Restore of a Windows Server 2012R2 database

Restore of a Windows Server 2012R2 databaseExample: Crash of a simulated serverIn the actual working environment, because the administrator's misoperation and the server itself causes the data destruction or loss, if the administrator's misoperation

Windows thread Synchronization "2" critical section

A critical section is a way to implement thread synchronization. Windows provides 4 functions for the critical section (Initializecriticalsection,entercriticalsection,leavecriticalsection, DeleteCriticalSection), to use these functions, you must

Introduction to Windows program Anti-wolf technique

Originally for some reasons and interest, learning for a period of time software reverse, for software encryption and decryption has a bit of a rough understanding. And then see some students worked hard to make a software, their own effort to

Windows DOS window Set Font color

2015-04-21 10:54:431#include 2#include 3 using namespacestd;4 #defineColor_count 155 6 //void SetColor (unsigned short ForeColor = 3, unsigned short backgroundcolor = 0)7 voidSetColor (intcolor)8 {9 if(Color 0|| Color >= the)Ten return;

7 Types of Timers in Windows (VC timer types and occupancy resources comparison)

VC provides a lot of functions about time operations, using their control program can accurately complete timing and timing operations. This article describes in detail the seven ways in which the VC is based on the exact timing of windows, as

UI tests that encode Windows store apps

An experiment was conducted last week on a UI test that encodes a Windows Store app , with detailed instructions for the experiment steps:1. Create a new Coded UI test project for Windows Store apps, select the visual c##→ store app → Coded UI test

Easiest way to delete. SVN folders under Windows

Batch files Delete SVN version information. bat file contents are as follows:@echo off Echo *********************************************************** Echo clears SVN version information

Windows builds domain servers and DNS

Tags: SQL server/mssql server/database/dba/domain controllerOverviewBecause many high-performance, high-availability scenarios are built in a domain environment, understanding the knowledge of creating domains is necessary to build those highly

Formatted output function for winapi:wvsprintf and wsprintf-windows (RPM)

wvsprintf function Declaration: wvsprintf (Output:pchar; {The buffer to return} Format:pchar; {format, similar to format, should be the same format as the C language of printf}{array pointer}{Returns the length of the actual string to the

ABE settings script for Windows Server fileserver shared files

Param([string]$rootPath)$Source= @"Using system;using system.collections.generic;using system.runtime.interopservices;using System.Text;public enum share_type:uint {stype_disktree = 0x00000000,//Disk Drive STYPE_PRINTQ = 0x00000001,//Print Queue

Error code for Windows corresponding to the failure

Error code for Windows corresponding to the failure0000 operation completed successfully.0001 the wrong function.0002 The system cannot find the file specified.0003 the system could not find the path specified.0004 The system cannot open the file.000

Configure Apache server under Windows

First step: Download the latest Apache.Download URL: HTTP://WWW.APACHEHAUS.COM/CGI-BIN/DOWNLOAD.PLXThe second step: unzip the download file to a working directory. D:\ApacheStep Three: Modify the/conf/httpd.conf file. Modify ServerRoot for

Windows 8.1 sets up WiFi sharing and cannot start a hosted link solution.

1. Set the WiFi sharing method2. Unable to start the hosted link solution1. Set WiFi sharing method Windows8 windows8.1 laptop WiFi hotspot wifi. Quickly share your laptop or desktop network to your phone, tablet, and more.The steps are as

Windows interprocess Communication--Named pipes

1. Related overviewNamed pipes (Named Pipes) is a simple inter-process communication (IPC) mechanism. A named pipe can be reliable bidirectional or unidirectional data communication between different processes on the same computer, or between

Windows Apache Port configuration

Locate the configuration file httpd.conf and open it with the editor.Before adding a port, we can see if the port has been opened and the command is as follows:Window View Port:# View All ports$ netstat-n-A# See if Port 8081 is occupied$ NETSTAT-AON|

Use coded UI tests to test Windows store apps

Since the advent of Win8, the Windows Store has immediately become the stage for developers to show, and this short few years the number of applications can be tens of thousands, it is inevitable that the mixed situation. We all know that Visual

Common data types for Windows programming

Windows data type:WORD:16-bit unsigned shaping datadword:32 bit unsigned integer data (DWORD32)dword64:64 bit unsigned integer dataINT:32-bit signed integer data typeINT_PTR: pointer type pointing to int data typeint32:32 bit symbol integral typeint6

Deploying SVN server on Windows

First, the preparatory work1, SVN server: Unpack the package, you can download the latest version from the official website.2, SVN client: TortoiseSVN, that is often said little turtle, is a client program, used to communicate with the server side.

Spartan Spartan Browser features after Windows Build 10041 trial Upgrade

To try out Microsoft's newest Spartan Spartan browser, it took three days at home this week to download the Windows Build 10041 32-bit system and see what's new, because just loading the virtual machine and downloading 32-bit is enough.Because it is

dialog for getting Started with Windows programming

Dialog: Ability to dynamically generate a text window, and this window supports numerous window elements.Dialog: CommandWindow elements:text boxRadio Boxcheck boxProgress barThe form that dialog can provide to us, after the selection is completed

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