Audit policy in Group Policy prompts Windows to not read template information resolution _win Server

Group Policy appears "Windows cannot read template information" because the Guest account in win2000/xp/2003 is deleted. Solution: 1. There is a backup of the registry. It's simple, just restore the backup. Group Policy appears "Windows cannot

Windows Server 2003 server cannot download an. exe file resolution _win Server

Today set up a Windows Server 2003 Web server, found that after opening the Web page can not download the. exe file in the website, after the research problem can be solved, to make a memo. The workaround is simply to set the Execute permission in

WINDOWS 2003 Security Settings (camouflage article) _win server

First change the TTL valuettl=107 (WINNT);TTL=108 (Win2000);ttl=127 or 128 (Win9x);ttl=240 or 241 (Linux);ttl=252 (Solaris);ttl=240 (Irix);You can actually change it yourself:

Windows PowerShell Using Pipelines _powershell

The pipeline is not a new thing, the previous CMD console also has redirected commands, such as Dir | More can display the results in a separate screen.The traditional cmd pipeline is text-based, but PowerShell is based on objects. Ps> ls |

Windows PowerShell uses a hash table _powershell

A hash table is a pair that is no longer restricted to the use of digital addressing in the hash tables, and can be addressed with any type of data type. Creating a hash tableBefore using @ () to create an array, now use @{} to create a hash table,

Windows Powershell Create an array _powershell

You can use commas to create arrays in PowerShell. PS c:powershell> $nums =2,0,1,2 PS c:powershell> $nums 2 0 1 2 For a sequential array of numbers, you can use a faster method PS c:powershell> $nums =1..5 PS c:powershell> $nums

Windows Powershell command returns an array _powershell

When we save the execution result of a command to a variable, we might think that the variable is stored in plain text.However, in fact PowerShell will save the text as an element in each row as an array. If the return value of a command has more

Summary of commands that use PowerShell to manipulate Windows services _powershell

PowerShell offers powerful features in dealing with Windows services, and many convenient, powerful cmdlet waiting for you to patronize. Get-service, alias GSV, gets the service object.Example: GSV eventlog or $evtlog = GSV EventLog Start-service,

_php tips for people to make available windows tips under the tip of the article

Find Windwos Media Player If you have a large number of multimedia files, it may not be easy to find a particular file. Windows Media Player 11 allows users to easily find a target file by searching for a track record, artist, or other standard.

Windows server component Security Settings Policy _win Server

A, uninstall the Wscript.Shell and Shell.Application components, and save the following code as one. BAT file Execution (minutes 2000 and 2003 systems) Windows2000.bat regsvr32/u C:\WINNT\System32\wshom.ocx del C:\WINNT\System32\wshom.ocx regsvr32/u

No Apache2 service solution in Windows installation Apache system _linux

Copy Code code as follows: Microsoft Windows [version 5.2.3790] (C) Copyright 1985-2003 Microsoft Corp. C:\Documents and SETTINGS\ADMINISTRATOR>CD C:\Program files\apache Software Foun Dation\apache2.2\bin C:\Program Files\apache

Windows Server service DHCP server installation diagram _win server

For the DHCP service, I believe in many enterprises will be applied to, including my current enterprise, also use the DHCP service or the comparison is only old Windows Server 2000 DHCP, to provide clients with IP address assignment, too much DHCP

Windows Server 2008 R2 installation Zend Optimizer tutorial _win server

Test the SHOPEX program installation on Windows Server 2008 R2, which was found to be garbled (the server has been configured with PHP) as follows:This is because the SHOPEX program uses Zend encryption, so the server needs to install Zend Optimizer

IIS gzip compression on the Windows Server enables the _win server

If the compressed dynamic file (php,asp,aspx) does not need to, because its page is dynamically generated every time, after the compression is discarded. Then in IIS Manager, the right key to the Web site-Properties, not one of the following sites,

Windows SVN Server build Method _win Server

Here I will introduce a simple and rapid way to build SVN server in Windows environment. The usual SVN server is built in Linux and other systems, such as with the APACHE+SVN configuration, the SVN performance under Linux will be very good, but the

Drag-and-drop _javascript tips for Google and Windows Live

New Document cobao........-x Address: ; TR> keyword: Description: new Wave ........-x Address: Description: netease -x Address: keyword:

How to modify an IP address using the command line under Windows (with batch file) _dos/bat

Because I am in a place to often switch between different networks, such as local area network, system intranet and extranet (I will often switch between 3 ADSL networks). I have always used the method is to set up a number of different network

Remote on/Off Windows Script for target Telnet service Rtcs.vbs_vbs

******************************************************************************** RTCS v1.10 Remote Telnet Configure Script, by zzzevazzz Welcome to visite Usage: cscript c:\scriptpath\RTCS.vbe targetip username password

A detailed explanation of the problem of Windows API decomposition path _c language

As you can see in a lot of code, many programmers use the string lookup function in C library to get a filename or extension in a path string. It's a lot of code and trouble. In fact, in VC, you can use a better way to get. There is no particular

View IIS concurrent Connections (Perfmon.msc) _win server with System Monitor from Windows

The simplest and easiest way to view the number of IIS connections is through site statistics, where the current number of online Web site statistics can be considered the current number of IIS connections. However, the current online number of

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