70 features and tips for a complete finish in Windows 7 (medium)

31. Turn off system notifications System notifications often disturb users and they are often useless, so users may want to close some of them. Users can implement this by double-clicking the notification Area icon in Control Panel in Windows 7.

70 features and tips for a complete finish on Windows 7 (on)

Windows 7 works better than Vista and has many new features. However, because the system is newer, some of these features are not easily discovered, so we create a list of some of the most important tips and tricks and introduce them step-by-step. 1

Windows 7 Delete file hint is occupied? System built-in tools to handle

In Windows, when you delete a file, the system prompts you to "be used by another program" so that it cannot be deleted, which we often encounter. This is because a background process is calling the file, and the deletion can only be done at the end

Windows Server 2008 Simplified Chinese Language Pack experience

After using the Windows Server 2008 Simplified Chinese Language Pack, all places (including help) are displayed in Chinese so that friends with poor English can easily learn and test. Description: (1) The Simplified Chinese Language pack for

Windows 7/vista/xp Boot Speed Horizontal contrast

Test environment: CPU is Intel Core2 dual core 3.16GHz, memory 4gb,windows xp,vista,windows 7 preview are installed on the same physical SATA hard drive. This test of Windows The 7 version was the version that was streamed at the PDC conference last

Windows 7 does not recognize the optical drive? Microsoft appeared to help you solve

Over time, Windows 7 bugs are starting to surface. A few days ago, after installing Windows 7, the optical drive could not be used, and the optical drive was completely normal before the installation. Microsoft said it was aware of the problem

Windows Server 2008 and Vista combine to be more powerful

Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 are inherently part of a single development project, so they share many new technologies, such as network, storage, security, and management. Although the development of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 is

Windows 7 HomeGroup facilitates home network sharing

Microsoft has devoted enough attention to all developing networks, including home networks, and has added new features for home Networking in Windows 7 to simplify the sharing of files and external devices (such as printers) in a network

Configure the Windows Server 2008 firewall to make your system more secure

The firewall, integrated under Windows Server 2008, is more comprehensive than the firewall in Windows Server 2003 operating system, and the level of security protection is naturally higher, as long as the firewall program is properly configured to

Auditing and compliance in Windows Server 2008

Overview: Increasing importance of compliance Understand the changes that occur in your environment Review the challenges faced by security incidents Technical aspects of the audit In the information technology world, change is timeless. If

Benefits Infinite cracked windows Server 2008 incurable diseases

The Windows Server 2008 system attracts a lot of friends for a taste trial with unparalleled security performance and a few fresh features; however, after you forcibly install the Windows Server 2008 system into your own computer, These friends may

Windows XP to increase the search path for executable files

If the program you want to run is not in the system-specified directory, the DOS operating system typically uses a path in the automatic batch file to automatically find the program, while in Windows you can increase the application path in a more

Windows 7 Deployment Tools DISM Instance resolution

As you know, Windows Vista uses a wrapper tool that is ImageX, and the associated. wim file is the new image standard. As it is, the same image format, Microsoft launched a new packaging tool--dism in Windows 7. This tool is unfamiliar to most users,

Six major flaws in Windows 7 virtual XP Mode

The Windows 7 XP model is a recent hot topic, and XP mode is a Windows 7 add-on that lets users run Windows XP programs in a virtual machine. The famous columnist Adrian Kingsley-hughes, after experimenting with XP mode for some time, wrote about

Windows XP Remove QoS 20% speed is it really going to be fast?

An article on QoS in a variety of Windows XP optimization articles has a long history, and it has been around since Windows XP was first released, and it's still appearing in optimized articles that appear frequently in various Windows XP. So what

Easily open and disable the Libraries (library) folder in Windows 7

To better understand the concept of the library in Windows 7, it is important to review similar features in previous versions of Windows. In Windows XP and Vista, Microsoft provides users with a series of special folders for storing personal

Talk about the virtual technology of Windows 7 again

Native support for the VHD (virtual Hard Disk) is built in Windows 7, and in the previous impression, the virtual machine can only operate in a system that is already running. and Windows 7 brings us a new feature (the version number is after build 7

Windows XP operating system security

Microsoft has boasted that "users of Windows XP will no longer need to worry about network access security," and that Windows XP is an NT-kernel operating system that is more powerful than any Windows system, but there are a number of worrying

Fix windows 7 blue screen caused by security update

A number of Windows 7 Beta users have been reflected in these two days, after the latest update for Windows Update Push was installed, the blue screen Panic (BSOD) was encountered while the error message showed Kl1.sys file deletion (a failure on Kl1

Windows 7 Features: Libraries/homegroup

When it comes to libraries, the little change in naming from the default folder in Windows 7 's user profile begins. The first thing we can notice is that Windows 7 has some changes in the default folder structure of user profile compared to Windows

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