USB flash drive for Windows 7 Download Tool cannot start installation Windows7 SP1

Previously installing WINDOWS7 with this tool has been normal and has not encountered an issue that cannot start the installation. Windows7 SP1 out, use this tool to make the installation of multiple machines can not boot installation (brand and

Windows Server R2 WSUS-11: Classic Client Error-handling

In the actual WSUS operations, there may be situations where you need to manually adjust the client or server, for example, because of Group Policy, or if the refresh interval is not present, and the client (including the client and server) does not

Windows Server R2 WSUS-12: an example of a classic troubleshooting operation

This article mainly discusses two kinds of errors, one is in the actual deployment, due to incorrect configuration steps caused by abnormal update error, the other is the completion of WSUS deployment, in the late operation of the process of errors,

I understand the Windows interrupt management

Only talk about external interrupts for Windows kernel Management, exceptions and traps are not listed in this article.1. Windows interrupts overall appearanceIn Windows, the physical interrupt source is abstracted into the kinterrupt structure. An

Explore new feature points for Windows 8.1 Update

Windows 8.1 Update has been in use for some time, and the overall feel is much more convenient than Windows 8.1, especially for mouse users.Apply Tile sizeIn the app tile click the right mouse button, there are small, medium, wide, senior size for

Windows Server R2 WSUS-10: Process overview

This article is about to say a patching process, generally patching process is divided into test environment testing and production environment installation two parts. If the size of the enterprise is small, there is no perfect process system, there

memcached Windows Modify Port

To use memcached in Windows, you must first download the memcached for Win32 installation. : After decompression, simply enter the following command in the command Window c : \memcached\memcached.exe-d

The English version of Windows Server supports Chinese display

1: Open Start Menu and click Control Panel to open it2: Click Clock, Language, and regions (clock, language, and region) under Change display Language (changing the language)3: Switch to Administrative (Administration) tab. Click Change System

Mfc:windows how to differentiate the mouse double-click and two clicks

On the Windows platform, the left mouse button is pressed, released, and the quick two clicks produce wm_lbuttondown, Wm_lbuttonup, and WM_LBUTTONDBLCLK messages. But what does windows differentiate between two consecutive mouse buttons, two

Detailed description of Windows XP individual folders

Problem DescriptionWindowsDocument IntroductionSummary├windows│├-system32(StorageWindowssystem files and hardware drivers)││├-config(User configuration information and password information)│││└-systemprofile(System configuration information for

Windows keyboard shortcuts

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts tab and window shortcut keys CTRL + N Opens a new window. Ctrl+t Opens a new tab page. Ctrl+shift+n Opens a new window in Incognito mode. Press

How to build Windows Azure PowerShell Source Code

Download any version source code of the Windows Azure Powershell from Downdload WiX toolset from and install it to let your VS supports WiX compone Nt.

Windows Programming Socket issues

Today, debugging an MFC network program, the bug bothered the day, and finally resolved before the end of the call.In general, we need to use the host computer to remotely control the machine car ahead. The keyboard key response of the MFC app on

Windows Server R2 WSUS-9: Common console options configuration

In the WSUS console, many options are provided by default, which provides a good way for us to better manage and use WSUS. First, take a look at the "Computer Cleanup Wizard", generally we can run the Computer Cleanup Wizard every month to clean up

Windows 2008R2 +mdt2013+wds (3)

The last time we had the simplest MDT configured, now we need to do a bit of refinement, that is, to modify some configuration files to make the installation process more simplified and convenient. Here I would suggest you take a look at the

A detailed tutorial to install a program into a Windows service using Srvany.exe

Srvany.exe IntroductionSrvany.exe is a useful gadget for the Microsoft Windows Resource Kits toolset to run any EXE program as a Windows service. That is to say, Srvany is only the service shell of its registered program, this feature is very useful

Windows 7 All-in-one for Dummies

"Windows 7 All-in-one For Dummies"Woody LeonhardMain direction: Windows + OfficeManage Web Sites Works: Windows 8.1 All-in-one For Dummies Windows 8 All-in-

Some records about Windows event log

1.log File storage location:File name ends with. evtXp/windows Server 2003:%SystemRoot%\System32\ConfigWindows vista/7/server2008 location,%systemroot%\system32\winevt\logs2. Open Event Log View:eventvwr.msc3. Microsoft recommends that log files be

Use of anonymous pipelines under windows

Windows sometimes need to use multi-process programming, sometimes because a complex process needs to open a new process for processing, or just need to call an existing EXE, and so on, when creating multiple processes, communication between

Set up QT programs to run automatically after Windows is powered on

(Transferred from: the software run automatically at system startup, by modifying the registry implementation.Add the program path you want to start in

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