mysql8.0 compressed version installed under Windows

The following summarizes the installation process: First unzip the downloaded compressed version. Configure the system environment in the path variable after the extracted MySQL bin file directory Open the Command window with CMD, enter the

Configuration interpretation of the Log collector Windows client

module xm_json module Xm_charconv Autodete Ctcharsets GBK #自动检测GBK字符集 and define Module xm_multiline in input Multiline match headerline/^\d+-\w+-\d+/#行首匹配 Module im_file file "/home/tomcat/access.log" #定义了采集的日志路径, wildcard characters

Talk to Raspberry Pi share--windows have ready-made NFS clients?

Many raspberry players are using software such as WINSCP to transfer files between Windows and the Raspberry Pi. Although it can be used, it is not always as convenient as sharing Windows Network Places.If you share it with Windows only, you can use

Last Stand Windows 10 (99)-association Startup: Associating specified file types, associating specified protocols

[SOURCE DOWNLOAD]Last Stand Windows 10 (99)-association Startup: Associating specified file types, associating specified protocolsWebabcdIntroducedLast Stand Windows 10 Association start Associating a specified file type Associating the

Use Emacs+plink to edit remote files under Windows

1) Plink.exe belongs to the Putty Kit, registered to the environment variable; the bin directory of Emacs is also registered in the environment variable;2) Add the following in. Emacs:(Require ' tramp)(setq tramp-default-method "Plink"); This

Dell R730 Server installs Windows Server R2 blue screen issue

Installing Windows Server R2 on a Dell R730 server a few days ago, the installation process is blue screen;For information, the 13G server os-driver is relatively new, which does not contain the system drivers required by Windows Server 2008r2. Then

Zookeeper Installation and configuration (under Windows system)

The definition of Zookeeper can be explained in a word: the Distributed Service Framework Zookeeper-manages data in a distributed environment. The following is an analysis of the framework, starting with the installation.1. Installation1. Download

How to use the Aspnetcore Api and consul under Windows

First, the concept:What is Consul:Consul is a whole, function and eureka,zookeeper consisting of multiple components quite , are used to do the service found and governance. COnsulof theFeatures:1, The discovery of the service :Consul can be

Installing and enabling the Zkui Web graphical interface in a Windows environment

Previous work: Three servers that are not natively deployed are the most pseudo-clustered zookeeper environments, and three are starting up for service.Then there is the following work.1. First, Zkui project address:

TensorFlow installation-windows

Ref: 77836459First, installation environmentThe TensorFlow can support the CPU, or it can support CPU+GPU. The former has a simple environmental requirement and the latter requires additional support. TensorFlow is developed based on vc++2015, so

Perfect for network communication under Windows

Build Environment: DEV C + + configuration compilerThe implementation of Socket compilation under Windows needs to ws2_32.lib the support of this library, so we should configure the following compiler before compiling, the configuration steps are as

Small white Learning windows third

One, TCP/IP protocol1, TCP/IP communication protocol is the most complete and widely supported communication protocol, it can make different network architectures, different operating systems of the computer communication, is the Internet Standard

Installation of composer and YII2 installation in Windows environment

1. Download the Composer-setup.exe first: download composer. will automatically search the Php.exe installation path, if not, manually find the PHP path under the Php.exe.2. In the PHP directory, open the php.ini file and turn on the OpenSSL

Ubuntu 14.04 makes an sh file similar to a shortcut that you can double-click to execute under Windows

# Create File Touch test.desktop# write the following in Test.desktop[Desktop entry]version=1.0Type=applicationterminal=trueExec =/root/aa. SH Name=Testicon=/root/test.png# Modify Test.desktop permissions to 775 (sudo chmod 775 test.desktop)The

VULTR VPS Installation Windows system tutorial

In Europe and the United States VPS Installation Windows system, the main purpose is: Foreign trade business personnel, remote operation to obtain a foreign IP for the brush, usually Amazon Amazon business in the United States; Install

Dual system Ubuntu cannot access windows disk

Dual system: One system is Ubuntu 14.04, one is win10;When using Ubuntu, it is not possible to open the disk partition on Windows, and the error is as follows: Error mounting/dev/sda5 at/media/lx/study:command-line ' mount-t "NTFS"-O

CMD Common network commands on Windows

pathping   View statistics for route tracking winver---------Check Windows version wmimgmt.msc----open Windows Management Architecture (WMI) Wupdmgr--------Windows Update WScript--------Windows Script Host settings write----------WordPad winmsd------

Install git under Windows

My home PC is a 32-bit Win7Download and install software directly from the GIT official websiteInitial git configuration, set machine name and email address$ git config--global "name"$ git config--global "[Email protected]"$ pwd

Windows 64-bit RabbitMQ installation configuration

In the monolithic project, we usually use the timed task to solve the asynchronous communication problem, distributed common message middleware, in order to expand in different languages and different platforms, use the RABBITMQ of the AMQP protocol

WIN10 (including the Chinese version of the family) how to completely disable Windows Defender boot-up without Group Policy

Then, without using and unable to use Group Policy, we can still prevent Windows Defender from running automatically through the Registry command mode, and completely shut it down as follows:Open command Prompt (Administrator), and then enter:REG

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