CommandBar in Windows Phone8.1

Before opening:If you are interested in Windows 8.1 related AppBar and CommandBar controls, it is highly recommended that Wang Lei's blog ParkLink: Re-imagine Windows 8.1 Store Apps (72)-New controls: AppBar, CommandBarAnd not know the name of the

When the number of logical CPUs for a Windows host is more than 32, Database startup hangs

Bug 9772171-database startup hangs on Windows if machine had more than cores [9772171.8]Using a specific version of Oracle DB (specifically standalone, non-RAC) under Windows, if Windows has more than 32 logical CPUs, Oracle DB may not start up, or

MFC child windows and parent windows

MFC child window and Parent window (Setparent,setowner)Category: VC + + Learning 2012-08-17 16:55 553 people read comments (0) favorite reports Mfclist Data Structure NullwindowshierarchyTurn from:

MFC child windows send messages to the parent window

 MFC child window sends a message to the parent window (test succeeded 20110117)Category: VC + + Learning 2012-08-17 17:22 4327 People read Comments (4) favorite reports Test MFCUSERCIn MFC, using a user-defined message, a child window sends a

Implementation of the Ping function under Windows (VC + +)

The online implementation of the ping function of a lot of code, previously used a piece of code, the Windows user group under the user operation will fail, the following post a usable PING.cpp:Defines the entry point for the console

Install UNO under Windows, configure Aeroo_report (Openoffice4 has been upgraded to Python2.7.5 version)

From: Recent units to a OE, but OE7 a new update a day, I do not know what year end. Idle nothing to write a little experience, not known as the tutorial.Ubuntu is open source, the system is also

Windows Server Learning Article: Server connection and exit

This article is my early in the company issued a new induction programmer basic Technical training articles, very basic simple, now come out for everyone to share. Of course, the working people can directly ignore ...One, Windows Server connection1.

Under Windows configuration using WinPcap

0. PrerequisitesWindows:win7 x64WinPcap version: 4.1.3WinPcap Development Kit: 4.1.2Target: Configure the list of network adapters installed in the target computer using WinPcap in VS20101. Download the WinPcap

Network Programming under Windows

Client-side Programs#include "stdafx.h" #include #include #pragma comment (lib, "Ws2_32.lib") int main (int argc, char* argv[]) {WORD sockversion = MAK Eword (2,2); Wsadata data; if (WSAStartup (sockversion, &data)! = 0) {return 0; }

Windows Background Services Program authoring

Windows Background Services Program Authoring1. Why to write a background service programThere is a program in the work to be written in the form of back-office services, groping a bit, share with you.In the Windows operating system, a background

Installation of JDK and environment variable configuration in Windows environment

First, the Preparation tool:1.JDKJDK can be downloaded from the websiteHttp:// SystemThis is WINDOWS7 64 system.The corresponding JDK can be downloaded according to the

Windows uses the SVN command

Without installing the TORTOISESVN client, you can find the SVN client tool under Windows. Select Win32svn to install.After installation, the bin directory is the corresponding program. Add the bin

Use putty to manage Ubuntu12.04 LTS installed in VMware Workstation virtual machines under windows

Windows implementation of Ubuntu12.04 LTS installed in VMware Workstation virtual machines with putty Login1. Download putty software:, download Putty.exe, the software is not allowed

Windows registers and cancels the registration of a DLL or OCX


Original: Windows registers and unregister a DLL or OCXFirst, what is a DLLDLL, is the short form of the dynamic link library, the Chinese name is the dynamically linked libraries.A DLL is a library that contains code and data that can be used by

Windows finds the process that occupies the port

Step one: Identify the process number that listens on the specified port:C:\> Netstat-ao | FINDSTR 443TCP sean-notepc:0 LISTENING 12776The last one is the process number, 12776.Step two: Find the process that corresponds to the process

Windows Performance Monitor

Front-end time is a dynamic target monitoring, the application needs to consider the large data volume and multi-user concurrency, the performance of the system is an important measure of the implementation of the solution. Here is a simple record

Windows and Xcode under compile debug Libcurl source code

Curl is a familiar tool for everyone. A few days ago, to track the implementation details of curl, we had to try to build a Curl debugging project. We set up debugging under Xcode on Windows Visual Studio and Mac, respectively. Here are some details

JS in document. The difference between URL and Windows.location.href

In fact, the difference between the two objects, document and Windows, already contains the answer to this question.Documents represents a Document object, and Windows represents a Window object.There can be a lot of document objects under a window.

Methods for drawing mathematical function images under windows

First, install the relevant software Install VirtualBox in Windows; Install Ubuntu Server in VirtualBox; Installing Cifs-utils:sudo apt-get Install cifs-utils in Ubuntu server; Installing Octave:sudo apt-get Install octave

Debian installation from hard disk on Win7

Debian installation from hard disk on Win7Recently, I have been trying to build my laptop into a Win7 + Debian dual system. No matter how optimized, it is really hard to open a Linux virtual machine on a 2G memory Win7 notebook. After a period of

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