How to change the IE7 temporary folder under Windows Vista

modifying IE temporary folder storage path under Windows Vista system is roughly the same as under Windows XP, if you want to say the difference between individual operation windows and operating procedures, there is nothing else to pay special

Windows 2003 Active Diretory (vi)--folder permissions and sharing (2)

Let's look at the shared folders 03 The most commonly used MO file sharing, now to establish a shared folder: On a stand-alone server, you must be a member of the Administrators or Server Operators group, and you must be a member of the Domain

Windows Server 2008 R2 RTM

Hyper-V, energy-saving improvements are key performance Microsoft has completed the development of Windows Server 2008 R2. Microsoft has already put the gold code on the producers, which means users, partners, original equipment manufacturers, and

Installing a UDDI server in Windows Server 2003 and its use

1. What is UDDI Services Universal Description Discovery and Integration (UDDI) is an industrial specification for publishing and locating information about WEB services. The Windows Server 2003 family product contains UDDI Services, an optional

Configuring Windows 2003 through the registry

Although the Windows 2003 operating system is primarily a server-oriented operating system, many users still choose to run it on a regular computer. Here, I would like to introduce a registry modification to enhance the functionality of the Windows 2

Cleaning system garbage in Windows system

As you know, Windows is known as a bad "vice" that records the privacy of the operator. For example, when you open a text file and browse a file like a picture, leave the file name you have read or edited in the "Start"-"document", and leave the

Windows 2003 SP2 and NAT compatibility issues

New feature features are added to Windows Server 2003 SP2: Extensible Network Toolkit (Scalable Networking PACK,SNP). The following three features are included in this Extensible Network Toolkit: LTCP load transfer (TCP Chimney Offload): Transfers

Windows 2003 Server Security Configuration Ultimate Tips (i)


The network circulated a lot about the security configuration of the Windows Server 2003 system, but the careful analysis found that many are not comprehensive, and many still configured not reasonable, and there is a lot of security risks, today I

Windows 2003 System load Balancing strategy full introduction

With the development of information construction in various industries, people put forward higher requirements for the processing ability and high availability of the network server. Especially in highly information-based enterprises, the key

Make Windows 2008 Network sharing faster

Shared access is actually an ongoing operation on a local area network, and do not assume that such an operation is trivial, because access to shared resources in different operating systems is not necessarily the same as the shared access cheats

Proficient in ADSIEdit of Windows Server 2008 Multi-meta password policy

Objective For weeks, the security of the directory server DC is critical, and password protection is an important part of security protection. A password policy for the Active Directory can reduce human and network intrusion security threats and

Settings for Windows 2000 to achieve optimal performance

It is important for the operating system to maintain optimal reliability and best performance, which the Windows 2000 operating system implements through built-in system tools called Disk Defragmenter. Disk Defragmenter is developed through mutual

Add, modify, or remove Windows registry keys and values using the registry file (REG)

1. Introduction We usually use the Regedit Registry Editor to achieve the registry modification operation, but this manual operation time-consuming and laborious, when you want to a number of PCs unified modify the registry, will be blamed. And in

Windows Server 2003 DHCP full Raiders (i)

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is a standard protocol developed from the BOOTP protocol for automatically assigning client computer IP addresses, defined in RFC 2131. By default, Windows-based client computers are configured as DHCP

Let Windows XP Control panel "belong to Yourself"

If you want to be in Windows XP and you already know which Control Panel option icon you need to open, the new organizational approach to Windows XP is less convenient, and it only means that you need to do more clicks. Now this article will

Windows Server 2003 FTP full Raiders (i)

Data transfer Mode for FTP 1. Active transmission mode In the active mode, the FTP data connection and control the direction of the connection is the opposite, that is, the server to the client initiative to initiate a connection for data

Improve Windows XP system running speed nine tricks

In the process of using Windows XP, do you feel that the operating system is slowing more and more slowly over time? How do you not want to install the system, then how to let the speed of Windows XP significantly increase it? The following author

Cloud Data Center architecture Windows Server 2012 implementation iSCSI San diskless boot Introduction

The economic contraction caused by the financial crisis has prompted the enterprise economy to enter a new era, prompting the whole IT industry to enter a period of demand for efficiency and cost control. The budget has not increased or even

SmartCloud enterprise+ Tip: Use Tsam and Cygwin to install IIS on Windows

When you try to install software on the IBM SmartCloud enterprise+, you may experience some potential problems. With this in mind, you need to consider the following alternative installation method, which uses Internet information Services Version 6

Battle of Kings: Outlook vs. Windows Mail

Windows Mail is fundamentally a new application. Although it is easy for people to understand the successor of Outlook Express, even though it is to retain some appearance, but the things that are almost completely different. Microsoft has converted

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