Windows thread Synchronization

Windows critical section, kernel event, mutex, semaphore. Critical section, kernel event, mutex, semaphore, all can complete the thread synchronization, here put their respective function call, structure definition, as well as apply the situation to

Windows VM password reset under Windows Azure

Windows VM password reset under Windows AzureSpeaking of the password problem, I believe that the administrator is a headache, especially as a large enterprise administrator, the use of server password is very troublesome, why so to say, because the

Commands for counting the number of rows under Windows

We all know that in Linux, the number of text lines can be wc-l command, for example:-bash-3.2$ Cat Pif_install.log | Wc-l712But how to count the number of lines of output text under Windows, the answer is to use the FIND/C command1. Count The

Build Apache server under Windows

Apache server is a Web server based on HTTP protocol, Apache server uses CGI developmentDownload the Apache server first, the download is completed, a compressed file will be extracted and the

Phpnow Configuring gzip on Windows

From the server-side optimization, the size of the text file can be greatly reduced by compressing the server, so that the speed of loading is multiplied. Currently, a more general compression method is to enable gzip compression. It sends the page

Windows Active Directory Family---Distributed Active Directory Deployment overview

An overview of the AD DS components:What is an AD DS domain?The AD DS domain is a tool that combines the logic of users, computers, and group objects together for centralized management and security. All of these objects are stored in the adds

Windows System Variables

%allusersprofile%: Lists the location of all user profile files.%appdata%: Lists the default storage location for application data.%cd%: Lists the current directory.%clientname%: Lists the NetBIOS name of the client when joining to a Terminal

Windows Data types

The following are the Common window types for MSDN:1. The interface type of the calling function: Data type Describe Apientry The application portal, calling the Convention's system functions, is defined in

NodeJS, NPM installation configuration steps (Windows version)

1, Windows Nodejs installation is more convenient (after v0.6.0 version, support Windows native), only need to login official website (, you can see the homepage of the "Install" button , the direct click will automatically

Install YAF and git under Windows

Have to say Win7 installation yaf is much simpler than installing YAF under Mac1. Phpinof () Take a look at your PHP version. My is PHP 5.4 so I choose to be php_yaf-2.1.9-x86-5.4-zts-nodebug.dll, then there are two 5.4 versions of the DLL we should

Windows Phone8.1 App Submission

Last night, tried to put a WP8.1 application submitted to the Microsoft Store, during the period encountered a lot of problems, the morning has not been set up. This morning, finally put WP8.1 application successfully submitted up.Here's how to

Windows Nginx Basic Commands

Windows Nginx Start, stop, and other commands Under Windows to use Nginx, we need to master some basic operational commands, such as: Start, stop Nginx service, Reload Nginx, and so on, I will do some simple introduction.1. Start: C:\server\nginx-1.0

Windows Azure Service Management request validation

Security considerations and Design, Windows Azure service requests must pass security authentication, in the way that there are two types of authentication:1.Authenticate using Azure Active Directory (active catalog authentication)Secure requests to

What does "Lua, Luajit, tolua++, LUA for Windows" really matter?!


I was a beginner of Lua, and I was so bewildered by these things.The official website is:lua: for windows:

Sync data between Windows with Rsync (Cwrsyncserver configuration)

Rsync is an excellent data synchronization software, in cross-server, cross-room, multi-national backup server of the preferred tool, below to describe how to configure the installation Cwrsyncserver most software is B/C architecture, Cwrsyncserver

Windows Server 2012 Configures multi-user remote Desktops

Some time ago because more users need to remotely connect to Windows Server 2012, but found a half-day also did not find Remote Desktop management, and finally found the following method from the search, tested feasible!Open the registry and enter

Windows program run Process

Windows application:WinMain function (entry function):1. Design window class, register window class; wndclass2. Create Windows, display and update windows;3. Message loops;Window procedure function (callback function): WindowProcPs:dos Program entry

Dell shot to help Microsoft "kill" Windows XP

Microsoft has found a helper to "kill" windows in a world where nearly 15% of desktop computers are running Windows XP, the It house reported, as early as this April, when it stopped supporting Windows XP. XP system and persuade users to upgrade to


Reason:In general, Apache is running 80 ports, such as Apache after the boot run localhost:80 can appear it works page, where 80 can not write, will default. The default port when Tomcat starts is 8080 port, need to add 8080 after localhost, but

ES system encapsulation tutorial advanced edition provides Windows 7 and Windows XP system download (bylsyz0021)

ES system encapsulation tutorial advanced edition provides Windows 7 and Windows XP system download (bylsyz0021)I changed it. Due to some link problems, all software downloads are now okay.Welcome to my blog ES system

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