Samba configuration--in VMware and Windows directory sharing

Iv. Accessing Windows clients After SMB startup, you can already access the machine running Windows without making any settings. There are now two machines, running Linux and Windows98, respectively, with the host name Redhat and Lily. Lily has

ubuntu12.04 Open samba,windows Direct deployment

1.ubuntu 12.04 Installing Samba Input Apt-get Install samba smbclient Smbfs, Samba is installed automatically, and dependency packs are installed 2. Configure Samba Last added

Install Ubuntu dual system under Windows (hard drive installation)

Step one: Download mirrors, configure boot 1. Download the image file, put the mirror file into E disk (here you can choose which disk to put, just then ESAYBCD configuration file to make the corresponding changes); Casper the Vmlinuz and Initrd.lz

Windows Files sync to Linux__linux

Synchronizing Windows Server software to Linux server implementation 1, General Linux on the default installed with Rsync software one. View and install See if Rsync is installed Command # Rpm–qa | grep rsync If there is a corresponding rsync

Windows environment, click Tomcat's Startup.bat flash problem

PrefaceRecently, in the local test project, the small part of the local decompression of three Tomcat, the need to run three Tomcat, but when clicked on the Bin directory Startup.bat, the black box appears flash problem, the following is the problem

Installation and configuration of JBoss under Windows

1. Install jdk1.4.2 into the d:/j2sdk1.4.2_05 directory 2. Configure JDK parameters in environment variables (configuration can be replaced with variables, readers can set themselves)CLASSPATH D:/j2sdk1.4.2_05/jre/libJava_home d:/j2sdk1.4.2_05Path

Using WinRAR in Windows command line


Due to SVN server failure, the need to restore SVN found that the original use of the jar backup file is not open, file corruption.Fortunately, the hard drive is not damaged and can be recovered on other machines.Think of often used to winrar, but

postgre--install Postgre Database under Windows __ Database

First go to Install Postgresql-8.2.msi after decompression Note: I have tried 8.3.1 version, the following method is not good, the hint does not support GBK encoding,

Windows 2003 Serv-u FTP Access Stop (FEAT 211-extension supported CLNT)

Today came across this problem, Google a bit, put it away. The solution of FTP problem 211-extension supported stopWindows 2003, the system firewall is turned on, and the security of the system has improved a lot.However, the following problems

QT implementation Windows remote control

Implementation is server-side + client. The server side is a process and the client is a graphical interface program. Set the server-side IP address when the client connects, and the length and width to display (not exceeding the corresponding

Install configuration svn in the correct Windows


Configuring the SVN server under Windows 1. Download the file Download the latest version subversion, I choose Svn-1.4.5-setup.exe here Download the Subversion Windows Service Package Download TortoiseSVN Shell Integration Utility 2. Install

Performance analysis of Windows five IO models

Another advantage of the overlapping I/O models is that Microsoft provides some unique extension functions for overlapping I/O models. When using the overlapped I/O model, you can choose to use a different completion notification method. &NBSP

Configure and start Nginx and do local directory mapping under Windows

1. View the Nginx process Tasklist/fi "imagename eq nginx.exe", shown below:Image name PID session name Session # Memory usage========================= ======== ================ =========== ============Nginx.exe 8944 Console 1 5,128 KNginx.exe 6712

MONGO cluster configuration under Windows

Study the cluster configuration under Windows, after checking the data after testing, found that there are several problems to record The configuration process is referenced in this article: Http:// Configure

Windows Asynchronous IO Four Ways

We know that device io (files, pipes, sockets, and so on) is slow relative to other operations performed by the computer. So in the multithreaded structure, we take into account the asynchronous way to read and write the device, that is, we tell the

VS2010 packaged Windows Service installation package version upgrade solution

Scenario: My WCF service is hosted as a Windows service, as shown in (Service Right Button-"Add Installer") In this way, it is usually necessary to manually uninstall the old version of the version upgrade, and then install the new version,

Windows Process Monitoring Tool (1)--windows process acquisition

DescriptionTo monitor the utilization of resources (memory, CPU usage) under Windows, use C # to make a small tool here. For example: Under Window, to do some performance testing, you need to monitor the process memory and CPU usage, although there

Install snort under Windows

You need to install snort under Windows. The process is more troublesome, mainly to configure trouble. There is a comprehensive web site that describes how to install snort under Windows: Some articles on the internet, but

My view on installing and starting multiple Tomcat services on a single machine in Windows

Background: What do we do if you need to deploy a beta Web application to tomcat on a single machine and have several Tomcat services installed on this machine, and the Tomcat service runs some of the other more important web applications. Obviously,

Installation and configuration of Nginx under Windows

Nginx ("Engine X") is a high-performance, lightweight HTTP WEB server and a reverse proxy server and an e-mail imap/pop3/smtp proxy server. Nginx was developed by the Russian program designer Igor Sysoev and developed for the second

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