How the Enterprise buys Windows Server 2012R2

Windows Server 2012R2 has been out for some time, and many enterprises are still using the server version system of Windows Server 2003 or server 2008\R2, for some businesses that want to buy Windows Server 2012R2 , you can refer to how Microsoft's

Overview of the mail server for Windows Server2003

Recently went into the pit, every time the mail server is a little bit of a problem.Comb the main points of the mail server:1. A static IP address is required and the correct DNS server is set up.The 2.DNS server needs to be configured with the

Windows Server cleanup System garbage log file

Windows Server system disk if it is a 2003 system, then we default to 10G of space is enough, but sometimes we inadvertently to check the system disk when found to have used 9.9G, in fact, most of the garbage log files occupy the system disk space,

Windows Server cleanup System garbage log file

Windows Server system disk if it is a 2003 system, then we default to 10G of space is enough, but sometimes we inadvertently to check the system disk when found to have used 9.9G, in fact, most of the garbage log files occupy the system disk space,

Windows system modifies remote Port batch processing

Windows Server default port is "3389", this one port is very easy to be scanned by hackers, generally installed the server system will be the system's remote port changes, which need to change the value of two keys in the registry, For a lot of

Windows Server 2012 70-413 authentication Explanation

Question 7You need to recommend which changes must is implemented to the network before you can deploy the new Web application.What should do include in the recommendation?A.change the forest functional level to Windows Server R2B.upgrade the DNS

The Magic application of batch processing in improving Windows management efficiency 01

The Magic application of batch processing in improving the efficiency of Windows management::1.3::echo. Show Blank Lines::A For loop for the value range loop@echo offEchoCreating file0.txt ~ file99.txtEcho.Echo.::for/l%%n in (0,1,99)/L indicates

Make File Transfer Manager available on the new version of Windows

Recently studied. NET NATIVE, I heard that the second preview version was released, adding X86 support, so the next page to find the link to is: look on the

[node. js] has to prevent minor errors under windows

Typeerror:arguments to Path.join must is strings at F (path.js:204:15) at object.filter (native) at exports . Join (path.js:209:40) at exports.send (E:\nodejs\demo\\node_modules\express\node_modules\

Workaround for Windows Server 2012 when you enable Windows feature NetFx3

Author: freezing Point Sunshine | may be reproduced, but must be in the form of hyperlinks to indicate the original source and author information and copyright noticeWebsite:

Disassembly Windows htonl () function

Because I write a network program in the system kernel sometimes need to call htons htonl such functions to convert, but because the kernel can only call the C runtime Library, the other API can not be called. I have also been exposed to a little

Essential Diagram for Windows forms Drawing Control plots and download addresses

Essential Diagram for Windows forms is a scalable, high-performance model. NET platform, which can be used to develop interactive drawing and diagramming applications like Microsoft Visio, storing graphical objects in nodes, supporting vector and

Connect to Windows Remote Desktop

Tag: c A uses the Management Server windowWindows Remote Desktop Connection succeeded1. Native system windows7, connect to target server windowsserver2008r22. Server-sideInstall Telnet Server, add features, features summary, management, computer3.

Xceed Docking Windows for. NET window grouping control download and detailed introduction

Xceed Docking Windows for. NET is a window docking and floating, window Auto-hide, window grouping control, has the perfect appearance, supports MDI application as well as Tabbed-mdi, can save and load the window layout, can contain any. NET control.

Windows Azure Series-basics-How to create a virtual machine

First, use your own Windows Azure account to login to the management platform, find and click on the "Virtual Machine" tab, you can see the current cloud platform you have a virtual machine instance, in my environment now

How to implement voice recording under Windows XP

Problem Description:Record a video with screen recording software to record a video successfully, but you can't record the sound inside the video.Cause of the problem:Because most of the current sound card, can not directly through the function of

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Deployment Magic Winmail

Today, friends Company to do intranet, demand is mail and file sharing, before the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Deployment Magic Winmail 4.7 is basically simple, installed simple configuration can be used normally. Think of 2003 is too old so to a

Installation of one of the Windows Server R2 WDS Deployment Services

WDS Concepts:Windows Deploy Services (Windows Deployment Service) implements automatic deployment of the operating system in the enterpriseWDS Installation conditions:WDS requires a domain environment, a DNS server, and a DHCP server because the

Windows Server R2 WSUS-13: Deploying Level Two WSUS

In some of the larger branches, the number may be thousands of people, this time you can consider a separate WSUS server in the branch, the WSUS server directly contact the headquarters of the first-level WSUS to update, and then through the Group

Erlang communicates with virtual machine nodes under Windows

When you deploy an Erlang project under Linux, many of the development processes are done in Windows and then released to Linux, so the testing process is done under the virtual machine. One day, because you want to use Erlang graphical tools such

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