PHP4 + PWS Installation and configuration under Windows 9x


This paper mainly introduces the installation of PHP4.04 and mysql3.22.32 under the pws4.0 of Win98 system. The software in this paper can be downloaded from the Software section of this website. .... The required software php4.04 Win 32-bit

Windows system ORA-15055 ORA-21561 error Handling-Increase SharedSection value

A set of win environment of RAC, irregular anomaly, alert log often reported ORA-15055 ORA-21561 error, after analysis is due to win default desktop Heap size is too small to cause this problem, to remind you win platform run Oracle Attention of

Windows like 2003 server scheduled automatic restart task schedule

Operation Steps:1, open the Start/program/attachment/System Tools/Task planning, pop-up Task planning window;2, and then double-click "Add Task Schedule";3, run the Task Planning Wizard, click "Browse";4, find the system disk under the

Windows Server 20,080 Highlights

Windows Server 20,080 Highlights Foreign server Technology website Serverwatch published the top ten features of Windows Server 2008, we made a simple compilation for your reference.If you're still running Windows Server 2003, you really need to

Windows 7 dial-up Connection Tip 711 error? dial-up Connection 711 Error Resolution

Error Number: 711Error message: This connection is blocked by a configuration error on this computer.Error Details: This problem is now more tangled: The online approach does not necessarily solve all user problems, and common solutions are as

One-key shared batch processing for LAN in Windows

Save the following code set up The code is as follows Copy Code @echo off Color 2fEcho.&echo.echo "Important Tip"Echo.&echo.&echo.echo★★★ If you want to use this program to repair a shared

Troubleshoot traditional Windows System installation WPS prompts the installation package only for use in mainland China

WPS installation prompt: Very sorry, the installation package is limited to mainland China use. In fact, this is because Taiwan's traditional system and simplified Chinese coding inconsistent results, do not need to reload the computer system, as

Windows 7/win8 System View 32-bit/64-bit graphics tutorial

In fact, many friends know that our computer systems are basically X86 is the 32-bit system, is rarely 64, the general installation of 64-bit when he basically knew his computer is how many bits will not need to see this article. Win7/win8 System

How to make the Windows 8 system no need to enter password automatic login

1. On the computer desktop we press the shortcut key "Win+r" in the Pop-up "Run" dialog box we directly enter "Netplwiz", so that we can enter the System account management interface; Select the account as shown in the following figure. 2. First

IdeaPad Y400 Y500 preinstalled Windows 8 How to retrofit windows 7

Failure phenomenon: It is not customary to use the new WIN8 system to install the Win7 system, but the system cannot be partitioned during the installation Win7 process. Tip Windows cannot install to this disk. The selected disk has an MBR

Baidu Cloud Windows version change download file path detailed sharing

Baidu Cloud software users to the detailed analysis to share a copy of Baidu Cloud Windows version of the way to change the download file path. Method Sharing: Baidu Cloud Windows version of the path to change the download file: Click the

Make legacy programs compatible with this version of Windows

Warning Do not run the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter in an antivirus program, firewall software, backup software, or disk utility, or in a system program that is included with Windows. This can result in data loss or security

Diagram of Windows Server R2 desktop settings

First, start Server Manager in the lower left corner of the taskbar, and then set up. 1, login does not display Server Manager 2, the local server, see the right of IE enhanced Security configuration, as shown in

Install apache on the Chinese version of Windows server <original>

Install apache on Windows server1. Download apache1.3Http:// Install apacheI installed apache under D: Program FilesApache GroupApache.Then I use notepad to open the httpd. conf file in the

Netsh port forwarding/Port ing tool in Windows

Netsh featuresWindows comes with support for IPv4 and IPv6, and the command takes effect immediately. After the system is restarted, the configuration still exists.Disadvantage: UDP is not supported.Install NetshXP/2003 requires security first? IPV6,

Windows Remote Desktop authorization server 4105 warning, error code: 0x80070005 solution

Install the remote desktop authorization Server on the Windows Server 2012 R2 Server in the XXXX domain of the company, which is also a domain controller. After activating remote desktop authorization, the following warning message is displayed: 

Security permission settings for IIS users on multiple sites in Windows 2003

If we create a user for each site and set this user to only have the permission to access the site, the access permission can be controlled in the folder of each site, and the bypass problem is solved. I. What are the benefits of such configuration? 

Remote data synchronization on Windows servers using cwRsync

1. Introduction to cwRsyncCwRsync is the implementation version of Rsync on Windows. By using the file transfer technology of specific algorithms, Rsync can transmit only modified files over the network.CwRsync is mainly used for remote file sync

Windows 2003 installation of IIS6.0 + FTP server graphic tutorial

Start ---- control panel ---- add or delete programs as shown in the figure belowOn the following page, click "add/delete windows components (a)", as shown in the following figure.The following page is displayed:Select "Application Server"Click

Windows system spam batch processing. bat process files

The source code for batch processing is as follows: System spam. bat The code is as follows:Copy code @ Echo offEcho is clearing the system junk file. Please wait ......Del/f/s/q "% USERPROFILE % Local SettingsTemporary Internet Files

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