Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (60) Communication: Getting network information, serialization and deserialization

Introduced Re-imagine the Windows 8 Store Apps Communication Get Network Information Serialization-JSON Serialization-XML Serialization-RSS Atom Example 1, demonstrate how to obtain information about the network

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (55) Binding: MVVM mode

Introduced Re-imagine the bindings of Windows 8 Store Apps Add, delete, modify and query data through MVVM mode Example 1, Model layer Binding/mvvm/model/productdatabase.cs * * * Model layer Data persistence operation (local or remote) * *

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (53) binding

Introduced Re-imagine the bindings of Windows 8 Store Apps Binding with ObservableCollection Binding with CollectionViewSource Binding with Virtualizedfilesvector Binding to Virtualizeditemsvector Example 1, show how to bind

Windows Networking Tool Pack netsh FAQ

Netsh is one of the most powerful tools in the Windows Networking Toolkit. The following describes some of the best uses of netsh in a variety of situations, explaining how to simplify network configuration, management, and file information. What

How to install the loopback NIC loopback under Windows 7

First, fuck Microsoft again. 1. Download DevCon (Microsoft Official link) or the attachment I packed all the lines. 2. Extract the DevCon from the official download or run the attachment I sent. 3. Open the Run window enter CMD to find the folder

Microsoft officially publishes Windows 8 Consumer preview version

NetEase technology News February 29, Microsoft Windows and Windows Live Department President Steven Sinofsky today in Barcelona, Spain to the public to show the Windows 8 consumer preview, while Microsoft officially opened windows in the official

Windows 7 system commands to help you accomplish very tasks

Use of the command will undoubtedly improve the efficiency of system management. In addition, the use of hidden parameters in the command can be implemented in some graphics interface can not be easily implemented tasks. A significant number of

Windows 7 Master: Set the efficiency to Group Policy

The official version of the Windows 7 system has been around for some time, and the most powerful and stable Microsoft operating system has come to us. As the system becomes more functional and the configuration options in the corresponding Group

How to create a USB boot disk from Windows 8 PowerShell

You may already be familiar with the method of creating a Windows USB boot disk for operating system booting and installing, which typically requires third-party tools such as Ultraiso,windows 7 USB tool or RM to load installation ISO image files,

Windows 8.1 can slide off the machine

Remember when the Windows 8.1 (then blue) 9364 build leaked to the web, is there a feature called Slide to Shutdown (sliding shutdown)? Flash for months, people seem to have forgotten the feature--like a mobile phone's sliding unlock--it can slide

Windows 8 system Theme Wallpaper Personalization

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview has a small number of topics in it, featuring familiar Windows cartoon fish, natural plant themes (1920x1200 pixels), and 3840x1200-pixel widescreen wallpaper for dual-screen users. Win8 Theme Wallpapers and Win7

Whether Windows 8.1 security promotion should be upgraded depending on the device

Microsoft October 17 released its latest computer operating system--windows 8.1 official edition. This version, which boasts up to 800 updates, has been widely discussed in the industry. But is Windows 8.1 worth the user's upgrades for security-only

Shared configurations under Windows Server 2008

Simply put, the shared configuration under Windows Server 2008 is what makes it possible to quickly deploy a large number of the same Web sites based on an underlying web site. To give a simple example, for example, there are two IIS servers, the

Windows 8.1 BUG: Delete the icon in the confirmation dialog box there is something strange

The following question may not be noticed, because first you need to open the Delete confirmation option in the system, which is turned off by default. To delete a file in a Windows 8.1 system, if you choose to display the Delete confirmation dialog

Windows 8.1 Driver Update issue

The device and service giant has put consumers in a lot of trouble since Microsoft officially unveiled Windows 8.1 and the Windows RT 8.1 update on October 18. The first is the mouse lag in the game, and then some machines (and some older AMD

Netsh virtual wi-Fi under Windows 7

The literal meaning of Netsh is the network shell, which is actually a command-line utility that originally appeared on the Windows 2000 operating system to help manage network settings in Windows. Since then, Microsoft has continued to refine it,

Install Windows 7 with U disk

We often encounter the purchase of a laptop or an open need to install the system found that the optical drive is not good or no optical drive? It's so frustrating, don't we just give up? No, I will be able to use U disk way to install, hehe, next

Windows 8.1 Introduces Retina display support for high pixel density display

Surface Pro, Lenovo ThinkPad Helix, Toshiba Kirabook, Dell XPS 12 and a number of high-end Windows 8 machines all have the same annoying place: that their high-resolution display is too clear and gorgeous, so that the user interface has often become

Rapid cleanup of historical traces in Windows 7

Believe Windows7 's taskbar brings you a lot of convenience features, especially jump lists, and taskbar icon merging, program thumbnail preview (Aero Peek). But compared to some of the features also bring a lot of confusion, such as Jump List,

Use the Windows 7 file library to collect important files

Most people's work should be the same as the author, the daily work has a great relevance, in the XP era, most of us are based on the needs of the current work to establish relevant folders, and then according to our custom to refine the distinction.

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