Issues related to the use of Windows under ADB

Issues related to the use of Windows under ADBApplicable environment:Under the Windows xp,win7 can be done under this article, WIN8 did not experiment, but the operation settings are approximately the same, in addition to the 4th step, the location

Windows 7 system Installation MySQL5.5.21 diagram

Win7 System Installation MySQL5.5.21 diagramWe all know that MySQL is a small and medium-sized relational database management system, very useful, for us to learn a lot of technology is helpful, a few days ago I installed SQL Server 2008 and Oracle 1

A simple description of Windows dual-NIC cross-network

Now generally work with notebooks, which have at least two NICs, wireless and Wired. This example is the use of wireless Sisu network, wired intranet, so that the external network can connect to an example of the intranet.About this thing in fact

Management of Windows Server2008 domains

Lab Report Experiment Name: domain management Experiment Description: Install Active Directory, create domain, manage domain Users and groups, apply Domain Group Policy Experimental topology: slightly Experimental steps: First, in the Windows

Windows network commands

First, PingThe main test is the correctness of the TCP/IP protocol configuration and current network status.The basic usage format for the ping command is: ping IP address/hostname/domain name [-T] [-a] [-N Count] [-l size]- T: Ping the IP

How to use Git and GitHub Warehouse management projects under Windows

First, download and install gitThere are several implementations of the current version of Windows Git, but we chose the Msysgit release, which is the best compatibility for the time being.: git

Windows Batch Processing

1. Date as a variable as part of the file name. C:\Documents and Settings\simon>echo%date%2008-09-09 Tuesday C:\Documents and Settings\simon>echo%date:~5,5%09-09If we need to add a custom delimiter, such as the format you want to YYYY--MM--DD, you

Win32 Windows Programming IX

Use of resources1 Resource FilesIcon cursor String menu Accelerator Key dialog Resource bitmap and so onResource script file-the extension RC file defines information such as resources and related filesResource Compiler-RC.exe2 Icons Resource icon2.1

Reinstall MSDTC on Windows

Reinstall MSDTCThe system reported an unexpected error condition. Can resolve this condition by uninstalling and then reinstalling the Microsoft distributed Transaction Coordinator Ser Vice (MSDTC).To perform this procedure, you must has membership

Windows system command-line mode setting IP, routing, DNS

Win+rCmdRoute-f #首先清本机路由Netsh #准备设置Interface #进入接口模式IP #进入ipv4设置Add address "Local Area Connection 2" gateway gwmetric 1 #指定设备并对其设置ip, routingAdd DNS "Local Area Connection 2" index=1 #指定设备并对其设置首选dnsAdd

Windows Server, DHCP high availability

the new features in the DHCP server for Windows Server 2012 are as follows:1.DHCP Failover:This feature provides the ability to configure IP addresses and options for two DHCP servers on the same subnet or scope, provided that the DHCP service is

Installing Apache server under Windows

One, install Apache, configure the success of a common Web serverRun the downloaded "Apache-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi", the following interface appears. The Apache HTTP Server Installation Wizard interface appears, click "Next" to continue. Confirm

The current path is incorrect when the program starts in Windows services

Many times we need to write our program in the form of a Windows service to make it self-booting. Today, when a program is registered as a Windows services startup, the current program is set to the CurrentDirectory system directory

How to change the desktop icon in Windows Server R2

How to change the desktop icon in Windows Server R2Windows Server R2 has been published on MSDN and TechNet Plus subscriptions, and Goxia has been downloaded and tested for the first time. From the changes in the UI, Windows Server R2 (WS08R2) uses

FreeSWITCH compiling the Windows version

Download FreeSWITCH's recommended 1.2.23 version of the source code, which comes with the VS2012 project scheme file, after repeated attempts, now found a little bit of tricks.Because the compile time to download a lot of dependent library files

Windows File System architecture

├-windows│├-system32 (Storage System files and hardware drivers for Windows)││├-config (User configuration information and password information)│││└-systemprofile (System configuration information for recovering the system)││├-drivers (for storing

Windows Services and Desktop interaction (reprint)

Windows Services is in session 0 of Windows 7 by default, and desktop programs are in Session 1, and they cannot be interacted by defaultUse the following method to enable the service to interact with the desktop by ticking properties, login, and so

WINDOWS.SERVER.2003.R2 Simplified Chinese Enterprise Edition x86 x64

Two disks, and the second one is the R2 installation Chinese Enterprise Edition [MSDN Official Version] [32bit]Windows 2003.R2. WITH.SP2 Simplified Chinese Enterprise Edition

How to Use the chkdsk disk repair command tool and how to run the chkdsk tool to fix it?

How to Use the chkdsk disk repair command tool and how to run the chkdsk tool to fix it?The full name of chkdsk is checkdisk, which means disk check. This check item is called by the system to check the disk when your system is down or shut down

How to solve access violation at address prompt when running the program

How to solve access violation at address prompt when running the programWhen I open the EXE program prompt, the prompt is: access violation at address xxxxxxxxx is followed by a lot. How can this problem be solved? Baidu is a bit simple.The solution

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