To set the execution permissions for a site or directory in Windows Server IIS

Under the Home Directory tab of the IIS site properties, there is a setting that performs permissions. How should the site or directory execution permissions be set? Execute permissions in IIS The following three kinds of execution permissions are

Implementation method of Windows open xpcom component

I. Basic CONCEPTS Xpcom is a cross-platform component model, all of which is called Cross Platform Component Object Module. Xpcom implements a framework (framework) that allows developers to break a single, monolithic software project and

Windows IIS7.5/6 enable gzip compression

We know that gzip compression is a very good thing, it can greatly save the bandwidth of the server. Gzip compression is mainly for HTML and other text files, its compression ratio is very high. A 100KB Web page that may be compressed to only

How Windows IIS sets the cache expiration time for a CDN

1. Open IIS Manager2, select the site you want to set click Properties, Open the Site Properties menu3, click the HTTP Headers tab4, click Enable Content Expirationsuch as: Set 30 minutes after the expiration of this time period after the expiration

Ways to activate Windows Server 2008 in a VMware virtual machine

1 Install Windows Server 2008 on VMware virtual machines(Cn_windows_server_standard_enterprise_and_datacenter_with_sp2_x86_dvd_x15-41045.iso)(Note: 32-bit VMware cannot install the 64-bit version of win2008,64-bit VMware to install 32-bit and 64-bit

IIS7 large File upload limit solution in Windows

Under the IIS7, even if you set the Maxrequestlength= "1048576" the maximum allowable upload size in web.config, it is also useless, is actually by the c:/windows/system32/inetsrv/config/ ApplicationHost.config limit, the default maximum can only

Windows Server security Settings graphics and text reference (McAfee)

In order to make the server more secure, as well as extraction, backdoor and other programs running, the following settings for the server is very necessary, here are some guide settings, more people can play on their own. The prerequisite is

Windows+iis Server infrastructure Security Configuration method

1, back door to prevent basic skills 2. Security Configuration Web Server If a company or enterprise has a home page, how can you guarantee the security of your Web server? The first is to turn off unnecessary services, followed by the

Windows installation Nginx Detailed tutorial

Windows installation Nginx Detailed tutorial First step download Nginx, Windows version, decompression saved under C:/nginx (1.0.3 version) The second step is to download the PHP tutorial fast-cgi version (I use VC9 x86 Non Thread Safe), extract

How does a Mac install a Windows system? Install Win2000 graphics and text tutorial on Mac

1, first download a good Windows 2000 system ISO image files to the desktop, start Paralells Desktop virtual machine, new virtual machine. 2. If the parallels Desktop is not installed, please download parallels Desktop and install it first. If you

Windows command line msyqldump Export database backup

In the DOS MySQL installation directory/bin directory with the following command: Mysqldump-u user name-p database name > exported file name Then use the following command #test is the name of the library The code is as follows

Windows cannot start WLAN AutoConfig Service error 1075: Service does not exist

The error message is shown below Solutions 1. Export the registry (hint: Modify the registry has, please under the guidance of professionals carefully operate.) ) In an Internet-accessible computer we export the registry and then import it

Windows prompt DCProcess.exe stopped working workaround

Failure phenomenon:When using Lenovo's home, the pop-up dialog box prompts "DCProcess.exe has stopped working" and the system appears slow or freezes.Reason Analysis:This problem is usually a software error or a system problem.Solution: One,

Windows 8 Firewall Open prompt 0x80070437 error code

Failure phenomenon: The firewall cannot be opened, error code: 0x80070437 Firewall service cannot be turned on, error message: Windows cannot start Windows Firewall service (located on the local computer) Error 1079: The account for this

Windows 8/win 8.1 Cotton How? WIN8 system slow how to solve

1. Like me this situation is not possible for anyone to use the Super administrator, so we have to solve the problem from the root, in the computer we also press the Windows+c key, and then open the Super menu click "Settings" into the following

Troubleshoot Windows ' inability to automatically bind IP protocol stacks to network adapters

Symptoms are: Win8 or Win7 cannot obtain an IP address, regardless of whether Ethernet or wireless networks are restricted.Diagnostic results: Windows cannot automatically bind the IP protocol stack to the network adapter. Solution: WINDOWS7/8

Windows 7 does not boot "starting interface Safe Mode card in Disk.sys"

Pre-installed Windows 8 or Linux system modified Windows 7 o'clock will appear when the card is in the boot Windows interface or secure mode card loading the Disk.sys interface. Normal start the following figure: In safe mode, as shown:

How to obtain a version of the Windows operating system

A lot of times we need to know the version of the Windows operating system, and we can do that with the following API function. Option Explicit Private Declare Function GetVersionEx Lib "kernel32" Alias "GetVersionExA" (Lpversioninformation as

Use the custom verification component library to expand Windows Forms

Abstract: data verification is a key step to ensure normal data capture and subsequent processing and reporting. This article introduces the basic structure of program verification inherent in Windows Forms, and develops a custom verification

Solution to php_curl extension module loading failure in Windows

Php_curl cannot be loaded in apacheError message: Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init (). I guess someone may have a similar problem. Hurry up with Baidu and many people have encountered this problem.1. Find libeay32.dll, ssleay32.dll,

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