MariaDB installation and configuration of the Noinstall version under Windows

1. Download and unzip the Noinstall compressed package, assuming the extract to the D:\APP\mariadb-10.0.17-winx64 directory (MariaDB 10.0.17 Stable): 2. Create Profile My.ini (D:\APP\mariadb-10.0.17-winx64\my.ini)This file can be

Backup and restore of Windows Server 2012R2 databases

Backup and restore of Windows Server 2012R2 databasesExperimental Simulation : Beijing has a main server, need to create an additional domain controller in Shanghai, but Shanghai and Beijing network latency is large, normal replication is

Windows inter-thread message communication

Using a message is one of the common ways that threads see communication. Windows also provides a number of functions to achieve this. The main functions used are postthreadmessage (), PeekMessage (), GetMessage ()Send message:General messages are

Windows thread Synchronization "4" read-write Lock (Rwmutex)

In a video player program, this architecture is often used:A thread that is responsible for reading the file, is responsible for reading the data from the media file and putting the packet in a packet queue, and another thread is fetching the packet

VC Windows API App getdesktopwindow--get desktop all window handle method

Windows APIIn addition to coordinating application execution, allocating memory, managing resources, Windows is a multi-job system ... , it is also a large service center, invoking the service center of the various services (each service is a

Git commits an empty directory under Windows

@echo  offsetlocal enabledelayedexpansionrem ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++rem pp:pre  process, preprocessing remrem  handling git ignores empty directory issues rem  Note: rem 1, the file is placed in the GIT project root directory, before

Windows SVN Server Configuration

1. Download the file,  download the latest version of subversion, here I choose visualsvn-server-2.5.7.exe 2. Install Subversion server   because I downloaded the setup.exe version, System variables are set automatically after Setup is installed. If

Freeglut Windows programming on NetBeans

There are many inconveniences in using Freeglut to develop OpenGL applications under Windows: OpenGL in Windows Cygwin is implemented in two ways. One is the WIN32API approach, but this approach does not support Freeglut. Another way to

How Windows Server 2012 implements dual-NIC binding

Before Windows Server 2012 we were on the server if we were to implement a dual-NIC binding, we would need the appropriate software for the server manufacturer, but now the advent of the powerful Windows Server 2012 saves us all the hassle, Because

"Windows" implements producer-consumer models with semaphores

Producer-consumer models for thread concurrency:1. Two processes operate on the same memory resource, one for the producer, and the other for the consumer.2. The producer fills in the data to the shared memory resource and waits for the consumer to

Fedora 21 Virtual Box installs Windows XP SP3

installing Virtual Box and Windows XP SP3 during Fedora The first step:download and Install Virtual BoxThe first method:Download address:;According to system, we-click onVirtualBox 4.3.20 for Linux hosts,

Game making road: Game engine selection, under Mac and under Windows Unrealengine 4 experience comparison, documentation and more

Choice of Unrealengine 4 and Unity3dSubscribed to the UrealEngine4 (UE4) developer. I started to do Web sites with the ASP. NET and C #, and then do the site although the exchange of more convenient PHP (because it is a small site). I want to say

Install Yeoman on Windows

Before directly installing node. js, run npm install-g yo command, the result of what "to install framework2.0 sdk,vcbuild" What the error, how also bad, the result is a variety of premise environment is not set up good->->1. Install Ruby:

HDU-1509 Windows Message Queue Priority Queue frolicked problem. Windows Message QueueTime limit:2000/1000 MS (java/others) Memory limit:65536/32768 K (java/others) total submission (s): 4120 Accepted Submission (s): 1620Problem

File Sharing for Windows service R2

Work Assignment DescriptionHT Company temporarily configured a separate server FileSvr, the company's employees want to access a shared folder share on the server from their own computers . and implement the following functions:Experimental Tasks

Lua 5.2 Compiling for Windows


Lua 5.2 Compiling for Windows 1 Downloads Lua Source: HTTP://WWW.LUA.ORG/FTP/2 compiled, compiled in two ways. 1 compile with VS compiler 2 with vs command-lineCompile with vs: (I don't understand)

Windows 10 Error Troubleshooting-Why does the Thunderbolt player stop responding in Windows 10 for a long time?

This two days introduced Microsoft's Windows Azure to several customers, there are several wonderful demo I also recorded the video. No Chengxiang Thunder player seems to be in my Windows 10 preview version of the disease, every time you open the

The Windows Azure Service Bus (4) topic (TOPIC) uses VS2013 to develop Service bus Topic

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles CatalogIn the author's previous article in Windows Azure Service Bus (1) FoundationDescribes the Service Bus Support topic (TOPIC). Such as:  When 2 clients subscribe to the same topic (TOPIC) at the same

Exercise 5.1 uses Cvsmooth to test the effects of different smoothing methods and the effect of different smoothing windows on the effect of processing

"Study OpenCV" Chinese version 5th Chapter 1th question Outline Topic Requirements A program code B Program code C Program code Result picture Title

Basic concepts of Windows and views

I. The relationship between Uiwindow1.uiwindow and UIView(1) UIWindow is a subclass of UIView, which provides the display area of the view;(2) UIWindow inherits from UIView, which contains the viewable area of the application.Creation of 2.UIWindow

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