Explore Windows XP's Magical Group Policy _windowsxp

System Group Policy is almost a network management personnel to manage the network, one of the necessary tools, the conventional application of the tool skills, I believe many people have been familiar with. But the author has always believed that

Windows 98 CD Boot installation process detailed Illustration _ Installation tutorial

First, the preparatory work: 1. Prepare the Microsoft Windows 98 installation CD. 2. If possible, scan all hard drives with ScanDisk before running Setup to check for hard drive errors and fix them, otherwise setup will be troublesome if you check

Windows Vista installation Full process and new features screenshots _ Installation Tutorials

Before installing, let's take a look at the configuration requirements for Vista:Processor (CPU)At present, all Intel or AMD processors above the mid-tier can meet the basic requirements of Windows Vista, and low-end processors can run Vista, but

Automatically make Windows XP easy to remember more folder views _ registry

By default, Windows XP remembers the settings for the last 400 folders. If you set up more than 400 folders, the earliest folder settings will be lost. Can you get Windows XP to remember more folder views? By modifying the registry, we can

Windows System Group Policy application latest tips _windowsxp

System Group Policy is almost a network management personnel to manage the network, one of the necessary tools, the conventional application of the tool skills, I believe many people have been familiar with. But the author has always believed that

Windows Sever Security Settings Attention _ Security Settings

Personal feeling more useful article about the server security recommendations, many places will be ignored, where the author will be listed, easy to view, configure the server to look at the attention point, very good.Excerpt from: Siyizhu ' s

Windows installation nginx1.10.1 reverse proxy access to IIS Web site _nginx

First go to the official website download package, decompression, the best way not to have Chinese Path issues for Nginx configuration Because the file path can be "\" under Windows, you can use "\" or "/" as the path separator. But "\" is most

Windows system node.js Environment configuration and installation Tutorials (detailed version) _win server

At present, the highest concern in China, the maintenance of the best one about Nodejs website should be http://www.cnodejs.org/ Simple NODEJS environment configuration under Windows System. First step: Download the installation files Download

Aliyun Windows Server security settings (Firewall policy) _win server

Restricting external scan behavior through firewall policy Please according to your server operating system, download the corresponding script to run, after running your firewall policy will ban the behavior of the external contract, to ensure that

Windows 2008 Server Security Consolidation several considerations _win Server

First, the System information View System version Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Use VPN server View Host Name View network Configuration Second, antivirus software

How to install a Tomcat server under Windows build _tomcat

Related reading: How to deploy a tomcat server on MyEclipse Tomcat server is a free open source Web application Server, is a lightweight application server, in the small and medium-sized systems and concurrent access users are not many occasions

Powershell How to query the Windows log _powershell

The forum was asked how to use the PowerShell script query file modified audit log, beans Server did not open this function, but try to write a similar script can query the log, and output the corresponding XML content. The basic method is

PowerShell hide a variety of methods that do not display Windows _powershell

Hide your own window when starting PowerShell If I were to execute a script file periodically through Powershell.exe in a scheduled task, I would like to hide the window, at which point we might consider using the PowerShell.exe option argument:

Using Windows 2000 IP Security policy to close ports-web surfing

Hackers are mostly hacked through ports, so your server can only open the ports you need, so what ports do you need? Here are the common ports you can choose from: 80 for Web site service, 21 for FTP service, 25 for e-mail SMTP service, 110 for

Graphics and text tutorials for modifying Mysql5.7.11 initial password under Windows _mysql

Last week installed MYSL but not landing, find a long time to find this solution, said the detailed thank you. [Summary: 1.my-default.ini renamed My.ini is extracting the contents of the catalog above My-default.ini a more name for My.ini. 2. Open

Windows XP Remote Desktop application _ Web surfing

Remote control with Remote Assistance is simple to implement, but it must be coordinated by both the master and the host, so there is another remote control in the Windows XP Professional Edition-Remote Desktop, with Remote Desktop, You can remotely

Implement import with DOS command, export Windows Plan task detailed _dos/bat

Beginner's Guideto import a new system using a command-line batch of scheduled tasks for company software, all by looking up data, a script that can be used to export and import.The export usage is: script name + Space +exportThe import usage is:

Windows+apache+resin Configuration _java Programming

Article Source: Internet Author: skywoo/csdn windows2000+apache2.0.48+resin2.1.61. Installation jdk1.4    The latest version of JDK is jdk1.4.2 and can be downloaded to http://java.sun.com. Add windows2000 environment variables after installation

Windows Server 2008R2 system IIS7.5 configuration pseudo static method (Urlrewrite) _win server

Looked up from the Internet, the original Microsoft IIS official website to IIS7 and in the subsequent version of the URL rewrite components provided. Download Address: Http://www.iis.net/download/URLRewrite or http://www.jb51.net/softs/479310.html

Ext window Windows and dialog box Messagebox_extjs

Look at the following code: Copy Code code as follows: var i=0; function Newwin () { var win = new Ext.window ({ Title: "Window" +i++, width:400, HEIGHT:300, Maximizable:true }); Win.show (); } Ext.onready (

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