Subversion tortoisesvn Windows configuration

1. My environment is Windows 2003 or Windows XP Install Setup-subversion-1.6.0.msi Tortoisesvn- Subversion installation configuration, double-click to run the installation, first installed Subversion official files,

Summary of usage of ExtJS (4)--drag-and-Drop and pop-up windows

This chapter briefly introduces the simple application of drag-and-drop and pop-up windows. I. Drag and Drop Drag-and-drop in the Ext component system occupies a very important position, many components are encapsulated in the implementation of the

VMware under Fedora after installation with Windows shared folder issues

Long time come here, this time write a small technical problem. Because Fedora 8 relatively new, search on the internet for a long time, also did not find good data, solve the well, leave a trace it, we share, so that when they encounter the same

To turn on the Telnet service in Windows 7

Win7 The telnet command is not installed by default, Microsoft should do so for security reasons. So how do you use Telnet service in Windows 7 systems? 1, Installation: Click "Start" → "Control Panel" → "Program", "in the program and function" to

Installation and use of subversion under Windows

Subversion is a new generation of open source version control tools that are now expected to replace CVS as the preferred system for version control. Subversion is also easy to install and use under Windows. 1, download

Help documentation for Windows 2003 Server's command (SC) for creating system services manually

Http://> on the "security Descriptor Definition Language "(Security Descriptor Definition Language). ( ) SC sdshow Use SDDL to display the security descriptor for the service. Grammar *sc*

Integrated Tomcat and Apache under Windows XP

. Install JDK, I install jdk5.0 here, install to c:/jdk5.0 directory2. Install Apache, to download Apache stable version of the server, I use is apache_2.0.49, download after the installation program double-click to start

Windows configuration for the ADA development environment

method One:1 Installation Cygwin download address:, you should pay attention to the problem: in the second step to select "Install from the Internet", the third step to select the root directory (generally not

Windows Proc Development environment built

Development of proc under Windows, the environment is divided into two types: Development tools: Vc6.0,vs2008,eclipse (c + +), editplus compilation configuration Compilation tool: Cl compiler, MinGW GCC compiler MinGW Download Address:

Using the command line to run php____php under Windows

Always wanted to, at the command line can not run the PHP program, like C language can get parameters through the command line. Today, try to find the feeling is very interesting, usually write the program to play when you can use this, let me take

Windows environment configuration Xdebug debugging php____php

1. Version Correspondence PHP versions, TS and NTS,VC9 and vc11,32 bits and 64-bit need to be correct. First view the PHP installation version with Phpinfo 2. Download the corresponding version For example, the

Configure Apache+https under Windows

By using HTTPS reverse proxy to map to an HTTP address, you can access the normal HTTP Web site in an https manner. Mainly related to the following three configuration file modifications: httpd.conf httpd-ssl.conf httpd-vhosts.conf Specific

Some problems with installing phpunit_selenium under Windows

To execute a command when installing PHPUnit Selenium: Pear install phpunit/phpunit_selenium, prompting for an error: Phpunit/phpunit_selenium requires PHP extension "curl" No valid packages found install failed Modify the php.ini, remove the

Fabric-windows Environment-Learning notes

Software Environment Machine a:win7x64 ( python2.7 + Fabric Latest Django Freesshd (SSH user name: Administrator,nt authentication, the Windows user password is ABC) Putty (Verify SSH connection) Machine B: Linux Git server Machine C:

Mantis1.2.19 the installation configuration on the Windows platform

Installation Environment: Windows XP 32 Phpstudy First, Introduction MANTISBT is a web-based defect tracking system developed by PHP and uses open source database MySQL to form a complete open source solution, as shown in Figure 1 below. The main

Docker for Windows uses mssql2017

Indeed some pits, originally before the pit have stepped on, but time a long forgotten, this time for the computer and all stepped on again.Several points (pits):1.docker installation is a good default. Then the C drive must be set to share, or the

How to create a virtual environment under Windows (by default)

Many small partners usually use Python, some projects need to use Python2 to develop, and some projects need Python3 to develop. When it is unclear how to separate the environment, at this time the two environments began to fight, each other silly

Git Essentials git installation (Windows)

One, install Git, visit the following URL to download Password: q650Second, after installing, find Git Bash, make a brief configuration (right click on the desktop,

Windows server Active Directory Domain Services installation

Prerequisites:Installing the Windows Server2012 R2 Datacenter versionConfigure the appropriate host name and IP addressOfficial installation: Open Server Manager. Select Add roles and features. Select Role-based or feature-based

Nginx Windows version of the service installation and management tools

Previously studied load balancing, recently implemented on the project (never done a small project above the level of things, ha), Nginx very good, but windows a little embarrassed, small traffic and local not pursuit of performance, easy to use is

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