Windows Outlook settings for Gmail mailboxes

Manually configure your client: Open Outlook or Outlook Express. Click the Tools menu, and then select Account .... Click Add, and then click Mail ... Type your name in the Display name: field, and then click Next. Enter your full Gmail e-mail

Windows Remote Desktop flaw-single and multiple users

Defect 1: Remote Desktop to open the end user alone Defect Description: When using Win2000server and WIN2003 remote terminal access, the default access is to create a new end user that does not affect the current user of the server, and you cannot

Teach you how to set up Remote Desktop connections in Windows XP

To set up Remote Desktop connections in Windows XPNew Remote Desktop Connection in Windows XP, with Remote Desktop Connection, allows users to connect computers from other locations to the desktop of the local computer, perform programs on the local

Windows SVN command line tool usage details (additional TORTOISESVN)

According to my memory, it seems Windows7 from the self with one SVNCommand-line tools. If your machine is not, don't worry. You can get the version of Subversion for Windows from, installationThen there is the Svn.exe

Windows Bugzilla Installation

Bugzilla is an OPEN-SOURCE bug tracking System that is specifically developed for UNIX and is difficult to install. It is more difficult to install under the Windows platform. The following is a brief introduction to how to configure and build

Apache 2.2 + SubVersion 1.44 configuration method for Windows XP


Guide: Study for one day, finally finished the Apache2.2 version (currently the latest) to install the Subversion1.44 version (currently the latest) method.   Take out and share with you, hope to help. Do not steal stickers, thank you for installing

Mycat Deployment Run (Windows environment) with detailed steps to use

1. Mycat Concept 1.1 Overall architecture The MYCAT architecture is shown in the following illustration: Mycat uses MySQL's communication protocol to simulate a MySQL server and establishes a complete schema (database), table (datasheet),

Build virtualenv, Virtualenvwrapper virtual environment under Windows

build virtualenv, virtualenvwrapper virtual environment under WindowsPublished in 2016-10-17 |   | Read Times 60 Operating system: Win7 virtualenv 1. Installation virtualenv Pip Install Virtualenv 2. Create a new virtual environment Virtualenv

Windows Server 2008 R2 Remote Desktop Services Configuration and authorization activation

In daily work, a remote connection to the server is often required, whereas the server system defaults to a maximum of 2 connections. As a result, the problem comes, often the "terminal server exceeds the maximum number of connections," resulting in

Introduction to OpenVPN Windows Edition installation configuration

In recent time, spent a lot of time in the configuration of OpenVPN. Spend a lot of time to solve the resource sharing access, the client through the server to ask the amount of external network. After a hard work finally succeeded. Now write down

GCC installation Tutorial (Windows version)

There are two versions of GCC under Windows MinGW and Cygwin, the second choice is good Have learned C + +, do engineering, suggest using MinGW Binary code compiled with Cygwin is not available on others ' machines because other people's machines

My Ubuntu Partitioning experience (Ubuntu and Windows dual systems)

Moving from windows to Ubuntu for a while. There have been a lot of ups and downs, now more than at first, summed up some experience to share with you. This passage focuses on my Ubuntu partitioning experience. Because I didn't use Windows to remove

Compiling and using libcurl.lib static libraries under Windows

1. Download the latest version of Libcurl, mine is, decompression, into the directory winbuild, read BUILD.WINDOWS.txt this document Open the VS2013 Developer command Prompt and execute nmake/f mode=static vc=12 After

Freeradius+cisco switch +windows ad for 802.1X authentication

(i) overviewThis document describes how to set up a Freeradius server to authenticate ActiveDirectory to Windows client network users transparently.1.1. Principle:Frreradius provides authentication through port-based access control. A user can

---of deploying Cygwin in Windows Tar/openssl

Scenario Requirements:In order to be able to port the run on Linux to extract OpenSSL encrypted tar compression package code directly to the window to use without rewriting the part of the code, you need to be able to support tar and OpenSSL command

Guidelines for how Windows Server installs Telnet

Summary:1, Telnet is a network troubleshooting tools 2, when the discovery of a server anomaly, usually two cmd named do troubleshooting 3, ping server IP, see if the network is connected to 4, Telnet server IP port to see if the server specified

NodeJs, NPM installation configuration steps (Windows version)

node. JS is a JAVASCRIPT runtime environment based on the Chrome V8 engine. node. JS uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model to make it lightweight and efficient. Node. JS uses Package Manager NPM to manage the installation, configuration, and

Windows Server 2008 Normal users cannot log on remotely

1. Check Login permissionsIf the file server is not authorized for the user, then the user naturally cannot telnet to the server system, the author decided to carefully check the file server system for their own use of the login account, granted

Windows Configuration Port forwarding

1. Using the Netsh implementation of WindowsAdvantages:(1) Simple deployment. Windows comes with support for IPV4 and IPV6(2) Do not restart the machine, but also a long memory. The command takes effect immediately, and the configuration still

Redis3.2.10 Installation Tutorial under Windows

1,;GitHub Address: Bb1d10fc-3fac-11e6-8dc7-a51af1d6f36f? X-amz-algorithm=aws4-hmac-sha256&x-amz-credential=akiaiwnjyax4csveh53a%2f20180729%2fus-east-1%2fs3%2faws4_

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