Windows Server 2008 Setup tips and Optimizations

Today, the previous Windows Server 2003 was overwritten, and Windows Server 2008 was installed on the ground floor of C disk. After you install Windows Server 2008, the system needs to be set up in many places. I'll just say some of the questions

Microsoft Official Introductory Tutorials 12:windows mail--easy to manage mail

Windows mail--easy to manage messages The ancient geese to express, this is an email!—— you may say that send and receive mail who will not ah? Open browser > Enter URL > Login website > enter username and password > enter the mailbox, and then on

Windows Server 2008 R2/windows 7 management 20 TS Terminal III

After you install the TS Terminal, if you do not configure an authoritative server, you can only use 120 days, 120 days later will no longer use Terminal Services, so it is necessary to install after the completion of the configuration Terminal

Windows Server 2008 R2/windows 7 management 19 TS Terminal II RemoteApp

This article describes the RemoteApp in the TS Terminal, remote application publishing, and publishing local programs via remote and web, so that users can work remotely via a remoted desktop connection on the Web or the system. For example, the ERP

Features comparison of Windows Server 2008 version features

KEY: = Not Available = Available Specification Web Standard Enterprise Datacenter Itanium X86 Sockets 4 4 8 32 X64 Sockets 4 4 8 64

Six aspects of Windows Server 2008 Security Deployment

As a result of security and new application requirements, more and more organizations are now deploying servers based on Windows Server 2008 platforms, and even some individual users are using the system. I understand that in the face of a

Windows Server 2008 IIS7 Urlrewritemodule Rules

^archiver/((fid|tid)-[\w\-]+\.html)$ archiver/index.php?{R:1} ^forum-([0-9]+)-([0-9]+)\.html$ forumdisplay.php?fid={R:1}&page={R:2} ^thread-([0-9]+)-([0-9]+)-([0-9]+)\.html$ viewthread.php?tid={R:1}&extra=page\%3D$3&page={R:2}

New commands in Windows Vista

The improvements that Windows Vista brings are not limited to more beautiful graphical interfaces and more user-friendly design in the operation, but also to the introduction of features such as Windows Vista enhanced security such as UAC, or

Broaden your mind to make Windows Server 2008 remote Control more comfortable

The new features and new features of the Windows Server 2008 system brighten many people's eyes, with more and more hosts installed and using Windows Server 2008 systems in the local area network working environment, and as a new server system, we

Allow Windows Server 2008 device driver to "settle in" smoothly

Installing device drivers is a very simple thing, many drivers in the installation when we just click the "Next" button, we can let the driver smoothly in the corresponding computer system "settled", however, when the computer system around the

DNS settings and records in God's bible Domain [deploy Windows Server 2008 Series for Enterprise] 13]

DNS settings and their resource records in a domain environment are important, and the connection between the client and the server (reading and writing of Active Directory data) is implemented by DNS. So, this time we'll figure out how DNS is set

Install powershell[in 2008r2core mode for enterprise deployment Windows Server 2008 Series 11]

The Windows Server 2008 R2 version was released for some time, and undermining decided to write the 2008R2 application into this 2008 theme. Many friends like the core mode, and even like the command line, then installed the core mode of you, and

Network security and Terminal Services for Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 is by far the most reliable Windows server, enhancing operating system security and breaking security innovations, including network Access Protection, Federated Rights Management, Read-only Domain Controller provides the highest

Network connection ports and firewall settings for DCS [deploy Windows Server 2008 Series for Enterprise] 10]

In the previous 9 articles to share with you the construction of the 2008 DC and the core mode of some applications, when we have to deploy infrastructure services for the enterprise to be safe to start Windows Server 2008 with Windows Firewall, and

Windows Server 2008 Upgrade installation and full installation strategy

The Windows Server 2008 operating system, as the Microsoft next-generation server operating system, has a new breakthrough in performance and stability, with new IIS7.0 servers, a new aero theme for Windows Vista, and a legacy of Windows Server 2003

Windows 2003 Security Guide Hardening domain Controller Two

DNS Server Table 4.13: Setting The DNS Server service resolves a user's DNS (Domain Name System) query and processes update requests for DNS names. For devices that are identified with DNS names and domain controllers in Active Directory, the

To dress up your Windows Server 2008

PS: It seems that this article controversy is very big, explain, dress up is purely fun, the server's graphics card does not necessarily support aero special effects. Personally, the significance of this article is that those who install Windows 2008

Implementation of Windows Server 2003 load Balancing

The advantages of Network Load Balancing 1. Network Load Balancing allows you to propagate incoming requests to up to 32 servers, where you can use up to 32 servers to share external network request services. Network Load Balancing technology

Windows Server 2003 IIS full Raiders (i)

The information resources in WWW are mainly composed of Web documents as the basic elements. Web relies on three mechanisms to ensure that information resources can be accessed by audiences worldwide: Url,http and HTML. This can be understood when a

Easy settings deny Windows 2003 leaks

One, how to easily refuse windows2003 leaks By default, the Windows 2003 system automatically remembers the contents of the password you entered in a system-specific cache. In the future, when you want to call the password again, do not need to

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