Install apache2.4+mysql5.7+php5.6 under Windows environment

Prior to learning PHP is consistent with phpstudy integrated development environment, which is undoubtedly very helpful for beginners, because the installation and use of the fool to reduce our many unnecessary trouble. However, as a qualified PHP

Windows Azure creates and connects Azure SQL database Services

databases are critical to an enterprise, and business information is basically stored in a database. Traditional building database process enterprises need to purchase hardware, database software, deployment configuration and so on, and the database

Windows Oracle11 Full Uninstall method

Oracle11 Full Unload methodFirst, uninstall Oracle before oracle11g there is a situation where uninstalling is not clean, causing the installation to fail again, running services.msc to open the service, stop all services of Oracle.Second, oracle11g

Capturing sound card data above windows

Transferred from: a task is received in the previous period, the output signal of the sound card needs to be collected in order to mix with the microphone's input signal.before

QEMU-GA installation and monitoring development under Windows

Windows installation Qemu-gaadd virtio serial port in virtual machine configuration#virsh Edit Instance-nameAdd the following configuration in the

Windows Azure uses PowerShell to create virtual machines

The previous post describes how to use PowerShell to control the startup and shutdown of azure virtual machines, and today we describe how to create a virtual machine using PowerShellFirst, sign in to Azure with PowerShelland view the list of

Connect Amazon cloud Servers in Windows

To connect to your Linux instance using PuTTY, follow these steps:1. Obtain the server's access key (that is, the *.pem file) in the AWS Web Console and save it locally, and set the inbound SSH traffic allowed from the specified IP address to the

Windows 10Bash Commands

Windows 10 preview 14316 Open Bash command support 00x0 prefaceIn the early hours of April 7, Microsoft pushed the latest Windows 101 Anniversary Update Preview 14316, which is important to native support for Linux Bash command-line support.00x1

Mac remote Connection to Windows

First step: Install remote Desktop Connection on your Mac Go to Microsoft Remote Desktop connection to download the installation package. When the download is complete, double-click the installation package to install it. Step Two:

Using WIMC to find a running process in a Windows batch program

@echo off: SLEEPtimeout/t 60/nobreak: CHECKecho%time% | findstr 23:5 >nulIf not ERRORLEVEL = 1 goto ENDWMIC PROCESS WHERE name= "Java.exe" Get CommandLine | findstr/i HelloWorld >nulIf not errorlevel goto RUNNING: RUNCD/D

Change the Windows system time Synchronization Frequency "Windows 7,windows 8,win10"

Windows system default time synchronization interval is 7 days, if we need to modify the synchronization time interval (synchronization frequency), we can modify the registry to manually modify its automatic synchronization interval to increase the

Bash on Windows

Bash on Windows grab fresh test-Introduction and installation PrefaceMicrosoft announced at last week's Windows Build conference that WIN10 will introduce native bash and will soon be available in the technical preview.As a result, Windows

DotNetBar for Windows Forms Glacier Blade re-packaged original release-with official sample program version

About DotNetBar for Windows Forms Glacier Blade re-packaged version-------------------- Glacier Blade re-packaged version---------------------------------------------------------Based on the official original installation package

Enable SUBLIMETEXT3 to play Chinese under Ubuntu and display Chinese normally under DOS command line in Windows

Learn your spare time and summarize the issues you encounter with using SUBLIMETEXT3 under Windows and UbuntuI. About SUBLIMETEXT3 the solution to run Chinese is not compiled under the DOS command line of Windows:Because the DOS command line

Windows Server x64 installs multiple services

Windows Server2008 Server installation telnet service"Go:"On Windows Server 2008, you can use the Role management tool to install optional components.To install the Telnet server on

Windows DOS command Delete service! Create a private folder! Wait a minute...

Enter the SC view command in command line mode:Syntax: sc Create | Delete | Config service name [parameters] (specific Baidu ... )Demo: Delete Service-"SC Delete MongoDBCreate a folder that cannot be deleted in normal mode: MD E:\001..\Go to folder:

How Windows Installs Scrapy

The first time to write a blog, there is a bad place please understand!Install Scrapy in Linux a few lines of command is done, Windows is a matter of many!Without saying much, we go directly to the subject:1. Download Python. Address

Windows Local Evaluation Batch script

Put "" and "Data.out" text files in any folder, which represent input files and output files, respectively. Of course there is the code file "code. cpp" that will be evaluated. Copy the following batch code into the TXT file, and change the

A problem encountered today (the SSH client for Windows does not connect to the virtual machine Ubuntu)

Today, it's a bit depressing to use an SSH client on Windows to connect to Ubuntu in a virtual machine.But it is not even up, before it can face, so more depressed.I first ping ubuntu IP address on Windows, unexpectedly can not send packets, it

Configuring solr4.6.0 servers under Windows

The environment that SOLR needs: JDK, Apache-tomcat, SOLRI use the configuration: papche-tomcat-7.0.68 and solr4.6.01, download solr-4.6.0,2, extract the solr-4.6.0,3. Copy the Solr.war file in Solr-4.6.0\example\webapps to the WebApps folder in the

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