Multithreaded programming under Windows (i)

ObjectiveMastering multithreaded programming under Windows allows us to write more standardized multithreaded code to avoid exceptions. Multithreaded programming under Windows is complex, but understanding some common features has been able to meet

Windows Server 2008 Sets the number of Remote Desktop connections

At work, we often use the Windows Server 2008 operating system and need to log on to the server using an administrator account. In general, Windows Server 2008 allows only one connection, and the maximum number of two connections for an account.

Windows 8.1 with Update official latest image Rollup

Windows 8.1 with Update official latest image rollup, release date: 2014/12/16,microsoft MSDN. Image Update log:12/29:32 a large customer professional version of the Chinese version 12/24:64 large customer Professional version of the Chinese version

Open-falcon Monitoring Windows Machines

Recently the company launched a new game, using the Windows machine, need to use Open-falcon to monitor the machine.Open-falcon monitoring of Windows is not particularly perfect, Linux monitoring is done through the agent, but the agent under

function Firemonkey get the Desktop directory of Windows current User

The following methods are available only for use with the Windows platform, so you need to use the compile switch with the following code:uses {$IFDEF mswindows}, Winapi.shfolder,{$ENDIF}{$IFDEF mswindows}ConstCsidl_desktop =

Programming of Windows Driver development technology-loading NT driver

Before we loaded the driver is the use of instdrv this application, the principle is to write the corresponding fields in the registry, this section we manually write code to load the driver, the principle is similar:The dynamic loading of a device

Character encoding conversion under Windows

Idea: The input string must end with ' + ' and if the input string does not end with '/', set it manually, otherwise the conversion will have an error.unsigned int encodeutil::ansitoucs2 (char* pansi, wchar_t*& pUcs2){//Pre-conversion to get the

Introduction to Windows Registry

Six key roots in the registry, all data is organized in a tree structure with keys and sub-keys, very similar to the directory structure. Each key contains a specific set of information, and the key names for each key are related to the information

Windows Programming Small Note

最近学习了windows编程,以防忘记,特意来做一下小小的总结,走起!!! 这篇文章主要说两件事:windows消息机制概括,窗口建立过程。 Windows Messaging Mechanism overviewFirst of all:This figure is excerpted from an CSDN blog, thanks to the author, who will tell you the address.In this figure: 1,

Windows Server 2003 CA upgrade to Windows Server ADCS

Log on to the Windows Server 2003 Certificate Server as a domain administrator. Start the-〉 management tool-〉 Certification Authority, open the certification authority 650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://

Actions of the Windows api--cursor

Gets and sets the position of the cursor on the screenGetCursorPos gets the position of the cursor on the screen, the cursor position is always specified in screen coordinates and is not affected by the window mapping mode that contains the

Windows interrupts the Thing


The concept of interruption is often not unfamiliar to the core research, and often we are exposed to many of the terminology associated with interrupts, categorized by software and hardware:Hardware CPU Related:IRQ, IDT, Cli&stiSoftware operating

Configuring WNMP under Windows

Recently try to configure nginx+ph under Windows and summarize here.1, download the Windows version of Nginx, official website?: the Windows version of PHP, official website:

NodeJS, NPM installation configuration steps (Windows version)

1, Windows Nodejs installation is more convenient (after v0.6.0 version, support Windows native), only need to login official website (, you can see the homepage of the "INSTALLbutton, the direct click will automatically download

Windows R2_NLB Load Balancing (detailed)

Directory Directory Load Balance Using NLB to deploy a Web farm cluster Environment preparation Configuring the DNS service in WIN08R2PC1 Deploying File Service files services in WIN08R2PC1 Deploying IIS

Gnuradio for Windows Compilation installation script v1.1.1 Publishing

Gnuradio can also run on Windows, and when installing Gnuradio, a series of PowerShell scripts are automatically downloaded to build in the source. It then relies on a 64-bit native binary file, packaged with Visual Studio 2015, into an. msi.If you

Lamp installed separately (under Windows)

List of installed software:Apache_2.2.9-win32-x86-openssl-0.9.8h-r2.msiMysql-5.1.28-rc-win32.zipPhp-5.2.6-win32.zipPhpmyadmin-3.0.0-rc1-all-languages.zipZendoptimizer-3.3.0a-windows-i386.exeThe installation directories are:C:/php/apache2C:/php/mysql5

Windows Registry Learning Notes

Registry, remember to learn, easy to operate. It is not necessary to take it as an important knowledge, to learn a wave today.I. Registry Cleanup ScriptThe main is to delete the temporary files, old files. Can not delete invalid keys@echo off

Windows multi-user remote link ubuntu system

This problem really bothered me for a long time, took me close to a week, looked at almost all the online blog, google Baidu has searched all over, the great God also asked several times, has not been done. Today, I finally felt the perfect solution.

Microsoft promotes Windows 10 Edge browser's new magic weapon Office 365

Microsoft promotes Windows 10 Edge browser's new magic weapon Office 365 Microsoft is trying to keep users away from earlier ie browsers such as Internet Explorer 8 and Internet Explorer 9, instead of using a new version of Windows 10 Edge

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