Windows interrupt Programming

First, the preface Windows provides powerful functionality as well as a friendly graphical user interface (GUI), making it not only widely used as a support platform for managing transactional jobs, but also a concern for engineers in the

[WPF Troubleshooter] inherit custom windows

There are a number of pop-up windows in the project, which are naturally different from the window's own borders (including maximizing, minimizing, and closing buttons), but the outer border of each pop-up box is the same. For one of the windows, we

Windows foreground color regulator implemented by Eyesbaby function

In fact, the so-called Windows front color regulator is the use of WinForm forms to cover the entire Windows area. The main requirement is to make the window transparent, and the mouse can click on other programs through the form. The difficulty is

Imitation windows shutdown Effect: Encapsulating Lightbox Class

When the data is initialized, a Lightbox object is created for each link that can be highlighted. The code for this class is specifically implemented as follows: var lightbox = Class.create (); Lightbox.prototype = { ypos:0, xpos:0,

Windows Server 2012 Installation Guide

1. Load the Windows Server 2012 installation CD to the CD drive; 2. Select the language, time and currency format and keyboard input in the first screen of the installer, and then click Next. Of course, if it is the Chinese version of the default

How to fix a damaged Windows XP user account

As you all know, Windows XP offers Windows Welcome screen logon and Fast User switching capabilities compared to other versions of Windows, which is convenient for us to achieve multiple people using a single computer. Because of this, the user

DB2 ESE 9.1 The inability to create a new database under Windows Server 2008 and its resolution

DB2 Enterprise Server Edition (DB2 ESE) 9.1 Scenarios and solutions for unable to create a new database under Windows Server 2008 On installation, DB2 version 9.1 of Windows Server 2008, the default installation method is used to cause the database

Error resolution to access Windows 2008 shared resources

To make it easier to communicate with other employees on the local area network, we often use shared access to transfer files and send data to each other. To make shared access more efficient, we've also summed up a number of proven operational

Experience the RemoteApp of Windows Server 2008 R2

With Remote Desktop services, organizations can provide users with the right to access standard Windows programs on any Windows device, anytime, anywhere, through the Internet or an Intranet. REMOTEAPP can help you configure programs so that users

How to quickly access a decentralized shared resource in Windows

In general, you can easily access a specified shared folder resource on a host by using the Network Neighborhood window or the share name of \ \ host name \ folder. However, if the shared resources that you want to access are distributed across

Windows Vista operating system common shortcut keys

Windows Vista also adds new shortcuts in addition to the inherited Windows family shortcut keys. Here's a copy of Windows Vista shortcuts that will help you easily use Vista shortcuts. General shortcut Keys These shortcuts make your computer

Top ten reasons to upgrade to Windows 7 system: 10 Seconds to boot

Windows 7 is getting closer to us, so should we upgrade in time? "PC users have ten reasons to upgrade to Windows 7 systems, such as easy connection Wi-Fi, faster boot speeds," Silicon Alley Insider author Prissie Dumpala (Preethi Dumpala), the

Does Windows 7 choose 64-bit or 32-bit?

After a period of trial, I finally changed the operating system from Win7 64bit back to the Win7 32bit. Tell me about my mental journey. 1) Memory 64bit Win7 can make full use of all 4GB of memory, no longer like Win7 32bit to show that the system

How to enumerate application windows and processes with Win32 APIs

Summary One of the things that we often encounter when writing programs is to list all the running programs or processes in the system exactly. Windows Task Manager is one of these programs. It lists both the running desktop applications and all

Realization of multi-table updating in PB data windows

PowerBuilder 's Data Window object is its unique intelligent object, its encapsulation is good, the function is formidable, the manifestation form is rich and diverse, for this reason, many MIS developers regard PowerBuilder as the preferred

Seven strokes to improve Windows XP running speed

Win XP is the preferred operating system for many computer players with its gorgeous operating screen and steady performance, but in the process of using Windows XP you will find that the operating system is getting slower and faster over time. How

Principles and discussion of Windows service writing (2)

(ii) an in-depth discussion of services The last chapter is actually a general introduction, the following is the real details. In the entry function to complete the initialization of the ServiceMain, the more accurate is to initialize a

Prevent a duplicate run of a Windows program that does not have a form

With mutexes (mutexes), a mutex is inherently multithreaded, preventing multiple threads from accessing the same resource and causing a conflict. You can create a mutex object with CreateMutex, which is essentially a kernel object. Add the

Simulate Windows boot dynamic ribbon bar

First, the use of Reshacker will be NTOSKRNL. EXE in the resources HACK out, after installing Reshacker, find the system directory NTOSKRNL. EXE, and then open the file, bitmap resources to find the Windows boot screen we need, and then use to save

Delphi Full Control of Windows task bar

Users who use the WINDOWS95/NT/98 operating system know that after Windows starts normally, a taskbar appears under the computer screen. From a system-functional perspective, the entire taskbar includes several different subregions, from left to

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