DbgView cannot "capture kernel" when it is turned off in Windows 10

DbgView is a free tool for grabbing log, capturing and outputting the output of the OutputDebugString () function, and outputting the Dbgprint log in Windows Driver for Windows driver It is very helpful to develop and debug.However, the tool has not

Windows shortcut keys

F1 HelpF2 renamingF3 SearchF4 AddressF5 RefreshF6 switchingF10 MenuCTRL + A Select allCTRL + C copyCtrl+x CutCtrl + V PasteCTRL + Z UndoCtrl+o OpenShift+delete permanently deletedDelete DeletesAlt+enter PropertyAlt+f4 offCtrl+f4 offALT + TAB

Windows Server 2008 Installation memcached notes

Introduction and practice of distributed cache system memcachedOrigin: In data-driven web development, it is often repeated to remove the same data from the database, which greatly increases the database load. Caching is a good way to solve this

Windows SVN hooks implement each commit update to the Web directory

ObjectiveLocate the Repository (repositories) folder in the SVN server and locate the Hooks folder in the appropriate project folder. Add a Post-commit file to the folder, and when a commit action occurs (when committed to SVN server) The

Windows CHKDSK usage

CHKDSK small Command Large effectOften hit the computer start on the blue screen, the general practice of re-install the system, this time-consuming not to say, do not drive to find half a day, too wasted time, so generally blue screen, start with

Hack Windows Administrator password

Start the system using the Windows PE boot disk, select Start - program --windows system maintenance --windows NT user Password Repair "Select the destination path for the WINDOWS folder on disk. Choose to modify the existing user password or

Driver development tool Microsoft Windows Driver Kit 7.1.0 Download

In Windows 2000 with Windows XP System adoption is WINDDK to develop Windows drivers, I also have winddk on hand, but after starting from Windows Vista, the general adoption of Microsoft Windows Driver abbreviation (WDK). This time the project is

In the Delphi window unit, how to invoke the cells of other windows.

In the Delphi window unit, how to invoke the cells of other windows. Reproduced.Simple Call Unit in DelphiUnit instanceFirst, create a new project file, the default file is Unit1, the code is as follows: unit Unit1;InterfaceUsesWindows, Messages,

Windows API Programming----Enumerating system processes

1. The function can retrieve the identifier (process ID) of each process in the systemBOOL WINAPI enumprocesses ( _out_ DWORD *pprocessids, _in_ DWORD CB, _out_ DWORD *pbytesreturned);CB is the number of bytes of memory space that pprocessids

The timer of Windows Driver Development technology detailed

I/O timers The I/O timer is a timer provided by DDK. It calls the I/o timer routine every 1s clock system. The I/O timer routines run at the dispatch_level level, so paging memory cannot be used in this routine, otherwise it can cause a page

Qt gets Windows memory information

By calling the Windows API to get Windows memory information and displaying it on the interface, you can see that the result is correct by comparing it with the Windows Memory Manager.The interface effect of the implemented gadget is compared with

4.win32 registering window classes and creating windows

1. registering window class functions(1) Registerclass/registerclassexATOM registerclass (CONST wndclass *lpwndclass);ATOM registerclassex (CONST wndclassex *lpwcx);After successful registration, a non-0 digital ID is returned, and the failure

Seven. Interface Programming--windows Programming Course study notes

7.1 Changing the window size, title, style7.1.1 Changes before the window is createdIf you want to modify its size, title, and style before the application window is created, you should do so in the PreCreateWindow member function of the CMainFrame

SCCM TP4 Deploying the Windows 10 operating system

SCCM TP4 Deploying the Windows 10 operating systemAn important feature of the SCCM server is the deployment of the operating system. SCCM provides an important solution in the operating system batch deployment scenario: 0 Touch Installation. It is

Windows Server R2 Terminal Server Remote licensing activation

The technical department of the company let a wind Server 2008 server, can be logged at the same time, and the default Windows Server 2008 Server system connects the maximum number of connections only 2. As a result, you will encounter a "terminal

Node.js+express+websocket installation configuration under Windows

node. JS is a JavaScript run environment (runtime). It actually encapsulates the Google V8 engine. The V8 engine executes JavaScript very fast and performs very well. node. JS optimizes some of the special use cases, providing an alternative API

Full decommisson of jdc-windows meta disk

This article basically contains all the steps and detailed commands:First JDC and GDC decom are different as follows:1) DataList directory is different, JDC in/etc/opt/omni/server/datalist,datalist with Jobcode nameGDC

Windows adds static routes to DOS commands

1 Press the win key +x key and select "Command Prompt (Administrator)" In the list that pops up.650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s5.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/81/F6/wKiom1dGZovy8UssAAA9BMew9-Y139.png "title=" 1.png " alt= "Wkiom1dgzovy8ussaaa9bmew9-y139.

Windows Run Open Service command

Windows Run Open Service commandJava code1. Gpedit.msc-----Group Policy2. Sndrec32-------Recorder3. Nslookup-------IP Address detector4. Explorer-------Open Explorer5. Logoff---------Logout command6. Tsshutdn-------60 seconds Countdown shutdown

tcp-about connecting, disconnecting, and sliding windows

1.TCP OverviewTCP (transmission Control Protocol Transmission Protocol) is a connection-oriented, reliable, byte-stream-based Transport layer communication protocol. TCP provides full-duplex services, A and B can be active to send data to each other

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