The principle and application technology of hook Monitoring for Windows keyboard events

Window's message processing mechanism provides the ability to hook up various anti-tune functions (hooks) in order to monitor the various event messages in the system in the application. This hook function (hook) is similar to an extended interrupt

To prevent Windows screen protection from applications

If you need a long period of time in your program to do a lot of data processing, this time is long enough for Windows to activate the screen saver because the user action is not detected, and once the screen saver is started, your program actually

Intercepting Windows messages

----Borland C + + Builder API Backdoor ----Intro ----C + + Builder is worthy of Borland company's excellent products, it is very fast and efficient to develop Windows programs, but in the process of programming you will find some of its

Delphi program uses hooks to monitor windows

Each program has its own living space, in the Windows system you can at any time to allow your program to perform some operations, but also trigger the message, the trigger message is divided into three, one is to operate the interface of your

Windows XP System Tips 3 Cases

Computer use can always encounter many people to laugh and cry problems. Microsoft's official common practice for solving software problems is to "reboot the Machine" ^_^, which means that many problems are not clear lawsuits. Although looking

How Windows XP prevents Group Policy from running

There is a "Allow only Windows applications" policy in Windows XP Group Policy, and you only have to enable and add program names that allow the system to run only, so users will only be able to run programs in the "Allow running Applications list".

Slimming for your Windows XP

Today's hard drives are getting bigger and cheaper, but the volume of software is growing faster, and there are still a lot of people still using 20GB and smaller hard drives. How to meet the requirements of the software to the hard disk? Start by

10 Tips for installing Windows 2003


1, Management tools service Themes set to Auto 2, turn on DirectX's D3D hardware acceleration: Look at desktop properties, set-> advanced-> Troubleshooting-> hardware acceleration-> complete. Run Dxdiag.exe, open the Display tab, and you can see

Windows 2003 partition magician: Diskpart

As you may know, under Windows Server 2003, the normal version of the partition magician is not running, and Windows built-in command-line tool DiskPart is capable of doing most of the partition magician's work, and it is very powerful. When you

How the process communicates between processes in Windows

An indirect way, you can use a "share name" to request a block of shared memory for reading and writing: HANDLE GetShare(char * &ShareP,int size,char *ShareName){//ShareP申请的内存块地址,size字节数,ShareName共享名HANDLE

Create the speed Windows XP

In the past, we used "defragmentation" to make Windows run faster. But now the 7200-turn drives sold on the market have improved both in search and transmission, and many models come with a 8M cache, and the NTFS file system used by WinXP is more

Use the Windows XP Program Compatibility Wizard feature to play old games

Now many people are using the Windows XP operating system, its gorgeous interface and stable performance has been recognized by everyone. I don't know where I'm coming from. Want to play some old games, can be installed to know that they do not

IronRuby in Windows Phone7

Sample code Download Address: Wp7_aawolf_ironrubywp7.rar Http:// This blog is written entirely because I read this article on MSDN: Http:// The

The principle and use of Windows dynamic link library 1

The principle of 1.Windows dynamic link library Dynamic link library (DLLs) is developed from the concept of C language function library and Pascal Library unit. All C language standard library functions are stored in a library of functions, and

Programming technology and application of DLL in Windows

Absrtact: This paper introduces the basic application methods and applications of DLL technology in Windows programming, and gives all the source code of two practical DLLs of direct memory access and port I/O. Keywords: DLL Windows programming

Implementing human activities in Windows workflow

Although Windows Workflow is an excellent framework for implementing business process processing, it lacks direct support for human activities. Although Microsoft has released several methods to solve the problem, these methods are not universal.

Windows SDK Notes (i): basic structure of the program

I. Overview Windows programs have a relatively fixed structure, and for writers, the entire process is not written, and most of the process is done by the system. As long as the program in a certain format to fill in the system left to customers

How to Mask Ctrl+alt+del, ALT + TAB, and Ctrl+esc key sequences in Windows XP systems

For people who have used windows, few people are unaware of the Ctrl+alt+del key combination, especially when using a frequently frozen windows9x, which is a key combination of emergency exits specifically for system security. VC Knowledge Base

Based on. NET platform of Windows programming Combat (ix) Installation and deployment

This article supporting source code Disclaimer: This series of courses is designed for beginners to start the exercise, the purpose is to pass a complete questionnaire management system case to enable beginners to understand, deepen or become

Windows XP Install oracle9i problem two

Environment: Windows XP Database: Oracle9i Question one: The first time you install Oracle9i on Windows XP, you encounter the following error: "You may not have the appropriate permissions to establish the directory or the disk has no space to

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