Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (28) Selector: Cachedfileupdater

Selector: cachedfileupdater (cached file update) Introduced Re-imagine the Windows 8 Store Apps Selector Cachedfileupdater-Cache file Update Example First, create a new Windows application store project to update the program as a cached file 1.

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (26) Selector: Custom file Selection window and save window

Selector: Custom file Selection window, custom file Save window Introduced Re-imagine the Windows 8 Store Apps Selector Fileopenpickerui-Custom File Open Selector Filesavepickerui-Custom File Save Selector Example 1, develop a custom file

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (application) file operations in data and package

File system: File operation in application Data, file operation in Package Introduced Re-imagine the Windows 8 Store Apps File system File operations in Application data (application Datastore) Application The settings action in the data

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (23) file system: Text reading and writing, etc.

File system: Text read/write, binary read/write, stream read/write, recent access list and future access list Introduced Re-imagine the Windows 8 Store Apps File system Demonstrates how to read and write text data Demonstrates how to read and

Use MSXML under Windows Mobile

First is the header file: #include Initializing a COM environment: hr = CoInitializeEx(NULL, 0); To create an XML DOM object: IXMLDOMDocument *pDOM = NULL; hr = CoCreateInstance(CLSID_DOMDocument, NULL, CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER |

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (2) button control

Button, Hyperlinkbutton, RepeatButton Introduced Re-imagine the Windows 8 Store Apps Button control button-Buttons Control Hyperlinkbutton-Super Chain button RepeatButton-Press the button to repeat the click action ToggleButton-Toggle State

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (43) Multi-thread tasks

Multi-thread Task: task base, multitask parallel execution, parallel operation (Parallel) Introduced Re-imagine the task of Windows 8 Store Apps Task-tasks based on the thread pool (under the System.Threading.Tasks namespace) Concurrent

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (41) printing

Introduced Re-imagine the Windows 8 Store Apps Print Example 1, need to print the document Print/printpage.xaml " " WEBABCD Print demo Microsoft Microsoft (microsoft,nasdaq:msft,hkex:4338) Inc. is the world PC

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (39) Contract: Share Contract

Introduced Re-imagine the contract for Windows 8 Store Apps Share Contract-Right sidebar called Charm, where "sharing" is called Share Contract Example 1. Demonstrates how to develop a shared source Contracts/sharecontract/sharesource.xaml

Learn about Windows Phone7 Development (13. Six Web Controls)

is the browser control in Phone7, which is internet-based Explorer7 and can be embedded directly into the application. This control also has a number of differences from Windows Mobile. In addition, this control, like MediaElement, is just a basic

Resolve the BCD management tool under Windows 7

The BCD (boot Configuration Date) is the system boot configuration data, which was introduced from Windows Vista. We know that in Windows Vista/server 2008 the Bootmanager component is responsible for initializing and booting the system, while the

Windows 7 first intimate contact with EeePC

Laptop magazine has successfully installed the Windows 7 Ultimate Pre-Beta version on an ASUS Eee PC 1000H. On the Eee PC, which has only atom N270 1.6GHz processors, 1GB memory, Windows 7 is running well, as is the case with Vista Basic, with only

Windows7 and other Windows dual-system issues

Install the Windows 7 RC and other microsoftwindows to form a dual system (of course there are "main" has "deputy": for "Vice" is naturally WINDOWS7RC). There are two reasons: 1. "RC" is a critical candidate release, the system function has been

Selected highlights of Windows 7 system operation tips

In Windows 7, the number of combination shortcuts has been further increased, and the following quick combination can make your daily operation faster and more convenient. The first is the shortcut keys for window management and manipulation. Win +

Windows 7 multi-color theme customization and sharing

Personalized Control Panel In earlier versions of Windows 7, you might have noticed that Windows 7 includes many desktop background themes, window colors, and mouse clicks, and that these topics are placed in the Personalization control Panel.

Enterprise Deployment Windows 7 Guide

From the Windows 7 Beta to the RC version, I'm sure everyone is experiencing all the new features it brings us. Whether it's security, controllability, efficiency, simplified management, and so on, Windows 7 brings us unprecedented expectations. At

10 new discoveries for Windows 7 RC

More versatility for Aero Peek Aero Peek is a new feature in Windows 7, and Aero Peek is popular with users as early as the Windows 7 Beta phase. Aero Peek offers 2 basic features. First, through Aero Peek, users can view the desktop through all

Enterprise or will fancy the power management in Windows 7

In addition to the improvements in interface and performance, power management in Windows 7 can be a significant improvement over Vista. Power management in Windows is often used to adjust the balance between performance and energy efficiency, and

Use the Windows 7 Desktop Action Recording tool

In Windows 7 Beta1, Microsoft has built up a problem feedback component--send Feedback, which can be used to directly submit Tester recommendations or fault issues to Microsoft, thus maximizing communication between the two parties and helping with

How to play the Simplified Chinese Language Pack for English version of Windows 7

Accidentally, discovered that the TechNet Plus has released a Windows 7 Beta download. But also has the Simplified Chinese language pack. Oh, like beginning something new me, directly downloaded and carried out the installation test. Find this build

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