22nd: Re-write Windows driver, then play WinDbg---NET

2011 up to now, no more Windows drivers.Recently, as a result of the project needs, try to change a graphics card driver (kmdod), in practice, I proved in theory to a driving architecture is correct or not. (USB Display = Kmdod + avstream).Among

Windows 7 system Installation MySQL5.5.21 diagram

Win7 System Installation MySQL5.5.21 diagramWe all know that MySQL is a small and medium-sized relational database management system, very useful, for us to learn a lot of technology is helpful, a few days ago I installed SQL Server 2008 and Oracle 1

Network wireless card support issues in Windows 2012

The wireless network card driver is supported for Windows 8.1, but after the driver is installed, it is unable to start the network card. Online search found that the service inside the network of a process can not start, and 2012 Forget the

Windows application file format conversion control LeadTools EPrint Professional

The LeadTools EPrint Professional control is a versatile, integrated file conversion solution that helps you convert files or images from any Windows application to 150 types of files, including: PDF, DOC, HTML, TXT, TIFF, JPG, GIF, PNG, and

Docker installation under Windows and Hello World

This article mainly describes the installation of Docker under Windows. The introduction and documentation about Docker can be found in its official website: http://www.docker.com. Installation environment: Windows7.The Docker engine uses a custom

Into the world of Windows programming-----character encoding

1 character encoding 1.1 encoded history 1.1.1ASCII code0=127 7-bit representation1.1.2ASCII Extension Code0-255 8 for the expression.Code page: Toggle the corresponding character by code (numeric representation)1.1.3 Double-byte character set

Debugging tips--windows Port number is occupied

Debugging tips Whether the port number is occupied by the--windows ports concept10.0.0.0~,, conceptIn network technology, the port has roughly two meanings: the first is the

32-bit programs access the Windows registry on a 64-bit system

Today, in the course of the work encountered a strange problem, that is, through C # to get the registry key, the problem is generally relatively simple: stringSQLPath =string. Empty; RegistryKey HKML=Registry.localmachine;

Registering a bat batch file as a Windows service

C:\USERS\LENOVO>SC Create MyService binpath= "C:\Program files\restartoracle.bat"Type= Share start= auto displayname=" Autostartoracle Services "[SC] CreateService successC:\users\lenovo>services.mscC:\USERS\LENOVO>SC Helpsc query MyService querying

Install under Windows, configure the GCC compiler

to use the GCC compiler under Windows:1. First introduce the next MinGW MinGW is a compilation environment that uses only free software to generate pure Win32 executable files, which is minimalist GNU on Windows merchants. In fact,

Configure VirtualBox virtual machines to enable data exchange between Ubuntu and Windows systems as Putty access

First, directly modify the Ubuntu IP system configuration filethe network configuration file for Ubuntu IP is:/etc/network/interfaces can be set up after the DHCP or manually set the static passive IP. The front auto eth0, let the network card boot

Windows Dib file operation in detail-4. Using the DIB section

In order to improve the display performance and efficiency of the DIB, we converted the DIB to DDB, but there was a problem, and if I wanted to manipulate the data of the DIB, it was obvious that DDB could not be used: first, because of the color

Change the Windows console default buffer rows and widths

The Windows Console window defaults to a small number of displayed rows, which sometimes cause the previous content to be lost when there are many things to display. Very uncomfortable.So GG, on the StackOverflow found the answer ~ ~ ~How to set it

Windows Performance Monitor

Front-end time is a dynamic target monitoring, the application needs to consider the large data volume and multi-user concurrency, the performance of the system is an important measure of the implementation of the solution. Here is a simple record

Post a blog with Windows Live Writer 2012

First, software preparation:The latest version of Windows Live Writer 2012, but does not provide a separate installation package, it is with other Microsoft software (including MSN, Window Move maker, etc.), the software size is 131M, official: http:

IE11 for Windows 7 Enterprise with SP1 failure

This fault is very strange, and unloading IE11 is useless. Programs that unload these add-ons are also not available.Follow these steps to complete: success1, reset IE failed.2. In regedit, search for the following class ID from Root/clsid, delete.3,

Questions about writing to Windows log event without any records

On the local or server, write the Windows event log code, do not error, but open the Windows Event Log record panel, but do not see any records, it is likely that your current user does not have permission to write something. At this point, we do

Windows 8, close any Windows prompt for "stopped working" workaround

The computer with the good, suddenly appeared to close any window all prompt "has stopped working", every time is like this, think that is occasionally optimized, and recently did not modify what system settings Ah, suddenly think of last night

Announcement: CSDN Blog Channel supports Windows Live writer offline blogging

Dear Csdn Users:Hello!In order to better serve the users, CSDN blog channel has supported Windows Live writer offline blogging. Windows Live Writer officially launched on May 29, 2014 ! Welcome to the first-mover experience!With WLW, you can now

Installation of 64-bit Apache server under Windows

Transferred from: http://www.blogjava.net/greatyuqing/archive/2013/02/13/395308.htmlThe first thing to note is that the APACEH server does not have the official 64-bit version, only the folk master himself produced. The following are the specific

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