modify the

In the Windows system configuration Jekyll

Jekyll is a simple Web site static page generation tool. Because it's written in Ruby, it's a little cumbersome to configure on a Windows system. The process is as follows: Install Ruby: Of course use Rubyinstaller on the Windows system,

Create a Windows class

Windows, controls, and dialog boxes are virtually windows, and the Windows class is a type of window description that Windows can handle. There are a number of predefined Windows classes in Windows, but you can also easily create your own windows

Conversion of Windows FILETIME to Unix time

Windows filetime time starts from 1601/01/01 to 0 minutes and 0 seconds, windows each clock tick will count plus one, each clock tick interval is nanoseconds (nanosecond, 1 seconds =10 Nine square nanoseconds), that is, each clock tick = 10 (-7)

Description of the Windows Server version of HPC and the pack

Recently contacted this relatively rare version of Windows serverMicrosoft Official Introduction to Windows Server-HPChttp://www.microsoft.com/china/hpc/After Windows Server 2012 becomes a

Use of SLIKSVN under Windows

I believe that everyone should be familiar with svn , I believe most people have used, but not everyone has to configure the SVN server. Here are my steps to configure the SVN server, as well as some of the problems encountered during the

. NET installation Windows service configuration file Config

. NET installation for Windows services:In the Windows Service Project (WINDOWSSERVICE1) code file, there is an app. Config profile that allows you to make changes to the time and so on without rebuilding the project; we all know that it is

Storage Learning-Simulate IP SAN in Windows Server via Starwind

Storage Learning-Simulate IP SAN in Windows Server via StarwindI. Introduction of StarwindStarwind with Starport ISCSI, this software allows you to output any local CD and DVD data to the network, you can virtual hard disk on the network, output the

HDU 1509 Windows Message Queue

Water problem, used to familiarize with the priority queue.There are two keys, one is priority, the other is ID. Prioritize by priority and rank by ID.#include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include

Windows Server 2003 64bit SP2 under Installation RABBITMQ

I. BACKGROUNDRecently made a small base component, the main role is asynchronous message notification, cache maintenance, and time-consuming task processing.Where message notification and time-consuming tasks are handled using open source RABBITMQ

Ssential Diagram for Windows formsc#/winform diagram of a Visio-like topology node wired controls free download

Essential Diagram for Windows forms is a scalable, high-performance model. NET platform, which can be used to develop interactive drawing and diagramming applications like Microsoft Visio, storing graphical objects in nodes, supporting vector and

Robocopy is one of the many multipurpose utilities in the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit (it is based on a powerful copy program

Robocopy is one of many multipurpose utilities in the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit (it is based on a powerful copy program). Yes, Robocopy's function is to copy files, you may be bored and go through the next article, wait, let's give

Windows font Display knowledge

Windwos font display, using the textmetric structure to store the font of each display field. Baseline generally by ascentcalculations. The height of the font includes ascent and descent. To calculate the body font, you can useHeight, you can also

Windows vs2012 using gSOAP to develop WebService instances

0: Description1, this article is based on the experience of the online predecessors combined with their own hands-on writing, development tools used Vs2012,gsoap is gsoap-2.8;2, gSOAP provides a simple introduction to the tools1) Wsdl2h.exe:

Windows Write bat execution file

1: Create TXT fileREM nping used to test the connectivity of IP addresses REM nping--tcp-p--flags rst--ttl 2 Rename to bat file3: Establish automated execution tasks.The detailed bat authoring help is as follows:For more

Win7 installation of HTTPS SSL certificate under Windows Server 2008R2 (with HTTPS SSL local test environment)

To successfully set up SSL security site key to have the following conditions.1. The server certificate needs to be obtained from a trusted certificate Authority ca. 2. The server certificate must be installed on the Web server. 3. The SSL feature

Windows operating system view processes that occupy ports

In development sometimes we need to determine which of the 8080 ports are occupied in the Windows command-line window execution:1 8080The results printed after the command is executed are as follows:You can see that the port is occupied by process

How to open an odt file in windows

How to open an odt file in windows Odt File ODT isOpenofficeArchive file format: Openoffice is a cross-platform office software suite that can be executed on Windows, Linux, MacOS X (X11), Solaris, and other operating systems. It is compatible with

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