Install MySQL6 on Windows

1 Installing MySQL6 Changing the password of the root accountC:>mysql–urootmysql>show databases; MySQL> Usemysql;mysql>update user SET Password=password ("123456") WHERE

Using Golang to connect MSSQL under Windows

Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permission not reproduced.Directory (?) [+] Install the Microsoft SQL Server Native Client Installing Golang's MSSQL Drive Write test code I wipe,

How to use commas in Windows scripts

Today, when you compile a code with GCC, you need to generate a Map file, and the command is GCC Code.c-wl,-map,, however, the problem came, put it in the CMD can not run Ah, tossing a night I thought my gcc did not put-wl option to compile

Windows configuration caffe and MATLAB interface compilation and invocation (CPU and GPU)

Environment: Windows 7+matlab2016a+vs2013Caffe: Enter Caffe-windows's Windows folder, Copy .\windows\CommonSettings.props.example .\windows\CommonSettings.props to2 Open the Caffe Project, edit the

Windows to install Ubuntu dual system from hard drive

Preparatory work:Grub4dos and Ubuntu image files: grub4dos can be downloaded from the following URLs, can go to the open source image station to download.Operation Steps:1, will download the Grub4dos

VMware vsphere creates virtual machines, installs Windows systems

650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http:// -wmp_4-s_3697381691.png "style=" Float:none; "title=" 1.png "alt=" Wkiom1friyajcqbeaahiuknxcym587.png-wh_50 "/>650) this.width=650;

Compare Body.onload (function ()), $ (document). Ready (function ()) and $ (Windows). Load (function)

principle Comparison :Body.onload (function ()) is a priority to render the DOM of the document, the page will be all the elements (including HTML tags and the referenced image, Flash media and other media files) to complete the loading, and then

Zookeeper WINDOWS Installation Configuration

Download: zookeeper: Decompression zookeeper-3.4.6.tar.gzone, single-machine configurationChange the zookeeper-3.4.6/conf/zoo_sample.cfg to Zoo.cfgzoo.cfg Content:

Load balancing under IIS for Windows

From the large-scale Web application system, due to the large amount of data requested and the factors of concurrency, the web system will be the phenomenon of downtime, the method of solving this

git builds on Windows

have been accustomed to use SVN, but SVN but part of the deployment in the LAN, it is not easy to use, so began to learn to use git;One, download git for Windows,: Https:// Source Address: Git clone

HDU 1509 Windows Message Queue

Topic Links: DescriptionMessage queue is the basic fundamental of Windows system. For each process, the system maintains a message queue. If something happens to this process, such as mouse

Windows file Watch Nodejs

This blog, is mainly to record the recent has been tangled in the method, in the work we must have encountered, the newly added files can not automatically trigger watch, below we see what way to deal with1. First of all we must first

Compiling GRPC on Windows

Source code compilation on Windows most open source software is a hassleCompilation Environment: VS2015 (Grpc Support 2013 and above, 2012 without nuget, more laborious to compile)Compiling GRPC involves content Grpc Protobuf

Windows 7 Common shortcut keys

Common shortcut keysWin key +d back to Desktop/current interface (toggle)Win key +m back to desktopWin key +e ExplorerWin Key +r RunEasy Access Center, all Control Panel items, win key +u Control PanelWin Key +t Toggle (select) Taskbar programALT +

Git for Windows tools download and configure

Preface, post on Git tools:, a git for Windows tool is selected with the path: nothing to say, about Git configuration can refer to

Windows Live Write Log Client

: Http:// (derivative version of Open Live Write: Plug - ins

Windows Nginx Virtual Host Multi-site configuration detailed

Windows Nginx Virtual Host Multi-site configuration detailed   This tutorial is intended for classmates who have already configured the NGINX+PHP+MYSQL environment for Windows systems.If you have not yet set up a WNMP environment, see the Windows7

Windows File Share Summary

Environment: Windows XP systems, VMware virtual machines, workgroup environmentsLearning Purpose: Understanding Windows file Sharing settingsBasic concepts: File sharing: Publish your own files to the network for sharing purposes Access:

Windows Apache2 Service does not start the workaround

I have just started to study ph, using the environment is Windows, the installation of the development environment is appserv.Today, I found that the Apache service was not up, the service did not open, I turned the service back on the times a such

Windows users use VMware virtual machines to install the black Apple Mac. OS. X operating system and vmwaremac. OS. x

Windows users use VMware virtual machines to install the black Apple Mac. OS. X operating system and vmwaremac. OS. x Operating System Used   Windows 7   SP1 X64   Used in this tutorial In this tutorial ) The computer memory is lower 4G Add memory. .

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