Anatomy of WINDOWS-MFC Framework Program

Analysis of MFC Framework Program1.MFCMicrosoft Foundation Class, the Microsoft Basic Library, is a collection of C + + developed by Microsoft that allows us to use it to write Windows programs.Here are 4 basic classes, and our Visual C + + programs

Caffe for Windows Training Cifar10 and several issues

statement:Part of the content is reproduced to the smile of the demon teacher1, prepare Cifar10Databasecifar10 database consists of 60000 32*32 color images total 10 categories50000 of the training10000-piece TestDownload Cifar10 database:

Windows Dib file Operation specific explanation-4. Using the DIB section

In order to improve the display performance and efficiency of the DIB, we converted the DIB to DDB. But there is another problem. If I wanted to manipulate the data of the DIB, it was obvious that DDB could not be used: first, the color conversion

Comprehensive analysis of Windows Memcache technology applications

Original Introduction of MemcacheMemcache is a project, the first to serve LiveJournal, many people around the world use this cache project to build their own heavy load of the site, to

Debugging tips--windows Port number is occupied

Debugging tips Whether the port number is occupied by the--windows ports concept10.0.0.0~,, conceptIn network technology, the port has roughly two meanings: the first is the

Read Utf-8 files under Windows

#include #include#includeintMain () {FILE* FP1 = fopen ("E:\\11111111\\20140104.bad","R,ccs=utf-8"); //setlocale (Lc_all, "CHS");file* fp3= fopen ("Test.txt","W,ccs=utf-8"); wchar_t* Buffer =Newwchar_t[1024x768]; //Fgetws (BUFFER,3,FP1);

Awstats + tomcat + windows

Download:1.apache-tomcat-7.0.672.activeperl- modify Tomcat's Server.xml: prefix = "Localhost_ Access_log. "suffix=". Log "pattern=" combined "filedateformat=" Yyyy-mm-dd "

Windows r2_ Group Policy

Directory Directory Group Policy Group Policy Object GPO Experiment with the computer configuration of a group of policies User Configuration for experiment two-Group Policy Experiment three first selection

Windows Jenkins FAQ Pits

 There is no advanced thing, 1 2 days most people can find out for themselves, here will be the problems they have encountered to avoid other students dig the pit again. Directory  1. master-Slave node2. NuGet Automatic Package Restore3.

Windows cannot add remove. NET Features

The page you requested could not be supplied due to an extended configuration issue. If the page is a script, add a handler. If you should download the file, add a MIME map.It is also possible for system administrators to cause this behavior, and

Create a MONGO service under Windows

First you need to download the MONGO installation packageCmd.exe this needs to be opened with administrator privilegesEnter the installation directory to the MONGOFirst, create a Data folder manually according to the following command to the C

Installation and development of Apache Thrift under Windows

There are many tutorials for installing the Thrift Framework under Windows. The difference in this article is that, without the help of Cygwin or MinGW, only VS2010, and thrift download the source files, install thrift and use.Download these two

Windows kernel reading notes--seh structured exception handling

SEH is the generic name for the exception distribution and processing mechanism in Windows systems, and its implementation is distributed in many different modules.SEH provides two functions for terminating processing and exception handling

Windows System Installation Apache Server

DownloadLogin the appropriate version to download, here i download for Httpd-2.4.20-x64-vc14Click "Download"Click "Files for Microsoft Windows"Select "Apacheaus"At this point the browser jumps to the following link:

Configuring two or more Tomcat-initiated methods under Windows

Ensure that Catalina_home and catalina_base are not found in the window's environment variablesModify Server.xml, use the extracted version of Tomcat, do not use the installation version.1. Modify the HTTP access portThe service access port of the

Workarounds for error using GNU make command under Windows

Workarounds for error using GNU make command under Windows=> Error message: Make:interrupt/exception caught (code = 0xc00000fd, addr = 0x4227d3)# 1. ReasonThe environment variable is configured with ' D:\Program Files ' (x86) \git\bin, a ' sh.exe '

Windows XP third largest operating system

Beijing Time April 9 News, according to the Science and technology website TechRadar reports, speaking of Windows XP, everyone will certainly gush out a sense of nostalgia, this guy has been born 15 years, is definitely an immortal classic of the

NodeJS, NPM installation configuration steps (Windows version)

1, Windows Nodejs installation is more convenient (after v0.6.0 version, support Windows native), only need to login official website (, you can see the homepage of the "Install" button, A direct click will automatically download

Multiple windows open multiple files when using Excel 2010-Pro-Test

To change the registry once and for all Start running, input: regedit Locating the registry:Hkey_classes_root\excel.sheet.12\shell\open650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://

Thoughts on img 403 forbidden, 403 forbidden

Thoughts on img 403 forbidden, 403 forbidden Images are often displayed on webpages. For websites, some images come from the local image server. However, when the number of images increases, the disk space is a problem. So sometimes I want to

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