Windows process Cleanup Scripts

The company unified with the notebook ThinkPad t440p, super difficult to use, often full of memory, hard disk card dead, but also can not control the machine! The heart that uncomfortable ah! Hey, don't say it.Wrote a script to force the shutdown of

Windows Forms controls for listing options

The controls that can provide a list of options have a ListBox, ComboBox, CheckedListBox, how to properly use and select these controls, and this is discussed below. First, the functions of these three controls are described separately:ListBoxThe

Cnblog The Windows Live Writer client configuration

Always forget to re-install the system, prepare a gearCnblogBlog nameCnblogLog Account 359444066Password: With QQ password, less than QQ oneNote: If the automatic configuration is not successful, manual

How to open eml files under Windows 7 and Windows 8

eml format file is a file format that Microsoft Company uses in Outlook Express to follow RFC822 and its subsequent extensions, and becomes a common format for various types of e-mail software, which is the format of e-mail export. and in Windows 7

Demonstrates how to install Windows Server 2012 under a VM. And deploy the DNS service

as Microsoft continues to update the system version, more and more companies have chosen Windows server2012 . windows2012 currently has two versions: Standard Edition, data Center Edition, respectively. There is no difference in functionality

NDK Development environment Construction and development process under Windows

in the development of Android applications, whether it is a game or a common application, it is often used. So is a dynamic link library, about. So what kind of thing, what is the advantage, this everyone can check on the Internet, I do not do too

Several ways to get a DC handle under Windows

The 1.sdkwin32 API function obtains the DC handle in the view class hdc HDCHDC=::GETDC (M_hwnd);:: ReleaseDC (M_HWND,HDC)//must release handle 2. Using MFC to get the DC handle CDC *pdc= GetDC (); ReleaseDC (PDC)//must release handle 3. Use

Windows Step by Step Corerun

Only 3 files started: CoreRun.exe, Coreclr.dll, mscorlib.dll, HelloWorld.exeRun command: Corerun HelloWorld.exeError:Assert failure (PID 9672 [0x000025c8], thread:16280 [0x3f98]): 0! + 0x0 (0x00000000 ' 00000000)

Recover after removing Ubuntu partition under Windows XP

Recover after removing Ubuntu partition under Windows XP1. A situation occurs when a ubuntu10.04 partition is deleted in Computer Management under Windows, and all Linux partitions become green and become free space. Work with partitioned tables try

APACHE2.2+PHP5 installation steps under Windows

APACHE2.2+PHP5 installation under WindowsBeginners in the study of PHP may encounter the installation of Apache and PHP unsuccessful problems, so many developers chose the integration package, one-click installation of Apache+php+mysql. However,

Install php5.2.*,php5.3.*,php5.4.* version of Memcache Extension (RPM) under Windows

Expand Installation and Commissioning methods:Write debug PHP files Also found that when the PHP extension file does not match, Wamp not error, the command line execution will be error.Wamp configuration Memcache said it was sad.1. The most

Windows character encoding

Standard encoding and decoding functionsEncoding, current default encoding goto UTF-8BOOL CodeToUtf8 (const std::string &SSRC, std::string &sdst){int ineed = MultiByteToWideChar (CP_ACP, 0, Ssrc.c_str (),-1, NULL, 0);if (0 = = ineed){WriteToLog

One, Windows Server 2012R2 Hyper-V installation deployment

Click "Server Manager" on the taskbar 650) this.width=650; "title=" 1.jpg "style=" Float:none; "src=" Wkiol1t4axkjf7weaafqe3afi6o175.jpg "alt=" Wkiol1t4axkjf7weaafqe3afi6o175.jpg "/>2. Next step650)

Putty access to Ubuntu on Windows

1. install Ssh-server in ubuntu for remote login A) installation:sudo apt-get install openssh-server b) Open service:sudo/etc/init.d/ssh start Then confirm that the Sshserver is started:Ps-e |grep SSHIf only ssh-agent that Ssh-server has not started,

Windows RAC Delete failed node, adding node instance operations document

Windows RAC Delete failed node, add node instance action documentPlatform Introduction :( os:windows Server 2004, oracle: )Implementation steps:( 1 ) Reinstall Rac2 the operating system( 2 ) Delete node( 3 ) to add a new node( 4 ) To

Ibevent using the sample timer under Windows

One main loop each server has a main loop, and in the process of starting the main loop, the following functions are used:Create successfully returns an event with default settings base//Create failed return nullstruct event_base *event_base_new

Source Code for Windows Create dialog box

Source Code for Windows Create dialog box Define a member variable, When calling DoModal (), the data to be added to the ComboBox is written into this member variable, and the ComboBox is initialized in OnInitDialog void Cmyview::onshow ()

200M mysterious hidden partition in Windows 7

Bare Metal new windows 7 users, run Diskmgmt.msc after the installation is complete open Disk Manager, and you can see a hidden partition of size 200MB before the system partition (typically the C partition). What is this special hidden partition

Animator Windows View Project View Playeridleanimation and Playerwalkinganimation

Animator Windows View Project View Playeridleanimation and PlayerwalkinganimationWith the previous section, we created 2 new animations: Playeridleanimation and Playerwalkinganimation. And when you click the Play button in the animation view, you

Bootstarp Learning (24) modal popup--use of modal pop-up windows

In addition to controlling modal popups through Data-toggle and Data-target, the bootstrap framework provides additional custom data-properties for modal pop-up boxes to control modal popups. For example: whether there is a gray background

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