Back up the database with Bak file under Windows

Copy and place the following code into the TXT file./*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*@echo offEcho.echo MySQL Database backupEcho *****************************Echo.Echo is%date% today.Echo Time

Windows command--taskmgr 1

Taskmgr.exe is used for Task Manager. It displays the processes that are running in the system.The program uses Ctrl+alt+del (typically pop-up Windows security and then click on "Task Manager") or Ctrl+shift+escSometimes need, QQ remote client

Using Git Bash for Windows

This article experiences the use of Git bash on the Windows operating system.What is bash?is a shell environment, Bourne Again shell abbreviation.install git for Windows→→download, choose a suitable version→

"Reprint" NodeJS, NPM installation configuration steps (Windows version)

1, Windows Nodejs installation is more convenient (after v0.6.0 version, support Windows native), only need to login official website (, you can see the homepage of the "Install" button, A direct click will automatically download

Windows environment phpstorm Debug Environment Setup

One: Installation settings xdebugThis generally has two steps 1: Browser Xdebug plug-in installation, the general use of Firefox plug-ins, chrome seems to be not very good, chrome after the installation of the effectAfter installation as shown, you

Windows under installation using Coreseek

1. Installation1.01: Download to official website coreseek- Installation1, download after decompression to get the source program directory coreseek-3.2.14, folder rename, simple, named Coreseek; move Coreseek folder to F:my-php\test\

Binding ARP bindings gateway under Windows

I. Binding ARP-bound gateways under WindowsStep One:In the normal Internet access, enter the MS-DOS window, input command: arp-a, view the IP address of the gateway to the correct Mac, and record it down.Note: If you are already unable to surf the

NodeJS, NPM installation configuration and test steps (Windows version)

1, Windows Nodejs installation is more convenient (after v0.6.0 version, support Windows native), only need to login official website (, you can see the homepage of the "Install" button , the direct click will automatically

Configure Windows Firewall under command line

Command: netsh firewallParameters:        ? // 显示命令列表  add // 添加防火墙配置  delete // 删除防火墙配置  dump // 显示一个配置脚本  help // 显示命令列表  reset // 将防火墙配置重置为默认值。  set // 设置防火墙配置  show // 显示防火墙配置  add allowedprogram // 添加防火墙允许的程序配置。  add portopening //

QueryPerformanceFrequency use method--windows High Precision timing count

on a multi-core or multiprocessor computer. Especially on computers that support CPU frequency dynamic tuning, QueryPerformanceFrequency () under Windows system gets Hpet(assuming existence), while the QueryPerformanceCounter () Get Hpet (assuming

Windows UPD Broadcast package failed to send to LAN workaround

Unable to send broadcast packets of the computer and the host can send the broadcast of the comparison, found that can not send the host on the radio has installed virtual machine, there is also a virtual network card, all the virtual network card

about Windows dual NIC and metric research

Scenario: When a PC is connected to a dual NIC, how does the PC choose to route?650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" 1.png " alt= "Wkiol1byepkx83fwaadiiad_5lo438.png"/>You can

Kinect for Windows V2 and V1 development ___ Color Data acquisition and OpenCV2.4.10 display

V1 Color Resolution: 640x480V2 Color Resolution: 1920x10801. How to turn on the color image framefor V1: Use Nuiimagestreamopen Method Openhr = M_pnuisensor->nuiimagestreamopen (

Windows system, Shutdown command usage

We often need to shut down/restart the maintenance server during off-hours, the server comes with command tools, without the use of third-party software can be implemented, very simple.Shutdown commandTemporary use, such as just the day requires

Data structures in the Windows API

It is worth noting that Win32 development is a C language programming, therefore, it is very important to understand the data type. Windows API re-defines some data types with typedef or define macros for historical reasons or for convenience in

System Operations on Aws-lab 3w-managing Storage (Windows)

Create a EC2 instance, make snapshot for EBS volumes, set up periodic backups, upload and manage log files to S31.1 Creating a S3 bucket1.2 Creating an IAM policy1.3 Creating an IAM role1.4 Creating a security group1.5 Creating an EC2 instance2.1

System Operations on Aws-lab 1w-creating EC2 (Windows)

1. Create a Commandhost instance, log in to Commandhost, and create a webserver instance from the AWS Cli.1.1 Creating an IAM role for a commandhost instance1.2 Creating an Commandhost instance1.3 Creating a security group for webserver instances1.4

Windows FTP Script and RSCD agent automatic installation script

Windows ftp Script and bladelogic RSCD agent automatic installation script@echo offif%processor_architecture:~-1%==4(netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="All TCP 4750" dir=inchProtocol=tcp localport=475action=allownetsh advfirewall Firewall add

Windows 8 activation_win8 activation tool (heu kms Activator) v7.8.6 free green version

Windows 8 activation_win8 activation tool (heu kms Activator) v7.8.6 free green version WIN8 activation tool (heu kms Activator)It is made based on LaFinalNano19 and is easier to use than the latter, and is also a Chinese version, WIN8 activation

Solution to the blue screen code 0x00000024 after Windows 7 is started

Solution to the blue screen code 0x00000024 after Windows 7 is startedWindows 7 users generally encounter blue screen boot. Blue Screen boot is one of the most common faults in the system. The blue screen boot has a variety of faults and the

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