22nd: Re-write Windows driver, then play WinDbg---NET

2011 up to now, no more Windows drivers.Recently, as a result of the project needs, try to change a graphics card driver (kmdod), in practice, I proved in theory to a driving architecture is correct or not. (USB Display = Kmdod + avstream).Among

Windows 7 system Installation MySQL5.5.21 diagram

Win7 System Installation MySQL5.5.21 diagramWe all know that MySQL is a small and medium-sized relational database management system, very useful, for us to learn a lot of technology is helpful, a few days ago I installed SQL Server 2008 and Oracle 1

Create a secondary zone for DNS in Windows Server 2012r2

1. Open Server Manager in DNS01, click Tools, select DNS650) this.width=650; "src=" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/38/68/wKiom1OzzdnCfSyOAAPSEq8pLKw101.jpg "style=" float: none; "title=" qq20140702165545.jpg "alt=" Wkiom1ozzdncfsyoaapseq8plkw101.jpg

What happens when I click the "Close" button in Windows?

For Windows Operations, the window function receives a wm_destroy message when the user taps the Close button.The window function should call PostQuitMessage (0) to insert a wm_quit message into the message queue. GetMessage If a wm_quit message is

How to GitHub SSH public key under Windows

Windows under how GitHub SSH public key 1. Install git and open "Git Bash" 2 from the program directory. Type the command: ssh-keygen-t rsa-c "[email protected]" "[email protected]" is a GitHub account 3. Remind you to enter the name of the key,

Network wireless card support issues in Windows 2012

The wireless network card driver is supported for Windows 8.1, but after the driver is installed, it is unable to start the network card. Online search found that the service inside the network of a process can not start, and 2012 Forget the

How to add an HP network printer to Windows XP

The company has an HP LaserJet 3052 network printer, Windows 7 and above the installation network printer is not a problem, but Windows XP system installation can not be installed successfully.Finally, think of a way to see what TCP/IP port the

Windows Server IIS7 503 Error Resolution

Windows R2There are often 503 errors in the access, before the default configuration, the server can handle up to 5,000 simultaneous requests, this afternoon due to a situation caused by the simultaneous request more than 5000, the following is the

Odoo (OpenERP) on Windows Azure

OpenERP renamed to Odoo, feel strange name. Windows Azure has also come into the country, learning for some time azure, and put it together to engage in the door! This series of articles does not involve development, purely environmental

Windows Server 2003 installs ArcGIS 10 related issues

Previously installed on the server was ArcGIS 9.3, this time to upgrade to ArcGIS 10, this article mainly records the installation and encountered problems and considerations.1. Uninstall ArcGIS 9.3Before installing the new ArcGIS must uninstall the

Windows application file format conversion control LeadTools EPrint Professional

The LeadTools EPrint Professional control is a versatile, integrated file conversion solution that helps you convert files or images from any Windows application to 150 types of files, including: PDF, DOC, HTML, TXT, TIFF, JPG, GIF, PNG, and

Win32 Windows Programming Four

A Window registration and window creation process1 WIN32 Window Program creation stepsDefinition of 1.1 WinMain entry functionDefinition of 1.2 windowsproc function1.3 Registration windowRegisterclass/registerclassex 1.4 Creating windowsCreatewindow/

VMware ESXi 5.5 cannot synchronize time with Windows NTP Server

The author needs to face the environment for time synchronization has a higher requirement, and the virtualized environment time is more prone to problems, you can refer to the previous blog post Why is the synchronization on the domain controller

Use batch processing to start stop service under Windows

There are more and more software and services running on the system, but the memory is limited, which causes the computer to become more and more slow. As a developer, it is clear that many services are required to run a lot of resources, and most

Windows, view the IP address of the process's connection, batch mode, and finally Excel

1.CMD, Netstat-ano, copy to UltraEdit2. Replace the double spaces with a single space, which is repeated many times until all are replaced. Next, point 20 times to replace the line.3. Replace the single space with ^t, which is the tab character.4.

Docker installation under Windows and Hello World

This article mainly describes the installation of Docker under Windows. The introduction and documentation about Docker can be found in its official website: http://www.docker.com. Installation environment: Windows7.The Docker engine uses a custom

Configuring JDK Environment variables under Windows

1. Install the JDK, the installation process can customize the installation directory and other information, such as we choose the installation directory for D:\Program files\java\jdk1.6.0;2. After the installation is complete, right-click on "My

Into the world of Windows programming-----character encoding

1 character encoding 1.1 encoded history 1.1.1ASCII code0=127 7-bit representation1.1.2ASCII Extension Code0-255 8 for the expression.Code page: Toggle the corresponding character by code (numeric representation)1.1.3 Double-byte character set

Win32 Windows Programming Five

A WIN32 message mechanism1 message mechanismProcess-driven: programs are executed in the order that we pre-defined them, and each step is executed in a predetermined order until the end of the programEvent-driven: The order in which programs are

Deep Learning: getting started with Git in Windows (below)

Disclaimer: as I am still in the exploratory stage of Git learning, my understanding of some concepts may be just out of context. Please forgive me for your misunderstanding and misinterpretation!1. Concept of branch 1.1. We can use the word

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