In Windows compilation mariadb

Os:windows XP SP3ide:vs2010First install the following tools:(1) BazzarHttps:// Bison from GnuWin32Http://

Multithreaded programming under Windows (i)

ObjectiveMastering multithreaded programming under Windows allows us to write more standardized multithreaded code to avoid exceptions. Multithreaded programming under Windows is complex, but understanding some common features has been able to meet

Resolution for Windows Server R2 installation wampserver not start

In fact, there is no solution to the problem, it is not difficult. Windows Server R2 (also includes other versions of Windows) is installed by default Wampserver often does not start smoothly wampserver, especially the inside of Apache and PHP, a

Windows Error Code parsing

Read Catalogue Windows API Error code parsing Windows Exception Value Resolution ErrLook Program Resources C or C + + development must often encounter a variety of error codes, because each error code is just an enumeration

Windows Apache configuration SSL (HTTPS) server

SSL is a secure protocol for HTTP transport, and certificate authentication ensures that the data between the client and the Web server is secure and can be configured with Apache's own OpenSSL:The steps are as follows:1. Install the OpenSSL

Github SSH key is created in configuration (Windows)

The recent configuration of the GitHub SSH key, the search for a large amount of data found GitHub official has a related tutorial ... Translate the official tutorials here to deepen your impressionsOriginal link:

How difficult is it to change the form class name of a. NET Windows form? Sequel

How hard is it to publish a. NET Windows form to change the class name of a form? "In the blink of an eye big six months later, but in the first few days there are friends of this article to comment on, basically has been very little attention to it,

Under Windows Apache configuration domain name

1. Open httpd.confFind the "Include conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf" line, cancel the previous # # comment and save2. Modify the httpd-vhosts.conf fileGo to the Conf/extra folder in the Apache installation directory, open the httpd-vhosts.conf file,2.1,

Tutorials for reloading Windows systems

If your computer fails to start Windows properly, and you need to reinstall your system, then I suggest you look at this log, "Windows does not start properly" solution, if you have seen the problem can not be solved, then see below.One: What do you

Using static libraries and dynamic libraries under windows

Using static libraries and dynamic libraries under windows(i) EnvironmentWindows 7 32-bitVisual Studio 2013(ii) Introduction to DLLs and LibThese concepts are well understood under Windows because the general steps when you need to introduce a

View file encoding types under Windows system

This is the most basic skill of a programmer, forgive me until now to understandPreviously only known window operating system files Most of the default encoding is ANSI, Chinese version is GBK encodingIf you want to view or modify the file encoding,

DOS command to view the complete Windows System Information method

Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, we need to look at the system information of the Windows operating system, there are many third-party tools on the Web to view system information, there is actually an easier way: To use the DOS command prompt

Basic technology of windows-menu programming

Basic technology of windows-menu programmingFirst, IntroductionIn many of the frameworks are unavoidable to operate the menu, whether it is qt,android or iOS, the basic application framework will involve the menu API calls, but the change is not the

Re-install Windows system

Not much to say, this tutorial will take you to conquer Windows System "Of course is installed, including but not limited to Windows7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, k..."More pictures, cautious into!!!More pictures, cautious into!!!More pictures, cautious into!!!1

Windows kernel objects

1. Kernel objects Each kernel object in Windows is just a block of memory that is allocated by the operating system kernel and accessible only by the operating system kernel, and applications cannot locate the data structures in memory and change

SVN has atopping SVN stopped working or Windows Explorer infinite restart

Ready to use Linux in space time, on their own Win7 system installed a property system, installed with EASYBCD, who knows that after the installation of the SVN client win7 system can not be used, click the error "SVN has stopped working", and then

The principle of windows-message mapping mechanism and simple drawing technique

the principle of windows-message mapping mechanism and simple drawing technique1.MFC message mapping mechanismAs we all know, theWindows program is based on message programming , but in MFC has encapsulated the framework of the message mechanism, we

Correctly handle Windows Power events

Brief introductionApplication preparation steps for system suspend and restoreOnce upon a time, when you were about to submit or post some important data through your app, you suddenly had some urgent need to deal with and it was a long delay. When

Windows system Reload Steps

1. Preparation See if the motherboard supports UEFI See if the disk is MBR or GPT If you want to install Win7, you must be ready to drive the wizard Universal NIC version, WIN10 can omit this step"Because, Win7 does not bring its own driver.

Windows Message Queuing Learning Notes Message and message structureA message is passed to the application as a structure that contains information such as the message number, the type of message, the character parameter, and the long character parameter. The structure is

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