Windows Programming Series Second article: Windows SDK Create basic controls

In the WIN32 SDK environment, how do you create common basic controls? We know that if we use MFC, simple drag and drop to complete the creation of most of the control, but since we are programming with the Windows SDK API, of course, from the root

Windows Settings Connect Timeout

1 //tcpclient.h2 #ifndef Tcpclient_h3 #defineTcpclient_h4#include 5#include 6#include 7#include 8 9 Ten externSOCKET Connectsocket; One intConnectser (); A - #endif //Tcpclient_h1 //tcpclient.c2#include"tcpclient.h"3 4 using namespacestd;5 6 //need

Windows cmd command line displays UTF8 character settings (chcp command)

In a Chinese Windows system, if a text file is UTF-8 encoded, the contents of the file are not displayed correctly in the CMD.exe command-line window (the so-called DOS window). By default, the code page used in the command-line window is Chinese or

Port forwarding (port mapping) with Netsh for Windows command line

The netsh Microsoft Windows is a command-line scripting utility. Using the Netsh tool, you can view or change the network configuration of a local computer or a remote computer. Not only can you run these commands on your local computer, but you can

MDT Update 1 Preview Deployment Windows 10 's WDS Deployment service configuration

In this chapter, you configure the WDS server, and the only difference in the Getting Started tutorial is that this experiment is described in "Integrating with Active Directory."1. Open the Windows Deployment Services server, right-click the server,

DotNetBar for Windows Forms Glacier Blade re-packaged original release-with official sample program version

About DotNetBar for Windows Forms Glacier Blade re-packaged version-------------------- Glacier Blade re-packaged version---------------------------------------------------------Based on the official original installation package +

Get out of your own Windows development and incorporate the development of the program ape

Since 2014.7.9 to join the * * Soft research, has been doing the development of Windows UI, the main language is C + +; Time passed quickly, and there was no time. Perhaps there is no energy to write some records, but the more you feel the need to

BAT script handles Windows files

Background: The following script uses the Export file list, move files, copy files, report system information, segment execution functionsMainly for in the Easeware company, in the software bug, the required file extraction.Code Snippet

Issues that Windows uses Excel to export

. NET under "Retrieving the CLSID in the COM class factory as {00024500-0000-0000-c000-000000000046" when you manipulate Excel and Word with Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel and word }, the component failed because of the following error: 80070005

Windows configuration NTP server

Configure the Windows time service to use an external time source Administrators can configure the Windows time service on the PDC operations master at the root of the forest to recognize the external Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) time

Windows 10 archiving, troubleshooting & application recommendations for some bugs

I ' m a Windows insiderRecently joined the Windows Insider program, primarily to experience the Windows 10 operating system that will be released immediately (7.29).First, briefly describe the features of the Windows Insider program:

Windows platform HTTP Proxy Server Setup (ccproxy)

HTTP Proxy (Ccproxy)First, topology diagramIi. installation and configuration of Ccproxy 1. Install ccproxy (1) Download Ccproxy wireless hack version (not cracked only support up to three users simultaneous connection). (2) Follow the instructions

windows+caffe+vs2013+cuda6.5 Configuration Records

After half a year, because of the needs of the paper, and re-start research Caffe. Thanks to the contribution of Niuzhiheng's GitHub great God, Caffe is already available under Windows. Reference to a lot of great God's blog, successfully configured

Cygwin compiled FFmpeg library under Windows

FFmpeg in Linux is quite simple to compile, only need to configure, and then make a bit on it.If you need a dynamic library, add a--enable-shared to the back of the Configure to be OK.But under Windows is not very easy, in the online search for a

Config Windows virtual machine on Mac VirtualBox and related extension pack from Downloads/index.html2. Download the Windows virtual machine from Install Virtual machineA. Open

Windows view Port de-Port occupied

Reprinted from: Enter the command prompt input Netstat-ano to see all the connected PID after the PID in the task Manager to find the corresponding program if the Task

Windows Server DHCP server upgrade

The big environment for this experiment is the DHCP server for Windows Server 2003, which is directly upgraded to Windows Server 2012, a solution that is more used in today's real-world production environments, and has previously done Server 2003-to-

Windows 10 Development Diary (iv)--when the binding encounters async--The problem leads

The importance of binding to MVVM is needless to say, the importance of binding to the DataTemplate is needless to say, the importance of binding does not need to say much, Async also need not say more, today is the end of it ...---------------------

Windows 10 Development Diary (v)--when binding encounters an asynchronous--solution

In the previous chapter, a question was raised and three solutions were proposed in this chapter:Solution One: manual asynchronous conversion, the core idea: put the binding thing into codebehindFilteritemcontrol.xaml:

Windows Server 2008 Setting up FTP server Chinese file cannot be uploaded

1, upload Chinese file error:650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" Qq20150531105345.jpg "alt=" Wkiol1vqegbzbapmaaeccojwzy4144.jpg "/>2. Solution:Locate the Advanced settings for

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