ORACLE11G Environment Setting-windows environment

New environment variable (system variable), variable name: Oracle_home variable Value: E:\app\Administrator\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1New environment variable (system variable), variable name: Oracle_sid variable Value: SID valueModify the path

Application of Windows mutex object on thread synchronization

Use of Mutex objects when thread synchronization1 Multi-threading issues that occur when a resource is sharedIn a program, if a different thread is working on the same object, there is a possibility of a problem caused by thread switching. For

Use cmd command netstat to view system port usage under Windows

Start-run--cmd Enter the command prompt to enter Netstat-ano to see all the connected PID after the PID in the task Manager to find the corresponding program if the Task Manager does not have the pid , you can select the Task Manager "View"-"Select

VC: Developing applications using Windows Sockets

Socket programming based on TCP (connection-oriented)First, the client:1. Open a socket (socket);2, initiate connection request (connect);3, if the connection is successful, then the data exchange (read, write, send, recv);4, the data exchange is

Create a simple process for Windows services

1. First open VS2010 (or other version) to create a Windows service project2. After the creation is switched to Code view, the code defaults to the OnStart and OnStop methods to perform service opening and service stop execution, the following code

Installation of VirtualBox under Windows system, the system cannot find the way to specify the path

In the virtual machine software, VMware, Virtual PC, and so on are not supported by the current version of Windows 8 installation. Helpless, only a choice of--vitualbox. But a lot of friends after the download of Vitualbox, the installation in

git for Windows cannot commit modified processing

In git for Windows, there is no commit modification, prompting the open shellAfter the open shell, using git add [filename], you will get an error:Fatal:unable to create './.git/index.lock ': File exists. If no other git process was currently

3. Using Ubuntu server to set up a standalone hard disk-based Windows file sharing and FTP server (Samba sharing)

It's not hard to create a samba file share, but the point is to create a Linux account (to match the samba account) and set up shared folder permissions. In particular, the Permissions section, compared to not so intuitive windows, understanding of

One of the series of learning and thinking about Windows programs

1. Registration of window classesThe simplest of the program is to create a simple window, and the window program is created based on the window class, and the window class determines the process function that processes the window

Windows-based socket-related functions and examples

Link Ws2_32.lib LibraryHeader file # include Winsock initialization1 int WSAStartup (WORD wversionrequested,lpwsadata lpwsadata);Wversionrequested:winsock version information, constructed with Makeword macro, Makeword (2,2).Lpwsadata:wsadata the

Why are fewer people on Windows computers on OS X?

Q: Why do many people install Windows on a Mac, but few people install OS X on a PC? (Note: Typically, we define a PC that runs Windows, while the Mac OS is OS X)A: The real popularity of the iphone has allowed more Chinese consumers to recognise

Windows programming--creating windows

The first Win32 program, simple to create a window:#includeLRESULT CALLBACK WndProc (HWND, UINT, WPARAM, LPARAM);intWINAPI WinMain (hinstance hinstance, hinstance hprevinstance, PSTR szcmdline,inticmdshow) { StaticTCHAR szappname[] = TEXT

Windows Driver Development Fundamentals (eight) memory management

Windows Driver Development Basic series, reprint please indicate source: a 32-bit computer, he has 4G of real physical memory. But this is not enough, so introduced the concept of virtual

Compilation and use of Luajit under Windows

1. Download luajit,download>>2. CompilingStart –> program –> Microsoft Visual Studio xx–> Visual Studio tools–> Visual Studio command promptThen switch to Luajit's SRC directory and run Msvcbuild.bat3, the generated Luajit.exe, Lua51.dll, JIT copied

Windows Azure Chinese Blog Windows Azure Getting Started teaching series (i): Creating the first Webrole program article transferred from: is the first article in a series of Windows Azure introductory teaching articles. In the first tutorial,

iphone 6 picture recovery is a Mac and Windows yet still efficient

iphone 5 recover Photos can recover Nine types of txt content Whatsapp,calendar,reminder,app document,contacts,messages,n Otes,safari Bookmark,call history and sorts of multimedia items WhatsApp Attachments,camera Roll,app Videos,app Audio , Message

System Variables for Windows

System Variables for Windows Current system drive Letter %systemdrive% or%homedrive% = c \ Current system directory %systemroot% or%windir%=c:\windows Current User profile folder %userprofile% or%homepath%=c:\documents and settings\administrator\

Windows Driver Development Fundamentals (iv) driver compilation debugging and Installation

Windows Driver Development Foundation, reprint marked Source:'s talk about how to compile the driver after it's developed. Generally there are several ways to do this:1. Create makefile file,

Use the ERD disk to solve the problem that Windows 8 cannot be started after automatic update

Use the ERD disk to solve the problem that Windows 8 cannot be started after automatic update Use the ERD disk to solve the problem that Windows 8 cannot be started after automatic update A desktop with Windows 8x64 system installed cannot be

Update the NIC Driver and fix the blue screen netr28x. sys Driver file error when the win7 Ralink RT3290 Nic is sleeping on the computer and when the NIC is started.

Update the NIC Driver and fix the blue screen netr28x. sys Driver file error when the win7 Ralink RT3290 Nic is sleeping on the computer and when the NIC is started.   Update the NIC Driver and fix the blue screen netr28x. sys driver error when

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