Fabric-windows Environment-Learning notes

Software Environment Machine a:win7x64 ( python2.7 + Fabric Latest Django Freesshd (SSH user name: Administrator,nt authentication, the Windows user password is ABC) Putty (Verify SSH connection) Machine B: Linux Git server Machine C:

Mantis1.2.19 the installation configuration on the Windows platform

Installation Environment: Windows XP 32 Phpstudy First, Introduction MANTISBT is a web-based defect tracking system developed by PHP and uses open source database MySQL to form a complete open source solution, as shown in Figure 1 below. The main

Windows Python3.5 under Keras installation __python

In order to learn Keras, first have to install good keras, but under Windows, Keras installation really will have a lot of problems. These two days go a lot of detours, finally installed Keras, is based on Theano, now record the installation process,

WINDOWS Open Telnet Service

 Xp: 1, in [run] enter "Services.msc", after the confirmation appears [service Manager]; or enter [admin tool] in [Control Panel], run [service] will appear [service Manager]; 2, in the [Service Manager] Find [Telnet] item, press the keyboard "

Windows multithreaded Programming Summary __ Programming

Summary of Windows multithreaded programming Keywords: multithreaded thread pool Kernel object 1 kernel objects 1.1 Kernel Object concept A kernel object is a memory block allocated by the kernel, which is a data structure that represents the

Program entry function and _security_init_cookie__ function in Windows

The Win32 program is divided into two types: 1. Console (/subsystem:console) 2.GUI (/subsystem:windows) First look at the console version: Write a paragraph that is the simplest, or simply use the default main function of the compiler parameter, as

MFC child windows send messages to the parent window (test succeeded 20110117)

In MFC, using user-defined messages, child windows Send message procedures, code to the parent window: 1 Add the definition in resourse.h: #define WM_ADD_EVENT_OK (wm_user + 100)//This definition method is not tested, do not know how to do;static

Multithreading under Windows (Producer consumer issues: 3 producers, one consumer, 4 buffers)

The original author provides the source code for two kinds of situations: First: 1 producers 1 Consumers 1 buffers Second: 1 producers 2 Consumers 4 buffers ======================== Below is a case of 4 buffers for 1 consumers of 3 producers who

ZZ Windows Control Panel programming __ Programming

ZZ from:http://blog.csdn.net/tomcui/archive/2008/01/22/2058502.aspx Windows Control Panel Programming Note: This article for me in the project to check the relevant articles written, if there are improper, please point out. Mail:tomcui60000520@163.

Voc-release5 compile the summary under Windows

Using MATLAB2012A, vs2013 and 2013 compilers: (1) resize.cc features.cc: Implementing the ROUND function: Inline int round (float a) {return ((int) (A + 0.5f)); At the same time: #define Bzero (A, B) memset (A, 0, b) Basic C + + programming

Windows installation nginx-1.10.1 reverse proxy access to IIS Web site

First go to the official website download package, decompression, the best way not to have Chinese Path issues for Nginx configurationBecause the file path can be "\" under Windows, you can use "\" or "/" as the path separator. But "\" is most

Samba configuration--in VMware and Windows directory sharing

Iv. Accessing Windows clients After SMB startup, you can already access the machine running Windows without making any settings. There are now two machines, running Linux and Windows98, respectively, with the host name Redhat and Lily. Lily has

A port map of Ubuntu virtual machines and windows in VMware, sharing an IP address

In the Ubuntu virtual machine, the Meteor daemon runs, requires a terminal connection, and requires a port map of the Ubuntu virtual machine and Windows (the virtual machine shares the IP address with the host). The following steps are set: 1.

ubuntu12.04 Open samba,windows Direct deployment

1.ubuntu 12.04 Installing Samba Input Apt-get Install samba smbclient Smbfs, Samba is installed automatically, and dependency packs are installed 2. Configure Samba Last added

Install Ubuntu dual system under Windows (hard drive installation)

Step one: Download mirrors, configure boot 1. Download the image file, put the mirror file into E disk (here you can choose which disk to put, just then ESAYBCD configuration file to make the corresponding changes); Casper the Vmlinuz and Initrd.lz

Windows Files sync to Linux__linux

Synchronizing Windows Server software to Linux server implementation 1, General Linux on the default installed with Rsync software one. View and install See if Rsync is installed Command # Rpm–qa | grep rsync If there is a corresponding rsync

Windows environment, click Tomcat's Startup.bat flash problem

PrefaceRecently, in the local test project, the small part of the local decompression of three Tomcat, the need to run three Tomcat, but when clicked on the Bin directory Startup.bat, the black box appears flash problem, the following is the problem

Installation and configuration of JBoss under Windows

1. Install jdk1.4.2 into the d:/j2sdk1.4.2_05 directory 2. Configure JDK parameters in environment variables (configuration can be replaced with variables, readers can set themselves)CLASSPATH D:/j2sdk1.4.2_05/jre/libJava_home d:/j2sdk1.4.2_05Path

Method of passing multiple parameters between PB windows

Method of passing multiple parameters between PB windows Shenzhen: Lonely for 2003-11-24 The function openwithparm,closewithreturn,opensheetwithparm,windowname in PowerBuilder. Openuserobjectwithparm There is a parameter parameter or returnvalue

Windows Server Common Commands-memos

At the start-run, enter the following command Gpedit.msc-----Group Policy SNDREC32-------Recorder Nslookup-------IP Address detector Explorer-------Open Resource Manager Logoff---------Logoff command

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