How to deploy a VPN server in Windows Server 2008

Deploying a PPTP VPN server recommends that you follow the following process: The active Directory Domain Services service, the WINS service, and the DHCP service are deployed in the domain controller. Domain controller to create a domain user and

Let Windows 2003 English version support Chinese display and Chinese input setting method

1. Control panel-->regional and Language options--->language----> Tick the "Install Files for East Asian Languages" option; The system prompts you to insert the system installation CD and follow the prompts. Return to regional Options after success

To create an anonymous access server with Windows 2003

In recent years, with the rapid development of school informatization, many schools have set up their own web site on the Internet, but the day-to-day maintenance and management of Web pages through the remote server, there are many inconvenience,

How to delete duplicate data in Windows Server 2012

Experiment Name: Windows server2012 implement duplicate data deletion Experiment Name: Implementing duplicate Data deletion Experiment Objective: 2 Implementing duplicate Data deletion Experimental environment: a physical computer with a WS2012

Use Task Scheduler in Windows XP

Using task scheduling, the user can set the computer to run on a regular basis or automatically run the user's program at the most convenient time, for example, the user can set the computer to automatically perform "Disk Defragmenter" at 12 points

Make good use of command to make Windows 2008 System State Change

As the saying goes, "know each other, win," only fully understand the various state changes in the system, we can tailor a good security defense program, so as to ensure that their system is always safe and stable operation. When checking the state

Frequently asked questions when using IIS6 to build a Web site under Windows 2003

Many friends have encountered many problems when they use the IIS6 website. And some of these problems in the past IIS5 inside have encountered, and some are new, I worked on the afternoon, did a lot of experiments, combined with the previous

Manage Windows Server 2003 Active Directory tree system

Our company has three separate Windows Server 2003 trees spanning three states. We have recently used a multiprotocol tag switched virtual private network (MPLS VPN) tunnel to bring two remote sites to our corporate site. My ultimate goal is to

Dual NIC bindings for Windows Server R2 (inter)

Implementing heartbeat Network Load Balancing in a SQL Server failed cluster Environment: Operating system: Windows Server R2 (2 units) Network card: Intel (R) pro/1000 (for cluster PCs, add a new network card (4)) Software: INTEL_LAN_V16_3_CD

Eight network tips for Windows XP operating system

Is your computer shared with people? If so, you will be concerned about the security of your personal files, and if you are using the Windows XP operating system, you can use some of the simple and efficient settings provided by Windows XP to

Windows 2003 operating system optimization tips

For server requirements, Windows 2003 handles the default settings for hardware such as sound cards, video cards, and so on, although individual users often encounter "failures" when they use them 1. The picture is rough when playing the movie

Using the classic login interface in Windows Vista

For users who are accustomed to using Windows 2000 and Windows XP Classic logins-logon with a username and password-you may find it awkward to use the Welcome screen login in Windows Vista, and unlike Windows XP, In Windows XP, users can modify the

Configure and share printing under Windows 2003

The use of printer sharing in the local area network makes the printing resources reasonable, and the Printer Sharing service can be realized in the largest network of Internet by configuring the Internet Print Service under Win 2003. As the IPP

VPN configuration instance in Windows Server 2003

Take a look at Vpn,vpn (virtual private network, VPN) is a secure, point-to-point connection through a private network or a public network. The VPN client uses a specific tunneling protocol to establish a virtual connection with the VPN server. The

Windows platform Web site Picture Server architecture Evolution

Websites built on Windows platforms are often considered "conservative" by many architects in the industry. A large part of the reason is due to the closure of Microsoft's technology system and the myopia of some technical personnel. Because the

Anonymous access FAQ with UNIX clients after Windows 2008 added and made to the Server for NFS role

In the complex host and network environment, we may be exposed to a variety of host and operating system, with the Windows Server 2008 R2 Native "NFS Server" feature can make such a complex operating system more convenient to apply. However, in the

Windows System Console commands detailed

All commands are implemented under run. Winver---------Check the Windows version Wmimgmt.msc Open Windows Management Architecture (WMI)---- Wupdmgr--------Windows Update program wscript--------Windows Script Host Settings Write----------WordPad

Windows System Update Issues Encyclopedia

These days just install the server system, how many encounter some system upgrades updated update problem. Check some information, summed up the solution, next time easier to solve. When the system installation finishes updating the update,

How to use the command line to control Windows demo settings

Demo settings exist to facilitate business people to do a key to open the demo scenario mode. You can think of the demo mode as a special situation of the computer model, just like the mobile phone on the different situation patterns corresponding

How to diagnose and debug a Windows System blue screen

Today to talk to you when you encounter the system blue screen should go how to deal with, Windows blue screen is Microsoft's ultimate Error Reporting method, also known as the death of the blue screen inside Microsoft, we may touch the system is

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