Windows compiler Leveldb

Windows compiler LeveldbFlyfish 2015-7-8Leveldb is an open source disk where Key-value storage is written by Google Jeffrey Dean and Sanjay Ghemawat.EnvironmentOperating system: Windows x64Compiler: VC2010ConfigurationNeed boost library support,

Apache2 and PHP5 installation Configure the most streamlined configuration steps under Windows

Windows most streamlined configuration step 1. Download and install PHP5, unzip directly, such as extract to d:/php5.6.9. (see Php5apache2_4.dll in the directory for apache2.4) 2. Download and install the Apache2 (download a non-MSI-formatted

View the number of rows in a large file (Windows and Ubuntu)

WindowsOn the Windows platform, we can use many tools to open a file and see its number of rows, most commonly Ms Office Word, Notepad, and so on. In MS-DOS, we can also use edit mode to open a file, but it can open up to 65280 rows of data. Here is

Windows Batch: Automatic check of network connectivity

Detecting network Connectivity I'm using the Cong approach, which is " External Network -- Gateway -- Intranet -- This machine " , the implementation of the script is also based on this order Ping to detect, in order to improve the detection speed,

How to compile Wireshark source code on Windows

after a few days compiled Wireshark source of pain, record their own compilation of Wireshark experience, hope to be able to compile wireshark in the future people some help. This method is able to compile the latest Wireshark source code, and now

Introduction to the Windows Azure ad password self-service reset feature

Introduction to the Windows Azure ad password self-service reset featureWhen it comes to Windows Azure, of course, Azure is currently divided into international and domestic (Century interconnect) two versions, two versions of the features are

Using Ncview in Windows Cygwin

1. Use Cygwin setup.exe to install NetCDF, HDF5, Curl, Libxaw, Libice, Udunits, Libexpat and libpng:In the Select Library interface search: "netCDF", "Hdf5", "curl", "Xaw", "Libice", "Udunits" "Libexpat" and "libpng"Install the following

Zabbix Windows Client installation settings and server mail notification settings

Http:// Modify the fileD:\zabbix\\conf\\zabbix_agentd.logserver=

Comprehensive analysis of Windows Memcache technology applications

I. Introduction of MemcacheMemcache is a project, the first to serve LiveJournal, many people around the world use this cache project to build their own heavy load of the site, to share the pressure of the database. It can handle any

On the problems of Compute_image_mean.exe in Caffe-windows

These two days have the interest to install the next caffe, feel this frame.But in this process encountered a lot of problems, I have encountered problems and solutions to write down, easy for future generations to get started.When the Compute_image_

Allow Windows Server 7+ + IIS to support 100,000 concurrent requests (reprint)

Transferred from:, around 17 o'clock in the afternoon, Blog Park blog site This error message appears:Error Summary:HTTP Error 503.2-service UnavailableThe [email protected] setting is

The display process after Windows reads a text file

Windows first transforms the text data into the encoding format that it uses internally: Unicode, and then follows the Unicode of the text to find the font image in the font file, and finally displays the image to the window. Summarizing the

"Windows Programming" series Third: Text character output

In the previous article we showed how to create a basic control using the Windows SDK, this article discusses how to output text characters. When programming with WIN32, we often want to output text to the window, all of the text characters or

Windows System environment variable path priority test report

Transferred from: always thought that I was already operating windows, today in its help to see a large unknown command-line tool, but this essay has nothing to do with these tools, but I

Using Makefile (ii)----compilation under Windows

It is necessary to set the "need to execute =" "Mspdb60.dll, and it is installed in the =" "c:\msdev\common\msdev98\bin=". If you write the program is not just a simple = "" program, but also used = "" MFC, the same can be in the = "" console= ""

Install, uninstall, start, and stop Windows Service (InstallUtil.exe) with the cmd command

Steps:1. Run--〉cmd: Open cmd Command box2. Locate the InstallUtil.exe location on the command lineInstallUtil.exe The default installation location is in c:/windows/, so you need to navigate to that location in CMD

To unblock windows from hiding protected operating system files

For folders:1. To unbind a folder from a disk (example):attrib d:\ "program Files"-s-h/s/d2, unblock all folders of a disk forcibly hidden (example):attrib d:\ "*"-s-h/s/d--friendly tip: In the example above, D: is the disk letter; The quotation

Windows 72 Activation Tool (REMOVEWAT,CHEW-WGA)

Original link:"WAT" is the abbreviation for Windows Activation Technologies. "Removewat" can be translated as: "Remove Windows Activation technology.

Atom Windows version of incomplete Chinese method with code

Just released Atom 1.0. At first sight, I liked it. Don't really like the Big vs code.Unfortunately no Chinese, so find ah find. Finally found a Dabbler method to Chinese-Don't like to sprayView the official development document Https://

A small script that automatically synchronizes files under Windows

Share two of your own bat scripts that automatically synchronize files under Windows (Tiger O (∩_∩) o)*******************************************************************@echo offColor 02REM uses Goto and lftp to implement timed automatic uploading

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