11th Chapter Windows thread Pool (1) _ Traditional Windows thread pool

11th Chapter Windows thread pool11.1 traditional Windows thread pool and API11.1.1 traditional thread pool objects and their corresponding APIs Thread Pool object API Normal task thread pool

[00020]-[2015-09-18]-[00]-[windows Socket Select model]

int Select (int Nfds;Fd_set far* Readfds;Fd_set far* Writefds;Fd_set far* Exceptfds;const struct Timeval far* timeout;);#define FD_SETSIZE 64typedef struct FD_SET{U_int Fd_count;SOCKET Fd_array[fd_setsize];}fd_set;struct Timeval{Long tv_sec;Long

Windows OpenSSL generates RSA private key and PKCS8

Generate RSA private key Open Bin folder under Openssl.exe, enter Genrsa-out RSA_PRIVATE_KEY.PEM 1024 convert RSA private key to PKCS8 format Input command Pkcs8-topk8-inform pem-in Rsa_private_key.pem-outform pem-nocrypt generate public Key input

Use DISM to change a Windows image to a higher version

Copy the install.wim that need to be processed to the C:\Test directory, then the C disk to establish the offline directory, and the C disk to maintain a large enough space, more than 10G, as "administrator" into the "command Prompt"1. Mount the WIM

Windows command-line process monitoring queries

? use Windows commands to query what process the port is consuming ? One, the problem description How to use the window command to see what process is occupied by a portKnowledge Points:tasklist,netstatTwo, Solution1, open CMD2, for example, we

How to install Windows XP system under Windows7 System (unable to recognize hard disk, delete hidden partition)

First, the hard disk mode settingsTo set up the hard drive mode, or install the operating system, the hard disk is not recognized at all, naturally unable to install the operating system. This step is primarily to resolve an issue where the hard

Enable the Telnet feature in Windows to see the DOS version of Star Wars

?? Enable the Telnet feature in Windows to see the DOS version of Star WarsTelnet is a simple, but very popular, protocol used to exchange data between two of computers. It is often used to test computer programs, and the functionality of Telnet is

Ionic today released the IDE Ionic Lab for Windows Desktop Edition

Ionic Introduction: Ionic is a powerful HTML5 application development framework, known as the Advanced HTML5 Hybrid mobile AppFrameWork is a AngularJS mobile solution that helps you to use WEB technology, than such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Windows Batch Processing

Note: Must be saved in ASCII format and the file name cannot contain ChineseBasic command:@echo off echo means maneuver, and here's what it means, echo off, which means to turn off echoing. The previous @ means Echooff this line will not echo you

(RING0) Windows kernel gets process full path based on PID

Recently wrote Ark, found that windows in the kernel does not directly provide such a kernel API, no way, do it manually. I searched a bunch of them on the Internet and wrote a function.defined in the header filetypedef NTSTATUS

Install Testlink under Windows

Because no test case management tool has been used in the project, if necessary, it is written in the excle of the individual to save, because there is no systematic record of the test methods and test cases at the time, each time the need to test

Windows Serer Technical Preview 3 Explore –6 Configuring Group Policy

Configuring the IE option from Group Policy is the simplest, make sure that the previous Group policy is linked or is applied on an OU You can use the tools in the top right corner of the serve console to open it. 650) this.width=650; "title=" image

Windows platform using Nginx configuration Nodejs Program

IntroductionNginx("Engine x") is a high-performance HTTP and reverse proxy server as well as a IMAP/POP3/SMTP server. Nginx was developed by Igor Sysoev for the second rambler.ru site of Russian traffic, and the first public version 0.1.0 was

"Windows Programming" series 11th: Multi-Document Interface framework

The example above is a single-document interface framework, which means that the client area inside the window is a document interface that can be programmed to input or draw text and graphics output, but not multiple documents. For example, the

Skip the upgrade from WIN7/8, directly format a new installation of Windows 10 and automatically permanently activate the system by way of tutorial

Skip the upgrade and directly activate the new Win10 Method Step Tutorial: Download ISO image for Windows 10 system In your current Win7/win 8/8.1 system, use Daemontools or right-click to select the image that loads the WIN10 Locate the

WinMgmt service does not exist or is marked for deletion Windows Management Instrumentation This service cannot start

The service does not exist or has been marked for deletion. (Exception from hresult:0x80070433)650) this.width=650; "src=" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/73/17/wKiom1X0IojBf1J1AADHiQEOhho231.jpg "title=" service. JPG "alt="

Video card detection under Windows system

http://blog.csdn.net/cnjet/article/details/7827827Because the graphics card manufacturers in the actual project will have special handling in some details, many programs also need to detect the video card and deal with the situation. How to detect

Getting Started with Lua for Windows 01

Because of the urgency of the project, I didn't have time to study the basics of Lua and went straight to the gun. In the process of writing, it was discovered that the programming language was so beautiful for the first time.With the full

Windows Server Note (vi): Active directory Domain Services: users (4)

Active Directory User Properties "Accounts" tabThe Account tab shows the user's login name and other settings for some accounts, and you can set the time at which the user logs on to the domain (select a good region, then choose Allow login or deny

Windows batch processing: automatically deploy common software (Silent Installation) and batch processing common software

Windows batch processing: automatically deploy common software (Silent Installation) and batch processing common software I. Introduction I have been testing to use domain group policies to automatically deploy software for a short time. First, the

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