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The FTP that is the beginning of Windows Server R2. The purpose of this blog is to let you change the understanding of FTP, access the FTP service, add, start the FTP service.

ftp server ftp Agreement provides services. FTP Yes file Transfer Protocol ( file Transfer Protocol ftp the server of the protocol is Span style= "FONT-FAMILY:CALIBRI;" >ftp server.

FTP is an application layer protocol : Using C/S structure design, structure Center for FTP server to provide users with the services to upload and download files.

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ftp is based on tcp service, not supported udp ftp use 2 ports, a data port, and a command port (also called a control port). Typically, these two ports are 21 Span style= "FONT-FAMILY:CALIBRI;" >20 ftp The data ports are not always Span style= "FONT-FAMILY:CALIBRI;" >20 ftp the biggest difference. There are two main modes of operation:

FTP Mode of operation:

Active FTP :

thatPortmode, the client from an arbitrary non-privileged portN(n>1024) connected toFTPthe command port of the server, i.e. +Port. The client then starts listening on the portn+1, and sendFTPcommand "Port N+1"toFTPserver. The server then goes from its own data port ( -) to the data port specified by the client (n+1).

ftp The control port of the server is 21 20 21 port, he'll use 20

passive FTP :

in order to solve the problem of server initiating connection to customer, people have developed a different FTP connection mode. This is called passive, or PASV, which is enabled when the client notifies the server that it is in passive mode.

in the passive way FTP , both the command connection and the data connection are initiated by the client, which resolves the problem that the in-direction connection of the data port from the server to the client is filtered out by the firewall.

when you open aFTPwhen connected, the client opens two arbitrary non-privileged local ports (N > 1024x768and then+1). The first port that connects to the server +port, but with the active mode of theFTP, the client does not commitPORTcommand and allow the server to connect to its data port, and instead submitPASVcommand. The result is that the server opens an arbitrary, non-privileged port (P > 1024x768), and sendPORT Pcommand to the client. The client then initiates a local port fromn+1to the server's portPconnection is used to transfer data.

in passive mode: FTP the control port of the server is + , the data port is random, and the client is connected to the corresponding data port, so the static mapping session is only open . + the port is not allowed. The DMZ needs to be done at this time .

Common FTP client program:

    1. command line tools , 2,WWW browser , 3, dedicated graphical tools:FileZilla,server-u,vsftp , IIS FTP , etc.

Common FTP Service-side program:

1 , FTP Publishing Services (Microsoft comes with); 2 , Serv-u , 3 , other FTP service-side programs Filezilla\eftserver wait

Configuration FTP Service :

    1. Add FTP Publishing Service:

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2 , Access FTP Service:

a ,FTP command-line tool access:

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b ,IE Browser access:

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Windows Server R2 Getting Started FTP

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