Windows system common Network command usage tips

I don't think you'll forget that Windows developed from a simple DOS character interface. Although we usually use the Windows operating system, mainly to the graphical interface to operate, but the DOS command we are still very useful, let me look

Telnet to the current session of Windows Server 2003

[ERROR]: With Windows XP Telnet Server (Windows Server 2003), each time you log on, the server creates a new session for you and cannot access a server-side logged in session. If some programs on the server are now open and want to monitor program

Let Windows XP fix the fault itself

The Recovery Console is a tool used by Windows 2000/xp/2003 to repair a system that enables and disables services, formats drives, reads and writes data on local drives (including drives that are formatted as NTFS file systems), and performs many

How to turn off Windows XP system default sharing

Many friends find it strange that their computers do not have a shared folder set up, but others can easily access the files on their computers. In fact, a lot of times are windows default sharing the trouble, the system defaults to a share for each

Setting time synchronization Cycles in Windows

1. Open the registry: On the Start menu → run item (or press win+r) enter "Regedit" into Registry Editor. 2. Expand the [hkey_local_machine\\system\\currentcontrolset\\services\\w32time\\ timeproviders \\NtpClient] branch, and double-click the

Deep understanding of Windows XP Self-System Restore

First, the basic knowledge of System Restore By default, Windows XP enables System Restore for all partitions, and it is not necessary to use restore functionality for non-Windows XP partitions. To be aware, System Restore is based on a large

Get out of the misunderstanding and debunk the classic Windows XP rumors

Online and a lot of magazines circulated a lot about Windows XP optimization, Introduction, skills and so on, many are regarded as "classic", "Bible", in fact, when we carefully identify these so-called "ultimate skills", we will find that many of

In the System log, "Windows has detected an application listening for incoming traffic"

Q: The server has the following system log Windows has detected that an application is listening for incoming traffic. Name:- Path: C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe Process identifier: 752 User account: Network SERVICE User domain: NT authority

Custom paper type in Windows XP

In the Windows 98 operating system, the paper selection in the printer properties has a "custom" entry that is intuitive and makes it easy to customize the printer paper size, while the "Custom" location in Windows XP is different from Windows 98

Why Windows Paint is suspended from animation

Although there are many software that can edit pictures later, I still like to use the drawing program with Windows when I paste screen capture and save BMP file as JPG format. However, in the use of paint program has encountered a strange problem:

Two strokes to fill Windows 2003 DNS server vulnerabilities

DNS is the abbreviation for the domain Name System. Everyone in the Internet input URL, is through the domain name resolution system to find the corresponding IP address to access the site. But the recent Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 DNS

Web advanced application of Windows 2003 services

One: Set up a virtual host • For a small business, you can use 2003 to structure a Web site. But what if you have two or more Web sites? Do you want to buy another 2003 server to structure your Web site? No, just one 2003 shelves of two Web sites,

Installing and setting up IIS in Windows 2003


Installation article 2003 The default installation is not with IIS, to install, please click Start-> Administrative Tools-> Configure Your Server Wizard And then step by step next. When you are in the list selection project. Select from List

One of Windows 7 virtualization Raiders: System deployment

Along with the release of the Windows7 RC version, Microsoft's virtualization product line has a new member-xp MODE. MP mode is a new and exciting component of Windows 7, and XP mode is designed to solve windows 7 compatibility issues with

Do not ignore DNS settings when configuring domain controllers in Windows systems

The domain controller is the core of corporate network management, and its failure often causes the logon failure of the whole network user's computer. However, when you set up a domain controller, you often ignore the DNS settings, causing the DNS

The filling of bare metal deployment cloud environment: one-stop Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Management

I do not know if you can remember a few days ago, there is a slightly scattered over the VMM to achieve the highest level of bare metal deployment of the post, in the video recording finished upload to Youku before, think about, there seems to be

Resolution of Hyper-V technology for Windows Server 2008

In the past, VMware's Esx Server, Citrix XenServer and other platforms have been the most watched in the Enterprise virtualization arena, but the pattern has changed rapidly with the introduction of Microsoft's Hyper-V professional virtualization

Windows Server 2008 R2 virtualization High Availability cluster five test high availability and fast migration

This article is divided into Test virtual machine 1. Real-time migration, 2. Rapid migration, 3. Mobile Virtual machine, 4. High availability of four functions First open a Ping–t window to continuously ping the virtual machine

Windows Azure Virtual Machine (2) creates Azure virtual Machine

In this chapter I will describe how to create a simple virtual Machine. Windows Azure offers a variety of different types of virtual Machine that contain versions of Windows and Linux. I'll explain how to create a Windows Azure VM that is already

Windows Azure Virtual Machine (1) concept

I've already covered the benefits of Windows Azure PAAs in the previous chapters, summarizing the following: 1. Application-oriented, not the IT base. Microsoft, as a cloud computing provider, lets users focus more on building good software

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