A section of Delphi code that sets and cancels Windows mute effects

See the perfect mm in Windows version ask such a DOS command, found no, so I extracted the following code compiled a console program Unit Unit1;InterfaceUses MMSystem, Dialogs;Type Tdevicename = (Master, microphone, waveout, Synth);Procedure

Mysql5.7 Windows free install version initialization configuration

One, download Mysql-5.7.22-winx64.zip compressed files from the official website, extract to the custom directory.Second, add the bin directory under the MySQL installation directory to the system PATH environment variable.Third, configure the

Installing MYSQL8.0 under Windows

1: Create folder D:\data\service\mysql-8.0.11-winx64\data2: Go to D:\data\service\mysql-8.0.11-winx64\bin step three: Initialize./mysqld--initialize Fourth: under Data. Err at the end of the file found in the password fifth step: Test whether this

The download and installation process of Plsql Developer 64bit in the most detailed Windows system in the entire network (graphic details)

Not much to say, directly on the dry goods!  ORACLE is a database with clients and servers;  Plsql Developer is just a third-party tool that serves Oracle, similar tools and Toad,sqlplus,sql Developer, and so on;Installing Plsql Developer is not a

Good system USB Boot solution win7 System shows Windows failed to start

U disk after installing the Win7 system, found that the boot-up Windows failed to start the screen, then encountered this kind of Windows does not start properly how to do? This articlegood system USB BootFor everyone to share the solution win7

Issues and Workarounds for RTKPLOT_QT version compilation in the Windows environment

After using the Rtklib open source package with the Rtkplot.exe, know what it has the function, just think how to imitate it to make a demo. At the beginning of the 2.4.2 version of Rtklib, which was previously downloaded, was developed using Delphi.

Windows VC compilation and debug Nginx

Overall, the steps and the version reference official document http://nginx.org/en/docs/howto_build_on_win32.html a little bit right, some of the details are not clear.To build Nginx: Start MSYS Bash. Check out nginx sources from the

Windows Programming-Dangerous sizeof

In C, the handling of sizeof () is done in the compile phase.#include #includeintMessageboxprint (Char*Szformat, ...);intFunCharch[]);intWinMain (hinstance hInst, hinstance tmp, LPSTR strcmd,intnshow) { Charstr[1024x768]; Messageboxprint ("%p",

"Windows Programming" micro-technology report One

//qt main window is not minimized, maximize button and maximize display   int main (int argc, char *argv[])   {  Qapplication A (argc, argv);  testqtforwince w;  W.setwindowflags (W.windowflags () & ~QT:: windowmaximizebuttonhint&

Socket programming in the Windows environment

Compiling the environmentOperating system Windows 10Compiler dev-c++ Use languageC language To compile the socket program in Dev, you need to set up a compilation environment in the following two ways: New project for Win32 console,Then

Windows AD domain installation and necessary settings

First, install the AD domainRun the dcpromo command to install the ad domain.Steps:1.win+r2.dcpromoLegend:Baidu Encyclopedia about "Dcpromo" Explanation:The dcpromo command is a "switch" command. If the Windows Server computer is a member server,

Fourth. Windows graphics Device interface and Windows drawing P83 4-6


Experiment (Internship) name graphic programming and its Application Experiment (Internship) DateFirst, Experimental Purpose1. Familiar with the concept of graphics device interface and its application.Ii. contents of the experiment and Steps

How to create a virtual environment under Windows (by default)

Many small partners usually use Python, some projects need to use Python2 to develop, and some projects need Python3 to develop. When it is unclear how to separate the environment, at this time the two environments began to fight, each other silly

Windows File Transfer article: How to upload files to the server?

Many times, we need to transfer files to the server to run, deploy and so on, when using Windows Server, we will encounter such a problem: How should we upload files to the server? Is there an easy way to implement a local file upload to the

How to install and configure the Tomcat8.0 server in Windows

 My system is the Windows 10 operating system, I installed the Tomcat8.0 server, after development testing, most of the Tomcat7.0 server is now used, the difference is not small, I installed 8.0 For example, to tell you about installing Tomcat

Configuration interpretation of the Log collector Windows client

module xm_json module Xm_charconv Autodete Ctcharsets GBK #自动检测GBK字符集 and define Module xm_multiline in input Multiline match headerline/^\d+-\w+-\d+/#行首匹配 Module im_file file "/home/tomcat/access.log" #定义了采集的日志路径, wildcard characters

Windows systems implement network bridging with virtual machines

Because virtual machines are using Oracle's VirtualBox, it's a headache for virtual machines and hosts to copy files with each other. Shared files on the Web, installation enhancements have all been tried. So then choose to bridge the network

Last Stand Windows 10 (99)-association Startup: Associating specified file types, associating specified protocols

[SOURCE DOWNLOAD]Last Stand Windows 10 (99)-association Startup: Associating specified file types, associating specified protocolsWebabcdIntroducedLast Stand Windows 10 Association start Associating a specified file type Associating the

Dell R730 Server installs Windows Server R2 blue screen issue

Installing Windows Server R2 on a Dell R730 server a few days ago, the installation process is blue screen;For information, the 13G server os-driver is relatively new, which does not contain the system drivers required by Windows Server 2008r2. Then

Zookeeper Installation and configuration (under Windows system)

The definition of Zookeeper can be explained in a word: the Distributed Service Framework Zookeeper-manages data in a distributed environment. The following is an analysis of the framework, starting with the installation.1. Installation1. Download

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