Introduction to the Kinect for Windows SDK Development (vii) Skeleton tracking

The previous article shows the main objects involved in the skeleton tracking system with examples of skeletal data drawn from the UI interface, and then discusses in detail the object models involved in skeletal tracking. But it's one thing to

JQuery 2.0 will provide full support for Windows 8 application development

This week, Microsoft announced that the famous open source JavaScript library jquery will provide full support for Windows 8 application development in version 2.0, a natural and additional tool for many Windows 8 application developers. The news is

Windows 7 startup problem with blue screen stop:0x0000007b

Workaround: Boot into the BIOS, change interface combination, that is, the type of interface of the hard disk, changed from default raid to AHCI, save, reboot, all normal. Event procedure: Today, the boot into the Win7, in the start Windows

Introduction to Windows 7 Resource manager features

The explorer has always been an integral part of Windows systems, and the Win7 system has made a lot of improvements to the resource manager, which is novel and powerful, and perhaps some of the computer users who just upgraded Win7 from XP are

Windows Server 2008 is incorrectly queued as a print server

Using Windows Server 2008 as a print server platform is a great choice, because it provides powerful print management capabilities to meet our various printing needs. However, because of its power, complexity, and is a system platform that is not so

About the free version of Windows 8.1 operating system

The news that Microsoft will launch a free version of the Windows 8.1 operating system has not been officially confirmed by Microsoft and is only hearsay. The Verge, the US Science and technology news website, quoted people familiar with the matter

Use Windows 7 Resource Monitor to view programs that are using files

Windows7 Since its launch, has been the overwhelming majority of users alike, and even some people say it is the most perfect and most powerful operating system ever launched by Microsoft. But even if the strong Windows7 after all still have to rely

Basic use of Windows Server 2008 R2/windows 7 Management 28 mail

We have already installed exchange2010, hehe this piece simply introduces and looks at the basic interface of ex2010 and uses Setup completes opening the Exchange console as shown in the figure Khan, there is a trial limit, 4-month evaluation

Windows 2008 BCD Changes system startup mode


Many new features are introduced into Windows Server 2008, including the new boot mode. Starting an operating system is a critical step for a computer, and the normal start-up of a Microsoft Windows operating system that currently occupies a large

How to add a domain via VPN under Windows 7

Recently completed the company VPN migration, the old Windows platform VPN migrated to the TMG_VPN, this migration actually completed the original NAT mode to the routing mode, the use of the feeling is still good, back home can not help but think,

Five changes in Windows 8.1

For Microsoft, Windows 8.1 is designed to fix some problems with Windows 8. To do this, the 8.1 system re-enable the Start button, which can go directly to the desktop system. Here's a summary of Windows 8.1 changes: 1. Start screen In Windows 8.1,

Hard drive Installation 32/64-bit Windows 2008 System method

Windows 2008 Operating system 32/64-bit installation is best to boot under PE, 64-bit installation 32-bit installation method is basically the same, but 32-bit installation omitted copy 32-bit bootsect.exe that step on it. Using virtual optical

Windows Server 2008 Manipulation Tips

First, hard disk installation Load the Windows Server 2008.iso with the Daemon Tools virtual CD drive and copy it to the hard drive, this is E:\win2k8 Copy the bootmgr and boot directories under the E:\WIN2K8 directory to the C-packing directory

Windows 8.1 Hide New features

After months of waiting, the Windows 8.1 preview is finally officially released, bringing up a lot of gaps in Windows 8 and a new application experience. You must have been familiar with the biggest change in Windows 8.1 is the return of the Start

Windows 8.1 is a thin version of Windows 8

Microsoft has brought a lot of information about Windows 8.1 at the TechEd 2013 conference, and one thing that is noteworthy is that Windows 8.1 is actually a feature-enhanced and compact version of Windows 8. There is no doubt that Windows 8.1

Windows Server 2008 R2/windows 7 Management ten-2K8 domain upgrade R2 network domain

This article provides the idea and experiment steps for the Enterprise Manager to upgrade the existing architecture 2008 domain to 2008R2 domain, upgrade your architecture to 2008r2 to use the 2008R2 domain to bring new features and new experiences,

Data security in Windows Server 2008

Data security is a key requirement in any data service solution, and Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 combine to provide an end-to-end data protection through a powerful collection of cryptographic technologies. Windows Server 2008 relies on

Terminal Services TS WEB ACCESS for Windows Server 2008

Terminal Services here is not much to do introduction, my blog has an introduction to Windwos Server 2003 Terminal Services, compared to the previous version, there are many improvements, the following is a demonstration of its new features: Deploy

Detailed Windows 8.1 Start button

Rumor has it that the Start button is really going to be back in Windows Blue (also called Windows 8.1), the Start button and the boot directly into the traditional desktop feature have been added to the latest Windows 8.1 "Milestone Preview" build.

Let Windows 2008 network share access drive up the motorway

In the era of information explosion, regardless of the size of large units or small units, have already set up the local area network which corresponds with respective unit scale; many important resources in the unit often need to be shared by each

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