Integrated streaming Server Setup under Windows Server 2008

A: Experimental environment:Server One: Window server R2 (if the condition starts with a virtual machine or a normal PC instead)Test Server One: Install windowsserver R2 operating systemTest Client One: Install the Win7 operating systemTwo: Started

Windows command line

[Drive:] Change the current driver, without changing it current directoryCD [drive:] [path] Just change the current directory of driver, without changing the current driver.CD [/d] [drive:] [path] Change the current driver and its current

How to make Windows Server 2008r2 a desktop system

> There is no such situation in the work, because some applications need to use the server version of the system, in order to facilitate the installation of their own machine into a server version, so that the user version of the system's ease of

Windows Server R2 Group Policy Basic settings

Domain control Group Policy basic settingsLabeling: Group Policy calculation configuration: system requires a reboot to take effect Group Policy User Configuration: System logoff is effectiveFirst, domain users automatically join the local

Windows Server R2 Group Policy creates user desktop shortcuts

Problem:How to make all domain user desktops have a company-shared shortcut that allows all domain users to double-click to open a company share.Workaround:1. Create a Zhuyu organizational unit-----Create a domain user User1 in the Zhuyu

User profile Management under Windows (i)

User profile Definitions Save the user's work environment. Depending on your work environment, Windows supports three types of configuration files:Local user profileRoaming User ProfilesForce user ProfileIn addition, the system provides support for

Windows Server Deployment Services (WDS)

The Windows Deployment Service facilitates scale-up of the client installation system, saving a lot of time for administrative work.Let's start by talking about the conditions for installing Deployment Services (WDS): Domain environment

Automatic configuration script for Windows Server 2016 desktop environment

Unless you are learning the requirements, it is recommended that you use Windows LTSB 2016 or other desktop systems.Github: function is to automatically start the audio service, allow not

Windows timed to execute Baidu news crawler

Want to do a news text recognition classification of the project, first wrote a crawl Baidu news crawler.Environment: Win7 Three-bit python3.4 several third-party librariesCan realize the function: regularly follow the category of Baidu News crawl

Ansible deployment based on Windows R2+rsync+alwaysup (daemon)

Preparing: upgrading PowerShell3.0 and opening the WinRM module reference article: Package rsync

Small example of socket programming under Windows

Service side First introduce header file Winsock2.h and library file Ws2_32.lib (development environment is vs2015) Loading socket libraries and creating sockets Bind sockets to an IP address and port Listening for

Build a good Windows program

jump from form A to B1. Create an object of B2. Call Show () to display the formTo write an event handler:1. Select the control2. Not by default select in the Event listButton ControlClick mouse Click eventFrom form event:load (executed when form

Windows R2 AD domain controller password hack

because of a long time no login domain controller, incredibly the administrator password to forget, the result is embarrassing, and later I looked at the online mentioned can use Osk.exe to crack, test the next sure can. The following is the process

Windows Remote Desktop pop-up password solution

Because I need to use MSTSC to Telnet to Windows computer every day, but even if I choose to save the password every time, I still have the choice of input password, which affects the efficiency.The solution is as follows: Need

Windows Server 2012 Active Directory Basic Configuration and application (Novice tutorial) 5---User profile

1, understand the user's profile?STEP1 : Check DC whether an account with its own name already exists. (continuation of the experimental results, the account should exist in the DC)STEP2 : Using STEP1 The account specified in the client WIN7 Log on

Windows Server 2012 System Management 1-1 installs Windows Server 2012 in a virtual machine

1-1 installing in a virtual machine WindowsServerready to work: VMware Workstation Windows Server 2012 mirroring. Experimental steps: Run VMware Workstation, Select the main interface "create a new virtual machine" 650) this.width=650;

NET Windows Kafka

NET Windows Kafka installation and use (Getting Started notes) complete solution please refer to:Setting up and Running Apache Kafka on Windows OSIn the environmental construction process encountered two problems, listed here first, to facilitate

Windows Live Writer Test

Package;import;import;import Javax.servlet.servletconfig;import Javax.servlet.servletexception;import Javax.servlet.http.httpservlet;import

jmeter--Second, build WordPress on the Windows environment

In order to learn to use JMeter, built on the Windows environment WordPress.Use JMeter to record or write scripts to log in worepress, edit articles, and delete articles.First understand what WordPress is?WordPress is a free open-source project, is

Git big platform (win/Linux/Mac) graphical interface client big summary, gitmac

Git big platform (win/Linux/Mac) graphical interface client big summary, gitmacAbstract: This article introduces the graphical interface git client on various platforms (I have not used it all). You are welcome to add new software or use it ~ I.

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