Windows Server R2 new features for common VHDX virtual disks

There is a new feature in Windows Server R2, which benefits from the ability to use one VHDX virtual disk in both systems. Let's test it out here.1. Open Disk Management on a single server click "Actions"--"Create VHD"650) this.width=650; "style="

Windows Server R2 WSUS-1: Deployment Environment Overview

Starting today, I'm going to start writing a new series of articles, from planning and deployment of WSUS to operations and troubleshooting, that will involve all aspects of WSUS. The introduction of this series will be based on WSUS in Windows

Windows Server R2 WSUS-9: Common console options configuration

In the WSUS console, many options are provided by default, which provides a good way for us to better manage and use WSUS. First, take a look at the "Computer Cleanup Wizard", generally we can run the Computer Cleanup Wizard every month to clean up

windows open Firewall policy allows FTP ports to pass through

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Echarts jqplot Embedding Extjs4 Windows component methods

The JS component drawing is ultimately drawn in a div or DOM element with a specified ID,In the project may need to draw in the ExtJS container, studied, can be realized by the following ideas, methods to share with you:1, first make a container,

WF in Hours reading notes-Hour 1-understanding Windows Workflow Foundation

1.1Hour 1-understanding Windows Workflow Foundation1.1.1What workflow are in general A workflow is logic-consisting of one, or more steps, that's predicated by one, or more conditions-that a system or person Must perform to complete a

A detailed tutorial to install a program into a Windows service using Srvany.exe

Srvany.exe IntroductionSrvany.exe is a useful gadget for the Microsoft Windows Resource Kits toolset to run any EXE program as a Windows service. That is to say, Srvany is only the service shell of its registered program, this feature is very useful

Comparison of Windows Azure queues with service bus queues

6.5.1Multiple InheritancePython also supports multiple forms of inheritance. A class that can inherit multiple base classes is defined as follows:Class Derivedclassname (Base1, Base2, BASE3):...In most cases, in the simplest case, you can think of a

Resolution of the first line indent problem for Windows Live Writer

It's really handy to write a blog using live writer, but there's a simple question that I can't solve, that is, the blog is always unable to indent the first line, try a lot of methods, there are problems: Directly add full-width spaces. It

Installing Gruntjs under Windows

You need to install node. js before you install Grunt.js. For this tutorial, I've installed the node. JS v0.10.0.I'm going to install grunt.js v0.4.1. Warning: If you have installed Grunt.js 0.3.x or a lower version, please uninstall it first.Grunt

Windows 2008R2 +mdt2013+wds (2)

The last time we added the image, we started adding the driver for the computer. We can go to the computer's official website to download the computer's various system drivers.4.2.3 Open the working directory of MDT, we open the Out-of-box Drivers

Introducing the Windows Presentation Foundation

Introducing the Windows Presentation FoundationWPF is a library that provides a new model for developing the user interface, and the applications that use it to create desktops are more advantageous than Windows forms; WPF also provides new

Recover Grub after Windows 7 installation

Install Windows 7 and Debian 7 dual systems. Installed a second boot could not be found. Install Debian 7 First, then install Windows 7,debian Grub is overwritten. Here is my recovery operation, can be successful, record down, lest next encounter,

Express is not an internal or external command (Windows) solution

Please set environment variablesNote "D:\soft\nodejs\" This is the author himself installed in the node JS directory on the computer, please modify theIf the installed Express is 4. X will install express-generator otherwise the Express directory is

VS2005 SP1 on Windows Server

There is no problem when XP installs VS2005 SP1, but in the server edition, it will ...A problem occurred:Error 1718.File C:windows\installer\3951d.msp did not pass the digital signature check. For more information on a possible resolution for this

Windows and Ubuntu 10.4 dual system boot sequence

Modify the/boot/grub/grub.cfg file/boot/grub/grub.cfg file, which differs from the old version (prior to 9.10 version/boot/grub/menu.lst), and for security purposes, the file defaults to read-only property, so you must first change its file

Github for Windows installation

With Git, there are GUI versions that can do a variety of things, more convenient than the command line, and the installation links are as follows: Http://, there are various versions, I chose GitHub for Windows:System is

Simple Windows Job management (you didn't get it)

First put the code out, and later have time to study! Simply put, the job is equivalent to a sandbox, allowing the program to be active within a certain range.#include "stdafx.h"#include "Windows.h"#include using namespace Std;Security_attributes sa;

Windows Local Grab Pack

Method One:Wireshark is not able to crawl the packet, it needs to be set.Here's how:①: Run cmd as Administrator②:route Add native IP mask gateway IPAlso need to set up the router (do not know how to set, I know if you can tell it) to

UVA 618-doing Windows (violence + math)

Topic Link: UVA 618-doing WindowsThe main topic: give the computer desktop size W and H, now on the desktop there are 4 windows, give the initial size of the window, asked if you can adjust the size of each window (the length and width of the ratio

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