Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (52) binding

Binding: Binding with Element Model Indexer Style RelativeSource, and data conversion in bindings Introduced Re-imagine the bindings of Windows 8 Store Apps Binding with Element With Model binding Binding with Indexer Bind a Setter in a Style (

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (50) Input: Edge gestures, gesture manipulation, gesture recognition

Introduced Re-imagine the Windows 8 Store Apps gesture Monitoring Edge gestures Gesture manipulation-Application of Manipulate (displacement gestures, scaling gestures, rotating gestures) Gesture recognition-the application of Gesturerecognizer

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (49) Input: Get input device information

Input: Get input device information, virtual keyboard, Tab navigation, pointer, Tap, Drag, Drop Introduced Re-imagine the Windows 8 Store Apps input Enter information about the device Application of SIP (Soft Input Panel) Tab Key Navigation

IPV6 Protocol Windows Installation Guide

Configuration commands under windowsxp/windows2003: WINDOWS2003 built-in IPV6 protocol stack; recommend that Windows XP be upgraded at least to SP1 1. First install the IPv6 protocol stack C:>ipv6 Install 2. If you are in a pure Ipv6 network

Easily manage Remote Desktop for Windows 2003

I'm sure you're familiar with the Remote Desktop feature in Windows Server 2003, and with this feature, remote access and management of the server can be easily achieved by any user. If you use the Group Policy Editor to further set up Remote

Network share restore in Windows 2003

You must remember the Windows XP System Restore function, but it can only return the original machine files, on the shared file is powerless. This problem is solved with the introduction of the Windows Server 2003 operating system. This little thing

Windows XP Build Workstation | server-Type Network

13.3 Build Workstation | server network To build a workstation | A small server network, you must set up a network server first. For the choice of the network server, the user can choose a computer with good performance as the server according to

Windows 2000 virtual host most secure settings

1. How do I make an ASP script run with System privileges?Modify the virtual directory of your ASP script to change "Application protection" to "low" ....2. How to prevent ASP Trojan?ASP Trojan Horse based on FileSystemObject

Windows XP network connection speed up Dafa-qos

The Quality of Service (QoS) is a network-attached program specifically for Windows XP Professional users, and the system defaults to calling this program when you install Windows XP. For individual users or campus network users, this program is not

Make Windows 2000 services work better

At present, Microsoft releases the operating system has built-in "service" function, for us, not to use the "service" will not only occupy the system resources, more importantly, some services started will make the system intrusion (such as 33889

Automates the rapid installation of Windows 2000 system patches

Now that the Windows2000 system is technologically mature, the corresponding server pack has also been upgraded to version 4.0. Currently, Windows 2000 has more than 20 patches, if each patch is manually installed, the workload can be a lot. This

Using Windows Server 2003 to build a secure file server

Enabling and configuring File Services A feature in Windows Server 2003 's administrative tools is called "Manage Your server," and after you start the tool, you can see and manage all the services that are enabled on the current server. Click the "

How Windows 2000 systems are not ping

How to turn off ICMP (Ping) in Win2000 The full name of ICMP is the Internet control and messaging protocal, the Internet-controlled message/error message protocol, which is used primarily for the transmission of error messages and control

Accelerate for Windows 2000

Microsoft's Windows 2000 is a beautiful, stable, fast system platform, and with the implementation of Microsoft. NET strategy, users are becoming more and more. It is well known that Windows consumes a lot of system resources, and that it is not

Installing video compression for Windows 2003

Recently installed Windows Server 2003, feel pretty good, but the new problem comes, play CS when the beginning of animation without images, only sound. Tip "video is not available and vids:cvid is not found", which is the result of not having the

Assign a logon script to a user file in Windows 2003

This article describes how to assign a logon script to a configuration file for a local user account in Windows Server 2003. This logon script runs when local users log on to the computer locally. This logon script does not run when the user logs

Windows 2003 System Setup Tips nine

1, turn on DirectX D3D hardware acceleration: Look at desktop properties, set-> advanced-> Troubleshooting-> hardware acceleration-> complete. Run Dxdiag.exe, open the Display tab, and you can see that 3 items are all enabled. Finally, use Windows

Turn off some system services to improve Windows XP security

Improving system security involves many aspects, one of the important steps is to turn off unnecessary services. Although Microsoft Windows XP is not a network operating system, the default is that many of its services are open. For a sober

Windows 2000 Paging File optimization

The memory configuration of the mainstream computer has now been upgraded to 128MB, but 128MB is far from enough for a large Windows operating system and more powerful software that consumes more and more of the system's memory resources. The paging

Getting Started with Windows 8 style application development tools installation and simulator use

This blog post is mainly about the two development tools commonly used in developing Windows 8 style applications: Visual Studio 2012 and expression Blend for Visual Studio 2012, Windows 8 emulator Feature button Introduction and Visual Studio 2012

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