Windows system multi-machine fast installation combat

Some days ago the school installed 30 computers, the natural installation of the operating system became our computer room management personnel. If the installation of an operating system, will increase the workload and the process of the lock, and

Windows 7 solution with no default Web site after installing IIS

Tip This article is for reference only, before processing please back up the relevant files, in order to restore, the resources behind is WIN7, the rest of the system information is not, please do not use casually. 1. Locate the resource and copy

Optimization method to improve Windows memory efficiency

How to optimize the management of memory, improve the efficiency of memory use, as much as possible to improve the speed of operation, is our concern. Here are a few ways to improve the efficiency of memory usage and optimize memory management in

Windows 2003 Installation Setup IIS


Nothing, write something. Installation article 2003 The default installation is not with IIS, to install, please click Start-> Administrative Tools-> Configure Your Server Wizard And then step by step next. When you are in the list selection

How to configure the DNS service in a Windows system

First, DNS overview In an earlier TCP/IP network, name resolution was usually performed by a computer that maintained a ' list ' of host names and IP addresses (Hosts file) When communication between the hosts in the network, the source main

To statically compile the QT SDK under Windows

1. Conditions of Use: (1) System: Widows XP Radish version (2) qt:qt4.6.2 Windows edition 2. Use steps: (1) Statically compiling QT A: Set qmake.conf Use Notepad to open the qmake.conf under d:\qt\2010.02.1\qt\mkspecs\win32-g++ Add "-static"

Windows file filtering Driver Experience Summary

Read the second edition of Chukuangren "file Filter Drive development tutorial", quite a touch. I think, communication is based on the basis of equality, complaining about the atmosphere and the environment is not good at the same time should first

Implementing message latency and merging with Windows message loops

The initial solution was to set a time interval for computing messages: When a computed message arrives, it starts to tick, and at a certain time interval, the computed message received is not processed. Because the time interval cannot be given, it

Calculates the number of MDI child windows, showing only the Open dialog box for the folder

I'm writing an MFC multiple document (MDI) application. In the parent window, how do I check that all MDI child windows are turned off? If all is turned off, then I want to activate a pane in my main window. Ramesh Windows and MFC do not provide

Getting started with the Kinect for Windows SDK Development (ii) basic knowledge

The previous article describes the environment configuration for the Kinect development, and this article and the next article will introduce the basics of Kinect development and build the foundation for an in-depth study of the Kinect for Windows

How to submit an application to the Windows application store

Submitting your application to the Windows application store is easy if you get the right guidance. I should know this-I've already submitted two applications (Kids car Colors and teach Kids Music) to the Windows App Store, and I've helped others

Windows platform Distributed architecture practice: Load Balancing

Overview Recent. NET world began to be noisy, Microsoft official finally joined to the right. NET Cross-platform support, and in the near future, the code we write in VS may be able to run directly on Linux and Mac via Mono. So why are people

The touch operation of Windows 8.1 application development

It also has advanced touch operations (manipulation) in the same Windows 8.1 applications as WPF, which contains three common touch gestures: panning, zooming, rotating, and implementing various touch operations for the control through the following

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning 70 Other: file compression and decompression

Re-imagine Windows 8 store Apps (70)-Other: File compression and decompression, Windows Store-related operations, app and web, several Core applications, page lifecycle and program lifecycle Author: WEBABCD Introduced Re-imagine the other Windows

Getting started with the Kinect for Windows SDK Development (18) Kinect Interaction Interactive controls

The 1.7 SDK was released this March, and the biggest change in this version of the SDK was the addition of the Kinect Interactions and Kinect Fusion. The Kinect Interactions offers a number of new, posture-aware controls such as push-to-press

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (68) Background tasks: Control channel (Controlchannel)

Introduced Re-imagine Windows 8 Store Apps after a task Control channel (Controlchannel) Example 1, client and server to do Controlchannel communication key code Controlchannelhelper/appcontext.cs * * This example uses global static variables

Introduction to the Kinect for Windows SDK Development (15) Advanced guidance

The previous article describes some of the things you need to know about the Kinect for Windows SDK advanced development, including image processing Coding4Fun the Kinect tool class library and how to build your own extension method class library

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (65) Background tasks: Background playback and control of music

Introduced Re-imagine Windows 8 Store Apps after a task Background playback and control of music Example An object to hold information about each piece of music Backgroundtask/songmodel.cs * * * for the preservation of each piece of music

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (63) Communication: WebSocket

Introduced Re-imagine the Windows 8 Store Apps Communication Socket-do Text communication with WebSocket server Socket-Do Stream (Binary) communication with WebSocket server Example WebSocket Service-side Webserver/websocketserver.ashx.cs * * *

Introduction to the Kinect for Windows SDK Development (eight) skeleton tracking advanced

The first 7 files we introduced the basics of the various sensors in the Kinect SDK, and we demonstrated experimentally how these basic objects and methods are used, which are the most basic knowledge of the Kinect development. With this knowledge,

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