About Windows DOS Batch file writing common sense

Redirect ' all ' output to a single file:Run: Test.bat > Test.txt 2>&1 And you'll get the This text on screen (we'll never get rid of this in screen, as it's sent to the Console and cannot be redirected): This text goes to the Console You should

Get temp path via Windows API

Private Const MAX_PATH as Long = 260Private Declare Function gettemppath Lib "kernel32" Alias "Gettemppatha" (ByVal nSize as Long, ByVal lpbuffer as String) A S Long Public Function Gettempdir () as StringDim NSize as LongDim Buff as StringBuff =

Use MinGW to statically compile assimp under Windows

Using MinGW to statically compile AssimpBy the May, did not write a log, so I took an article from the Knowledge Base sucks it. This time will explain how to use MinGW statically compiled assimp under Windows.Assimp is now more than the full 3D

Automatic backup with robocopy+dos command +windows scheduling (to back up specific files/directories to automatically created target directories that are named after date and month)

1. Software Requirement:1.1.mirror.bat, Mirror_service_begin, Mirror_service_end, Robocopy.exe1.2. Copy Robocopy.exe to C:\WINDOWS\system322. System Region Option:Setting "Date"--short date Format:yyyy-mm--dd3.MAP Network driver:net use Z: \\192.168.

Modify the service port under memcached under Windows

In command mode, you can use Memcached-p 12000 to specify a port that can be serviced after installation, but always has only the-D runservice parameter.The purpose of this modification port is achieved by modifying the registry.Under

Windows Service Access Remote share permissions settings

Recently, a Windows Service was developed to synchronize file synchronization between shared directories. consider that in the copy process, if the network suddenly can not access, causing the file copy is incomplete, decisively abandon the copy

Reproduced Windows common performance counters (a good description)

Reprint Address: http://blog.csdn.net/dfbrt56/article/details/3341591Windows Common Performance Counters Performance counters (counter) are some data metrics that describe the performance of a server or operating system. Counter plays a

Zabbix Installation Agent under Windows

1. Download the Windows version zabbix-agent-2.2.5 and unzipHttp://www.zabbix.com/downloads/2.2.5/zabbix_agents_2.2.5.win.zipAfter decompression, there are two directory bin and Conf, where the bin has two directories Win32 and Win64, respectively,

Windows+nginx Load Test

System: Windows2003Nginx version: 1.7.3 (official recommended version)#父节点 httpUpstream cluster_1{Ip_hash; #能较好地把同一个客户端的多次请求分配到同一台服务器处理, avoids the need for a weighted poll for session retentionServer Host:port weight=1; #权重越高转向的请求比重越大Server

EXT JS Framework simulates Windows desktop menu Administrative Templates

An ultra-cool backstage, ext simulation Windows desktop, ext Classic light blue style, features very powerful, including maximized, minimized, status bar, desktop icon, etc., but need to understand the Ext script to ride it.?1. Picture  ? 2. Code

Creation and use of Windows libraries: static libraries + dynamic libraries

Creation and use of Windows libraries: static libraries + dynamic librariesFirst, the creation and use of static library 1.Static Library Creation(1) first create the project test , the test code is as follows:1) test.h void

Implementing the application cluster under Windows Apache+tomcat

Implementing the application cluster under Windows Apache+tomcat1 Environmental dependencies: Windows, jdk1.6, Apache2.2, tomcat6.02 Jdk1.6 Installation2.1 Slightly3 Installing Apache (2.2.27)3.1 Downloads: from Apache official website

Source: Windows file Segmentation and merging

#include #include #include using namespace std;Determine if the file exists bool Fileexistsw (const wstring FN) {Win32_find_dataw fd; HANDLE hfile = Findfirstfilew (Fn.c_str (), FD); if (hfile! = Invalid_handle_value) {:: FindClose

Manage windows in a workgroup environment.

This refers to Windows7.1. Firewall settingsOpen Wmi,remoteadmin2. Modify PowerShell Execution policySet-executionpolicy remotesigned3. Installing powershell3.0View version OptionsPS under $hostDolly Mix$psvertiontableCheck the WinRM versionWinRM ID4

Scrapy installation describes the Windows environment---

I. Introduction of ScrapyScrapy is a fast high-level screens scraping and web crawling framework, used to crawl websites and extract structured data from their pages. It can be used-a wide range of purposes, from the data mining to monitoring and

CreateWindow () function in Windows API

CreateWindow function ExplanationAfter registering the window class, you need to create the window, the function used is CreateWindow (), and this function is based on the window class, so you also need to specify a few parameters to make a specific

Windows Server, DHCP failover

Today our topic is a new feature in Windows Server 2012, DHCP failover, DHCP is not too much to introduce this is a very basic knowledge, DHCP in Windows Server 2012 In fact there are three major new features, namely:DHCP Fail-OverPolicy-based

OpenSSH for Windows configuration

1, download OpenSSH.2, installation. Installation is simple, just like other Windows software, double-click. Install to more than half, there will be a prompt box pops up, saying "must be set." /etc/passwd files can function properly openssh, see

Develop the necessary Windows tips

In Windows we often encounter a variety of small problems, and these small problems do affect the efficiency, if you can solve these small problems, then to a certain extent, improve work efficiency, to ensure that the mood is pleasant. Today I

"DPM" deformable part Models matlab code debugging process under Windows

I downloaded the voc-release5.1. In accordance with this article, have been operated over: Http://blog.csdn.net/pozen/article/details/7023742#quote2. Run demo not successfully continue to modify according to

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