Windows Azure Create Management database

Windows Azure Create Management databaseIn the previous article we introduced the features on Windows Azure, which today mainly describes how to create SQL databases and manage databases on Windows Azure. Databases created on Azure can only be

VBA script for Windows to create desktop shortcuts

Dim Wshell, Oshortcut' Dim strdesktop$ ' in order to be compatible with VBS,Dim strdesktop ' Here rewrite, test pass ...Set Wshell = CreateObject ("Wscript.Shell")Strdesktop = Wshell.specialfolders ("Desktop")Strdesktop = strdesktop + "\ Search

Windows command-line service operations

Due to the previous period of time to do a large number of data warehousing work, found that the storage program after the execution, Oracle.exe occupied the system memory is particularly large.After completing the inbound step, the program will

Windows Setup Progject: Modifying the default installation path

After you establish Windows Setup project, the system path is selected by default when the program is installed-in the following format: [Programfilesfolder][manufacturer]\[productname], in general, the default path is \ C Program Files (x86)

Windows Client Development Debugging Tools

This article describes Windows common development and debugging Common development and debugging tools1.1 SysinternalsThe kernel is built with a large number of Windows system Tools, Windows development must artifact, the great God

Windows Server 2008 Remote Desktop Connection changes--unlimited connections

1. Turn on Remote DesktopMy Computer |  Properties |  Remote Settings |  Remote | To allow computers that are running remote desktops that use Network Level authentication to connect (more secure) (N)2. Configure the number of connections per user

Installing Mapnik on Windows 7

Environment:1. Windows 7_64 bit2. Python 2.7_32 bitSteps:1. Download the Mapnik SDK downloaded the Windows-bit SDK2, the download SDK decompression, I store location is D:\mapnik-v2.2.03, set the system environment

Slime: KVM installs Windows Server R2 using Virtio hard drive

This article starts in the slime row World .In the previous article, we introduced the use of the IDE hard disk to install Windows Server R2, which we described using the Virtio hard disk to install Windows Server R2.Description: The default hard

Slime: KVM Installs Windows system blue screen

this article starting at Slime Line the world . Learning about KVM has been taking place recently, and experiments have been done in VM VMs. Today, the company has a free server, directly to install CentOS, KVM, and so on, and related

Use of the Windows SDK hooks

Problems encountered in the process of using SetWindowsHookExFunction prototypesHhook WINAPI SetWindowsHookEx ( _in_ int idhook, _in_ HOOKPROC lpfn, _in_ hinstance Hmod, _in_ DWORD dwThreadID);  WinHook.hWinhook.h:interface for the Winhook

Time zone information in Windows

TimeWindows API does not provide the ability to directly get information for specific time zones, and time zone information in Windows systems is stored in the registry in the following location:HKEY_Local_MachineSoftwareMicrosoftWindows

Using the FSharp code compiler in a Windows PowerShell session

Using the FSharp code compiler in a Windows PowerShell session$fSharpCode = @ "Moduletest Let HelloWorld = "Hello World!!!!" printfn "%s" HelloWorld Let rec Loop n = seq [ if n           () Else yield N; yield! Loop (n-1) ] |> seq.sort printfn "%A" (

Procedures for Win32 Windows programs

Review the Win32 Window program Design a window class;Registration window class;Create a window;Displays and updates the window.Message loop, to get the message;The message response for the window procedure function. Design window

ZOJ 2724 Windows Message Queue

A-Windows Message Queue (10.2.1))crawling in process ...crawling failedTime Limit: -MsMemory Limit:65536Kb64bit IO Format:%lld &%lluDescriptionMessage queue is the basic fundamental of Windows system. For each process, the system maintains a message

Microsoft Post Internal recommendation-sde2 (Windows-audio)

Microsoft's recent open positions:SDE2 (Windows-audio)Windows Partner enablement team in Operating System Group are looking for a software development Engineer (SDE) in Shanghai To enable the components for the Windows mobile devices on Intel

About the enhanced security configuration for Windows Server IE browser

After the default win server system is installed, IE will open the enhanced security configuration by default, and there are many restrictions on the use of some feature controls. How to turn him off?Open the Server Manager for Win server, select

Windows Server R2 VDI Series (iv)-Create a virtual desktop collection

The RDVH role has been configured, and next we can try to create a collection of virtual desktops to verify the configuration of the RDVHHere we need to note that we need to prepare a template machine as a template to create a virtual machine, this

2.Windows Service-On-load service

1. Use the VS component "VS2012 Developer Command Prompt" tool to perform an on-load service (must be run as "Administrator")When installing and uninstalling, select the appropriate installer tool address, for example:Installation Services:

Windows password penetration technology based on hooks and MMF

With the popularization of computer and network , information security has become a major concern of people. The penetration and reverse osmosis of passwords has intensified in this area. This paper analyzes the characteristics of each version of

Modify xml files in DOS batch processing and xml files in dos batch processing

Modify xml files in DOS batch processing and xml files in dos batch processing In the past, batch processing and dos were only at the cd ping ipconfig level. I thought it should be very easy to change the file. If I read the file and replace it with

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